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Too little or negative tongue weight will not only cause sway, but will make backing nearly impossible. Even a little U-Haul with a stove in it hitched to a 1 ton van will be impossible to back if the tongue weight is negative (don't ask how I know).

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I check my trailer brakes EVERY time I pull out of the driveway. Safety First.

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That's strange..., the photo reflected in my prior post isn't the original photo I placed there , this was the pic that I posted:


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I also check my brakes every time I hitch up.
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Hate to reopen an old thread, but I experienced bad sway recently. It wasn't a loading issue, or lack of brakes, lack of sway control, or lack of WDH.

I was pulling the TT up hill on the parkway. A light snow had started falling in the mountain pass... And as soon as my TV rears touched onto an overpass, the rear wheels kicked out. That violent kick-out caused the trailer to become sideways momentarily. The darn snow had turned to ice on the overpass, because as we all know... Bridges freeze first!

We were only doing about 50mph, and as soon as the "event" occurred, an immediate let off of the accelerator and a slight counter steer corrected the situation. It happened so fast that there was no time to reach for the hand switch in the brake controller, we were hanging on for dear life!

After regaining control (and I found myself using both lanes to do so) we snapped the TV into 4wd and finished the mountain pass at about 30 mph with flashers on.

Scariest thing I've ever experienced. I'm positive the Reese strait line with dual cams saved my truck, trailer, and possibly my life.
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... nice post , because you made it through OK, and it servers as a reminder to the rest of us.

I don't tow in snow and would only do so in an emergency, but I know some people tow all year regardless of conditions. Truckers, ranchers, farmers, and other business have to tow all year long and most of them do it safely.

A couple of years ago we had some work scheduled at the Blue Ox plant in Pender, NE. They wanted us in the end of November or early December. I told them I wouldn't schedule anything where I had to be on I80 in that part of the country at that time of year. (They got us in earlier.) Every so many years there's news of a snow related accident on the highways in the Heartland.
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Originally Posted by ctbailey View Post
snip...... Scariest thing I've ever experienced. I'm positive the Reese strait line with dual cams saved my truck, trailer, and possibly my life.
....... Sounds like your integrated "sway control" insurance policy paid some dividends! An ice covered road IMO is a challenging condition for any brand sway control system, especially when a sway event occurs.

Glad to hear that you were able to manage/control the situation..., sure can put one's towing skills to the test.


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Only took up this trailer thing a few years ago and I have to admit it is a very complex subject and a delicate balance of forces.
Reminds me of an undergrad degree when the Prof started the lecture with..."today we will be talking about something that may; or may not, exist.". Quantum mechanics - to this day I have no idea how I passed?
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I invented the best anti-snow, ice hitch ever. The price is good too.. You can find it at
www . I-don't-ever-tow-in-ice-or-snow . com

Dave - Best advise a teacher ever gave me was "Nothing is impossible, Just impractical"
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May be I open here a can of worms, but here is my 2c

Everything has to be in balance! Experience; Loading; Proper Equipment Setup and condition; Traffic Conditions (Speed); Weather Conditions.

I always wondered there are no more accidents happening during the start of a long weekend. Seems there is no tomorrow for some to get to the campsite.
In those cases speed and a few other factors are always the cause of a accident.

Experience; a trucker need a special drivers license to operate a combination. Why not people with a class 5? A combination is a combination and they just react different
than just a single vehicle. (In most places in Europe they need a DL for a trailer).
How many of you had to help a fellow camper to back his trailer in a campsite?

Loading; it clearly state in the RV manual how to properly load. Most do but then there are who never read and can not think logic.

Proper Equipment Setup and Condition; There are enough instructions about this to do this proper too. And otherwise leave it to the PRO's. We all have seen situations where the trailer is not towed level. In worst scenarios there are no chains left by the time they are arriving at their campsite.
"Know your Equipment and keep it in road worthy condition"

Traffic Conditions (Speed); With a car 75 mph seems OK under most conditions, with combinations it is a candidate for suicide.
Then you hear them saying (bragging); "No it will not happen to me, I am a good driver". Lucky most of the smart ones keep it around 62 mph (they don't brag).

Weather conditions: We all see the same scenario in bad weather conditions; "No one seems slowing down and all want to go with the flow". Till they pass an accident after being in the traffic jam for awhile. A combination react different than a single vehicle.

Safe Driving and happy camping to all! When bored; Just search for RV crashes on the web

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