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I totally agree with you, if you want to flush your tanks then go to a campground with full hook-ups. Doing that kind of stuff at the dump station is clearly inappropriate.

When I first started camping at provincial parks I was confused as to why the rinse water hose at the dump station did not have a threaded connection. Now I realise, and am glad, it is to keep people from trying to flush their tanks at the dump station!

Originally Posted by ctbailey View Post
I guess ya'll are missing my point: it appears common sense and the "neighborly RV community" all goes down the drain (literally) when it comes to the dump station line.

If there is a huge line, pull the sewer hose out of the bumper before its your turn at the dump.

If there is a huge line, dump, rinse, and move ahead.

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I remember one time I spent over half an hour behind one guy at the dump station and he was already there when I got there with his hose hooked up. He must have filled and flushed his black tank 10 times with no consideration that someone was waiting. I was not a happy camper.

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Well, at the Flying J they charge $10 to dump ($7 for Good Sam members) so $10 every 3 minutes means a sweet deal for them. personally, I wait until the evening to go to the FJ, no lines, and take my time. If someone pulls up, I might speed it up a bit...but I want to get my $7 worth!
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This is my first year at this, so I find the discussion interesting. When I got home last time, I simply used the tote and the sewer clean out at home. Of course, there was no solid stuff in the tank, I suppose a macerator would be needed for that, and I've considered buying one.

That said, there is a dump station not a mile from my house, so I can easily pick a day there is no rush to do my dumping and rinsing. I do dumps and full rinses every time, but I admit, I've never been in much of a line, and usually no one behind me.

I'll take the tips from the old-timers and try not to hold things up in the future!
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Its all a part of ''dump station etiquette'', lol.
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What makes it even worse are those campgrounds with 200+ sites, and only one dump station. You try leaving at the end of a long weekend and everyone is lined up down the road.

When we have the dump station to ourselves, I'll take my time and rinse and backflush and all that, but as soon as someone pulls in behind me, it's time to finish up and go. Not just out of politeness, but I don't want someone else critiquing what I do.
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Originally Posted by bigcuzauto View Post
Guy in front of me Monday dumped his in record time. Just pull the handle let it go on the ground. No need to worry about hoses they only slow you down. I walked over with a gallon of bleach while he was still dumping his grey water and started pouring it on his black residue. Let him know i did not want to play in his Sh*t.

This reminded me of the guy I ran into at a dump station back in July. I went to empty gray water from the blue tank and pulled into the lane next to him. It was really apparent that he had a large split in his dump hose. I asked him if he wanted to borrow my hose and was told that he had it under control. He then pulled the black valve and attempted to hold the hose together enough so that at least 30% of it went through the hose. The rest was on him and the ground. Yes, you will get gouged buying a new hose at the camp store, but given the option, I would gladly pay it.

Man that was difficult to watch.

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So for us newbies that are still waiting to receive our TT's, I'd like to hear some more discussion on what the proper etiquette at the dump station is to avoid being "that guy" .

Our Hummingbird will come with 25.5 gallon clear/black/grey water tanks, the black & grey will be two separate hose connections/valves. There is also a water hose attachment on the outside for black water tank flushing.

We do not have a sewer cleanout above grade at home to connect to and will not be able to afford (weight wise) to haul full tanks home.

If I just dump the black and then connect to the gray to dump and flush the hose, do I just not flush the black water tank? Or should I quickly put a little water back in it at the dump station to avoid a totally dry tank?

Also, what do we do with any left over water from our clear water tank, just run the sink and transfer it to the gray tank before dumping? I did buy a 25-gallon Barker 4-wheel tote to help out with the gray water.

All of this hook-up/water/sewer/dump stuff can get a little overwhelming starting out. I've probably wasted some money buying everything Camco has ever manufacturered for water and sewage, but I want to be safe rather than sorry. This topic is the most intimidating to me so far because I don't want to be the guy that everyone is talking about at the CG due to my own ignorance.....

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we have a full hook up at our local church they let us use that's where I do my last clean out for the year
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Dump station line


Your black and grey discharge come out of the same pipe. Hook your sewer hose up to it. Place the end in the dump station and pull the black valve first. give it a minute or so to drain, until you no longer hear,feel movement. Then close that black valve and open your grey valve. This will push the remainder of the black out the hose and rinse it somewhat at the same time. While the grey tank is draining. Hook a hose to your black tank flush (DO NOT USE THE HOSE YOU USE FOR FRESHWATER) and turn the flow of water on and then close the grey valve and open the black valve again.

What everybody is all jacked out of shape about is the length of time one spends flushing this black rinse out. Personally I don't worry too much about it every time I camp, but I camp often, I use loads of water and what doesn't go down this time will go down next time.

Then what the OP expects you to do is immediatly disconnect all your hoses and drag them up the street and immediatly move your vehicle ahead so he can get in there and do the same thing. While you stow your hoses and get prepared to leave.

Personally, I use full hook ups when I camp and I do have the ability to dump at home and we camp all year round so I don't get to worried about it.

Last weekend was probably one of the busier camping weekends for familes with kids going back to school and a traditional last trip of the season for many. There are going to always be lines at the free dump stations on these kinds of weekends.

I think his timeframe of three minutes is ridiculous but at the same time you should be prepared to get your business done and move along, that's the jist of it. I'm sure as not going to drag my hose up the street and move ahead. I'm going to put it in the bumber storage when I'm finished. Wash my hands and get in my truck and leave. I'm not going to create more work for myself to save the guy behind me two minutes. At the same time I'm efficient and don't want to be there any longer than need be.

There are RV dump stations everywhere, rest areas, local parks, fairgrounds, many RV dealers (another reason to buy local) many people are unaware but If your new to RVing look around your town and ask some people. You might find that the ones off the freeway closer to home are less crowded and it gives me an excuse to go get the propane topped off, check the air in the tires, the lugnuts, the lights and some of the other things we don't always do when were in a hurry.

The first time you go out get a site with full hookups, that way you can take care of the waste water before you leave and take your time to make sure you understand what your doing. IT's not rocket science. I guarantee any mistakes you make... you will only make once.

Also, when you say you can't afford to drive home with the tanks full, If your hauling water, you are really just moving water from the clean tank to the greay and black tanks.

Your freshwater tank will have a separate drain underneath the trailer, you don't have to empty it by using the water through the faucet, toilet or otherwise.
When you do get your Rv Take a moment to get your manual out and read it. I know it is boring, but all of these procedures, including winterizing your rig are in there. Also your dealer can also be very helpful.

Many dealers have a dump station and also sell discount propane.

Mine lets customers dump for free and propane is a dollar a gallon. Total loss leader but it's cheaper than any where else in town for propane, so I always pick up chemicals and TP from them while I'm there. I'd rather give them the money than wal mart

Hope that helps.

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