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I use Navigon (by Garmin) on my iPhone. The maps are built in. No data connection necessary. It has lane assist and all the fancy stuff that the dedicated GPS units have.

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We have long ago learned not to trust our Rand McNally GPS from Good Sam. It does as the OP said -- route you on tiny dirt roads for no reason. It routed us off the main road and had us go through residential streets that paralleled the main road!

It also decided to route us on a dirt road with a dead end. Luckily, we didn't have the trailer with us. Since that time, we don't trust this GPS.
While it did get better with the last software and map drop, I would not recommend this unit to anyone.

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Update: Although the maps on the unit were obviously outdated when I got it, there has been NO map updates and and it has been over a year. Once it did a few seconds on one update so obviously this was not a map update. I believe that Camping World should at least express concerns to Rand since the 7735 is the Good Sam brand. I have asked the question at more than one CW and salespersons say they do have frequent returns. I surely wish I'd done that!

Originally Posted by Vaneta View Post
I am going to do a long enough post to include specifics but the gist of this post is to keep anyone else from wasting money on a Rand McNally GPS until they update or fix their maps and routings.

• I have used GPS units for years. I decided on the larger Rand McNally (RM 735..the Good Sam version of the 730) because it had a specific RV routing mode and because Rand McNally is associated in my mind over the long term with maps.
• I bought the unit about June and proceeded to learn to use it on RV mode. I was getting routings that did not make sense such as taking me off main roads to travel narrow winding ones that were neither shorter nor quicker. I put it on car mode but this continued.
• I spent a lot of time and actually used google maps to make a document containing screen shots with explanatory notes as to why it just seemed their “algorithms” were wrong. I sent this attachment to an email address I got off the GPS.
• Received back a reply that there wasn’t enough information and to call them so I did. The technician was adamant that I use the RV setting and he went through the settings with me to make sure I had them right. I proceeded to use it on RV setting.
• In the meantime I had tried to find the answer to this question and couldn’t find it: “On a multi-point trip, I want to be able to see the turn by turn directions for the entire trip before starting out. How can I do this? I am only getting those for the first "leg". Again I received an email telling me to call them. The answer is simply that this can’t be done so that’s really all the info. I needed. Why did I have to call? Just answer it.
• I am now using the GPS on RV mode and have felt it is sending me on some dangerous routings. Two examples: (1) It sent me down a mountain with hairpin curves and not wide enough for two full sized vehicles to pass. At the bottom of the mountain was a VDOT sign saying this road was not recommended for tractor trailers, etc. (2) I had decided to check out a campground I was thinking about going to ahead of time....thankfully. The GPS did not recognize a major interstate so I was surprised when I began to merge into five lanes on just my side. The exit number was correct and I should have been sent straight across from the ramp to the state road I needed but instead I was given a series of right turns onto tiny, gravel, residential roads that google doesn’t even show as roads to get me back to taking the correct road. Finally it had me turn before the campground onto a little road that dead-ended without a cul-de-sac and I would have had to back a quarter to half mile out. At that point it became so confused that it locked up and wouldn’t turn on/off or give any directions. I had to use my phone to get me back to my current campsite and after hooking the GPS to the computer, it finally unlocked.
• Again I took screen shots and sent info to RMsupport and again I was told to call. So I did and when I asked the young lady if in fact there was any way she could get this information to those who do the software, she honestly told me she couldn’t. Yes, she thought her superviser could but she was on the phone. Would she call me back? She took my info. and I never heard from her.
• Yes, I know there is a “tell Rand” section on the GPS and I am using it but there is no way to know if anyone actually even looks at it. My fear is that they are just using the GPS users to update their maps which means that the users will always get stuck without correct directions.

I am stuck with a GPS that is un-usable for RVing. No way am I going to follow it in areas I don’t know. My goal in doing all of this (doing reviews is time consuming!) is that maybe enough people will see/share that Rand McNally will either have to fix their software or the rest of you won’t lose several hundred dollars buy buying from them.
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The problem with Google maps when used for directions.....is that their algorithm
routes you by their customers. With such a bias it's no wonder people question the the route suggested by them. We recently went for trip to Southern California for 2.5 months. I drove with my wife using our Garmin Nuvi 66LM and
a road map for giving directions. Driving was so easy compared to years ago.
It showed pics of the upcoming intersections and it made our trip so much more enjoyable. While driving to our new destination we would always try to guess the
arrival time. She would say because I drove I could control when we would arrive.
Now that she has the gps she has the advantage.
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I am still using my 10-year-old Garmin. I just hate it that I spent so much money on the Rand McNally. Today I was getting ready for a trip to pipestem State resort in West Virginia and the good Sam GPS would not pull it up with the address on the parks website as the physical address . Had to pick city center. Charged up my Garmin and it went right to the address
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If there is a co pilot paper maps don't lie.
Otherwise Google Maps gets us through cities and urban areas and pinpoints campgrounds.

I have given up totally on vehicle GPS. We constantly have to fish out delivery and service techs who use them. They wind up 10 miles away and wonder where we are.
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I used to be an engineer with a government agency that worked on the GPS satellite constellation and I'm a bit of a GPS geek. My collection of GPS units is measured in dozens and range from gigantic "handhelds" the size of a laser printer which can calculate your position in a mere 55 minutes to the latest and greatest.
In my opinion, Garmin has always been the best in my experience. Trimble is better hardware, but they aren't a player in the consumer mapping GPS units.
I've had a few mis-routes with Garmin, but more with other brands and some (tom tom) have been so ridiculously bad they ended up in a garbage can at a gas station.
If you want a unit, I'd suggest Garmin. It does make me mad that the unit I bought specifically for the weather radar overlay is useless now because the data service that provided the weather info went under. It was nice having the graphics that show weather radar when traveling.
Currently I run a Passport IQ which is from Escort and has GPS and radar/laser detection all in one. The GPS is decent, but apparently Escort stopped making them and won't be making updates available.
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Thanks VTSummit. As I do travel alone, I need something I can doublecheck the night before and then trust during the route. I have been using a combination of this terrible Rand McNally, my antique Garmin and every now and then Waze on the phone. Not a good scenario as I am driving. I have been looking back at getting a newer Garmin and your post confirms that's probably the route I should take.
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It doesn't guarantee the routing is perfect, but it's as good as you'll get from a portable unit. I had a misroute yesterday that added 5-10 minutes to my day but had I been paying more attention to the signs I would have realized it had my position off just enough that I didn't get an audible warning of the turn. I'd say 90% or more of my misroutes are missed turns because I wasn't paying attention and the audible turn warning didn't happen in time to make the turn.
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We use a Garmin RV 760 and love it. Plan routes with basecamp and upload it to the GPS.


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