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I have been in a few towns that prohibit RVers from parking overnight... I always leave a note for several of the shop owners saying I was going to shop here today but being the town is RV unfriendly I will not spend my $$$ here. I also sent an email to the town mayor saying all they will see of me in their town is my tail lights... I will spend my money elsewhere...

You can bet any town that has this legislation has an RV campground owner behind it. I camp over 250 days a year this year so far it was 14 days in a NP campground the rest of the time was boondocking or truck stops etc.

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Originally Posted by JPBeck View Post
I've noticed that we have been getting quiet a few campers and since we are all family here I wanted to share a little trick we've been doing for years. We usually go camping quite a bit during the year. We usually camp in dispersed camping in the National Forest. Unfortunately, there aren't alot of National Forest close to us the one we have is great but it doesn't get us out of the heat (most of the time). So in the summer we head up to Kings Canyon or Sequoia National Park and from there further north. These places take us about 6 hours to get to. We leave Friday after work (my wife and I are teachers so on these trips we leave soon after the kids get out). By the time we get hitched up it usually is around 4pm.

In this type of situations we "Super Night Camp". That what I call it anyways. It's when we pull off at night (around 9pm) and sleep. It sounds easy enough right? It's not easy-- lots of cities and towns don't want you pulling off to the side of their streets to sleep. They are afraid you'll set up camp and stay there for prolonged periods of time. Even REST STOPS (at least around here) don't want you to actually sleep in our REST STOPS-- their definition of rest is different then yours and mine. Anyways, you have to be careful and (some might describe it as sneaky) when choosing a place to catch a few ZZZs. That's where "Super Night Camp" comes in.

"Super Night Camp" is when you pull over and catch some ZZZs in plain sight-- yet blend in so seamlessly that no-one notices you. I'm not talking about pulling into a Wal Mart (which I'm not above doing). I just prefer to pull over someplace that isn't lighted as much. I have a hard time sleeping under parking lights. So we look for places like auto mobile repair shops where it looks as though we're getting some service done on our truck. Another place we like to Super Night Camp is around industrial strip buildings. There are all kinds of business like detail shops, paint shops, ect where a truck and travel trailer might be dropped off to have some work done. In all the years we've done this I've never been bothered. I can't say that about REST STOPS and Wal Marts.

My favorite place to Super Night Camp though (because it's funny to me) is in front of a RV/ Trailer lot. It's just so perfect and in the morning if the shop opens early enough we can snoop at trailers or the parts department (one of my favorite things to do for some odd reason).

Now there are some that will say I'm taking money away from local camp grounds-- but guess what-- I don't care. I don't to pay $35 for 8 hours of sleep. Nor do I want to wake people up pulling into a camp ground at 10 o'clock at night. I just want to pull in, climb into the trailer, pull down the shades, maybe grab a bowl of ice cream, tell my son a story and catch some ZZZs.
Great Idea - I really like the RV lot!

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I like this idea, and agree about not spending $$$ for a few winks.
Why should you HAVE to go to a CG???
Too many times I have seen CG owners posting on RV forums about "losing money".
Well, you ain't gonna get it anyway cause I won't be forced to stay somewhere I didn't want to, so why all the crying??

It's a REAL shame when CG owners lobby for local laws to prevent "in transit" RV owners from getting the rest they need to drive safely.
I think more light should be shed on their support of unsafe vehicle operation... AND... the fact that they are taking money from the CG's where you are headed if you have to pay more along the way.
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I like this discussion... Even for people who do not want to do this kind of camping, its good to have this in the back of your head as a back up plan. I can remember more than once either not finding a campsite, or having bitten off more than we can chew and having no planned place to stop. This offers some creative ideas.

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I like the idea. RV lots and car dealerships work good.
I've stayed at a Toyota dealership before to get a few ZZZ's. Always well lit etc.
Seems safe enough and makes sense that you may be waiting on parts department or service.

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Glad to know that I am not alone in being sneaky
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Hey there JPBECK. We must be kindered spirits. I always look to just blend in with the scenery. RV dealers are my first choice.

While I do not have any dogs, for security I have an LC9, SR40C and Ruger 22 takedown. I have permits to carry all of them in the states we visit but common sense is the best defense and first protocol.

If you ever wanna visit just look for us on the RV lot (if you can find us as we just blend in...lol)
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We will usually find a truck stop. Most truckstops will let you stay for the night and it won't cost you a dime.
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Sorry, but from the way I was brought up, this is called trespassing. With all the mobile meth labs, and trouble going on today, I can't say I don't blame some business owners for not wanting someone to stay in their lot for liability reasons. If some towns pass laws against RV usage in certain area's, then it is what it is. Just like I don't like 15mph school zone speed limits, the law says that's the speed limit, and if I don't adhere to it, then I get a ticket. There are just some things you can not change.

If I knew I was going to get in so late that the destination was not open, I would just go to bed early at home, and to plan to leave the house just to get there in time just before they open.

Don't get me wrong, I know there are emergencies and things happen to when you have to stay somewhere like this, but to just trying to sneak and blend because you don't want to pay to stay at a motel/hotel or another campground is just wrong.

I know I probably get flamed for my opinion, but that't the internet for you.
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I like this idea. We borrowed a friends trailer and got stuck paying $135 for less than 8 hours stay at Newport Dunes (Newport Beach, CA). I should have turned around and parked on the street outside of their gates. Next time I will do this.

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