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We owned and towed an Eagle 215SD from 1993 through 2011 and it was just right for the two of us, DW and me. A little crowded with company, but still doable. We decided to go a little bigger about 2 1/2 years ago and purchased an Eagle SuperLite HT 26.5 RLS and, boy, what a difference. The slide out gives us a great deal more room and comfort as well as having room for two swivel rockers in the rear of the FW. The bedroom is gigantic compared to our old one and the bathroom has a ton of room, including a shower big enough for me to take one without having to constantly swat away the curtain. We really enjoyed the old Jayco, but with having more time to travel and stay put at different places, we felt we needed a bigger one. Would I buy a larger one in the future? I'm not sure unless we decide we just want a little bet better quality than the HT models have in them. Would still look at one about 30' LOA since that's as big as I can get on my parking pad next to the house.

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I think it is what your life style wants and needs... For us TENT camping was our great outdoor thing and we did it for years since the early 60s... Everything we had was in a small util trailer being pulled behind our JEEP or F150 truck.

Then we finally went to an OFF-ROAD POPUP setup that has high ground clearance and have been using this ever since.

The pluses outweighs the minuses for us... Our setup has very low maintenance and insurance, has all the modern appliances, and will go anywhere my 4WD F150 trucks goes... We are just as happy sitting next to the 40 plus footers in the camp ground or out by ourselves on the creek bed in the mountains somewhere.

We get great gas mileage pulling out POPUP and my F150 truck does not know the trailer is back there.

We can also still pull into any gas station we find and even go through most McDonalds drive thru windows and order Big Macs haha...

The only real drawback we find is the amount of floor space inside the POPUP but this just makes us live more outside and that suits us just fine... We also miss the hard walls at times but thats really a no big deal as well...

Like I said its all what you want to have... In my case the kids are gone and its just Momabear and me and a pooch...
There is nothing in RULE BOOK that says you have to bring your 30,000 square foot home with you when you want to go somewhere... The bigger they are the more money it takes to do things... Lots of money....

If I ever went bigger it would not be bigger than the 24-26 foot size trailers.

Roy Ken

Roy and Carolyn
I claim Horse Creek Country in Southern Ill - Momabear is from North Texas
We live in King George VA

"We're burning daylight" - John Wayne
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Here's what we did, we went bigger with the second trailer and really wish we had just started that way. It's just the DW and 2 Labs but we were always crawling over each other so I went and got the bigger one, it would have been cheaper to just get the big one to start with.

However, it is a double edged sword.

The bigger one is great when parked; more room, another slide out, bedroom you can actually move around. Spent a week in it at Christmas and really loved it. The smaller one was good for a couple of days then it just got smaller and smaller it seemed.

The bigger one is heavier than the little one and longer so towing is a bit more of a challenge. You have to be much more aware of the bigger one, for example the turning radius changes enough that I now have to swing wide to get into a space. We have decided getting into a fairly normal gas station is just not practical anymore. Oh and the MPG has suffered so towing is a bit more expensive and I noticed the truck likes towing this one a little bit slower than the smaller one.

For us the deciding factor was in how we used the TT.

I use it for work some and mostly recreation but almost all the time it is less than a 300 mile tow and then several days to weeks in the trailer. So we are staying in the trailer 90% and towing 10% if we were mostly towing and then staying 1 or 2 nights we would have stayed with the smaller one.

The smaller one was another brand lite 28 and the big one is an Eagle 338.

Hope this helps
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i bought my truck when i had no idea i was planning on doing the trailer thing, we were liking tenting and thought that was enough, then my parents bought a 17ft hybrid and we really liked that so we bit the bullet and bought one

we were looking at 5er's to begin with but settled on the 26bh which we love but i do regret not getting the 5er that i wanted, i chose the 26bh based on weight

never thought i would ever think my half ton was too small either, i think im just gonna go 1 ton dually next
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My dw wants a bigger trailer, which means I'm get to shop for a new tow vehicle first and then wait a few years to get a slightly larger trailer. I'm very happy with my current trailer, but would like bigger tanks for our boondocking. If I knew then what I know now, I would have gotten the same size trailer but with bigger tanks. Now I know the dealers were trying to sell me the small tank tt thinking I would always be Hooked up. I like the way my trailer tows and manoeuvres due to it's smaller size.
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we just went from a pop up to a 28dsbh. would have loved a true bunkhouse so the kids would have their own space but it was so much heavier and bigger. I think we will have room to grow in this unit
Happy Camping!
Suzanne, Bob, Ryan, Amanda and Pippa the pup
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I will offer my $0.02 worth. Kitty and I started camping in 1972BK (BK=Before Kids) Initially we camped in the back of our '66 Chevy C10. (Wish I had it back) From that, we moved to a tent. (Tent camping is like moving, pack and un-pack at both ends of the trip) From that, we moved to a cab-over camper for a '72 Datsun 620 pickup. (by this time, one kid had come along) When 2nd kid arrived, we were too busy to camp, thus got out of the business for a short time. When we got back into camping it was with a 17' Shasta. That we used until the kids got to that age when camping with the family got in the way of their lives. Once agan, we got out of the camping business. Fast forward to GrandKids. Totally by accident, in 2003, Kitty and I got a '97 Jayco Designer TT. (That accident is a story in itself) With that Jayco, we got back to camping with the Gkids. That camper was 30', but only slept 2 in compfort. Has to make down beds for the Gkids which Kitty got tired of quick. At the time, We had a half ton tow vehicle which was very underpowered for the TT size. I later replaced the half ton with a 3/4 ton Chevy Duramax. When we finally went camper shopping to replace the TT with a 5er, We knew we wanted a bunkhouse. First one we looked at was the Jayco 365BH. I knew the TV was hoss enough, but my concern was stability due to single wheels on rear axle. As we could not make payments on a new TV along with payments on a 5er, we chose the 31.5FBHS which is just right. Do I regret not getting the 365? Yes I do.

Now for my input: When I was 16yo, my dieing GFather tried to impart his years on life's knowledge to me. One of the many things he said to me. "If you have to make payments on an item, it only cost a few more dollars per month to go first class."

So. If you have to finance, go first class if the TV will tow it.

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Nope, went extra big for us this time. Probably too big!
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No TV since Tundra can't do it

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We started out with the 26BH thinking we would want the bunks for grandkids. Out of 30 nights camping, GK were with us only one night. No slide on this trailer meant a very tight dinette/kitchen area.
We got 26BH used for a great prices to see if would really like camping. Found out that we do. (We tent camped for many years with our kids and loved it, but got too busy by 1985 or so to go much and were tired of being eaten by the bugs at the beach.)

We have an excellent dealer, who gave us a great trade in on the 26BH. We have looked at trailers for years and have always thought that 26 to 28 feet would be an ideal length for space vs towability. Our 27DSRL is ideal for us. Easily towed by a 1/2 ton and not too big for most campgrounds. We choose it because its bedroom is totally separated from the living area by the bath. DW can watch TV in the bedroom, while I read in the living room. This trailer also has a large slide which makes the living area much more spacious. We got table and chairs and a sofa that makes into a queen bed if GKids are with us. First year one was with us for one night and just slept on the couch without pulling it out. Wish this camper had a larger grey water tank, but other than that we love it, and have no plans for a larger one. We intend to tour the country in it. It is really important to choose the floor plan that meets your families needs. A bunkbed area is great if you have kids that will be with you most of the time. But don't get one if it will just be for occasional use.

Good luck in your search!
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Lots of great advice already here, but I'll add my pair of pennies.

We bought just about the biggest trailer our truck could tow. Was this good? Not really. Was it bad? Not really. Bottom line was that we picked the trailer we liked, and it happens to be pretty big. It is GREAT to be in. Lots of space, and we're not tripping all over each other. This was one of the biggest features we were looking for because of our experience in a tiny Class C we borrowed for a couple weekend outings. The owners of said Class C are of the opinion that you don't spend much time inside anyway, so you don't really need the space. Our record is literally 100% for rain and thunderstorms while camping, so yes, we spend time INSIDE, and I need my space. The three primary features that sold this trailer for us were 1) walkin' around room 2) size of the shower 3) room to grow.

The other side is getting it to where we're going. My truck tows it okay, but do I wish sometimes it were smaller? You bet! This is my tradeoff; my truck works for it, but it makes my wife happy, and I can deal with the truck. Will my next truck be bigger? You bet! There is sage advice in the saying "you can never have too much truck". When I bought my truck, I was convinced I wouldn't be towing anything over 7000 lbs GVW, and my 1/2 ton is plenty for that. The reality of our shopping experience was contradictory to this. I did set limits on trailer weight based on my truck, but DW liked the ones closer to the top of those limits. I could have told her to pick something lighter to make me more comfortable towing, but the truth is that I love our trailer too, so I'm willing to be toward the top of my capabilities.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: 1) This purchase decision cannot be distilled into numbers alone, there is a subjective "feeling" that cannot be ignored. 2) It's better to do it right the first time than to buy something you're not completely satisfied with, and then have to buy it again. 3) You can always make more money, so be happy today even if it costs a little more. (within limits of course, and only because I'm relatively young).


2014 Jay Flight 28 BHBE
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Upgraded from an REI internal frame backpack and a Eureka 1/2 dome tent!
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