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The only real quality control issue I've had with my 2013 Jayco Eagle 351RLTS has been that the screws holding the cabinet doors on were overtightened, and they have been getting loose. I assumed they used some kind of screw gun and just applied too much torque. I've been replacing them with larger screws and tightening them by hand, and all is good.

My biggest problem with Jayco has been their response to warranty issues. I had several issues with the keyless entry on my door. The response I received from Challenger Door was much more satisfying than the response I received from Jayco.

My other issue has been the front landing gear jacks. They have been inadequate since the day I picked up the camper. The dealer has made every effort to correct the issue, but they have been limited by Jayco's response to the problem. For whatever reason, the single motor installed on the jacks is simply not up to the task. There is an ongoing thread about this issue in the fifth wheel forum.

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On my Swift, I have many screws that are in on an angle. I had to redo all the screws on the converter because All the screws came loose and the converter was rattling around. That is just one of many screw issues. I remember on our 806 sport tent trailer all the screws on the one bed came out and one of the walls had 2 inches if play. Why did I go back to jayco. The customer service.

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I'm not impressed with their quality control that's for sure..........hate to say it, but if any of those fabricators worked on any of my projects, they would be fired real quick.

Unfortunately, it is a common ailment in most fabricated products now days.
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Got a new 2014 Eagle HT 29.5 BHDS about 4 weeks ago. While we still love the camper as much as the first day we saw it, they are some little ''nit pickey'' stuff I could complain about.....not nothing major really, just the kinda things that piss you off a little after giving ~ 30,000.00 plus for a trailer.

The first nights sleep in it, we woke up to find some water in the kitchen floor! The hot water heater ''out'' line was loose and dripping....about one full turn by hand and it was tight. The water swelled a piece of trim a bit, but it will be fine for now.

2 of the air conditioner vents were hanging down on one end because the screws were half way in.

The antenna crank handle assembly fell off the first time I touched it because the set screw in the handle wasn't tight.

The kitchen sink faucet has a rocker switch on it to switch between spray and stream, it came tore up, it will wait for now too.

While I was prowling around taking covers off.... just seeing where stuff was the first week we had it, I found the whole furnace unit wasn't even screwed down! The wires were pulled tight as banjo strings and the exhaust and wires were all that was holding it still! I haven't looked much futher yet, but it also appears the hole cut for the duct work exit it about 2 inches bigger than it needs to be and they will be a lot of air just blowing out there instead of making it through the duct work. Also the ground wire that attaches to the duct work isn't connected to anything, just hanging loose in there....and I have no idea where it's supposed to go and why. I'll get to that in a few months though.

First time we used the outdoor kitchen sink I had to fix another water leak, on the drain side this time.

Had to finish driving the staples in that hold the carpet down on the main slide after my wife and kids and actually even myself stepped on a few staple heads....about 20 after I looked closer and got the hammer out.

Had to adjust the main door, screen door, and outdoor kitchen door to open and shut properly....not a big deal either but damn does nobody at jayco even check to see if the doors (the first thing you touch to go in) even works right?

I'm fairly confident my 8 year old daughter could put the hex head screws that hold the awning on, in straighter than the factory did.

A few of the screws that hold inspection covers on don't even hit anything on the back side.

A few of the wardrobe and cabinet doors were out of adjustment and would rub or hit each other while closed or closing.

If I really wanted to be pickey, the main slide is out of square about an 1/2'' on one end, but it works perfect and still seals far as I can see in the in and out positions so I'll leave it be till the warranty is out and I'll adjust it to perfection myself.

The ground wire screw for the electric rear stabilizer jacks came broke off in the frame and the wires just hanging there.

Besides the hot water leak and the furnace just thrown in, my other biggest gripe is one of the screws on the gutter above the wardrobe slide was over tightened and broke off leaving the gutter to hang down on one end after a few weeks.

As a custom construction and excavating man, I probably am a bit pickey when it comes to attention to detail.....If I built someone a new house I certainly wouldn't expect them to be fixing stuff the first 4 weeks of ownership even if it is little nit nacks. I've fixed about all of the above issues myself because I'm highly capable to do so, and it would be cheaper and easier on me just to do it myself than it would be to haul it an hour and half one way across the mountain to the dealership....and then probably wait on it half of camping season.

No kind of oxidation-cracking on the front brown cap yet, but Im prepared to deal with that when the time comes....I knew about that issue before I went into this.

All in all, If I had to do it over again, I would but MAINLY just for the floor plan, not so much for Jayco. The whole family just loved the layout and floor plan of this trailer so that makes it a bit better as well. Not that the issues are that big a deal as I said, but damn the QC guys need to wake up a bit! If I were turning out thrown together work like this, I wouldn't stay in business long.

After reading on Heartland owners and a few other forums, It still makes me feel better about going with Jayco. I coulda spent a lot more money on a heartland product we looked at before the jayco, but their QC lacking was obvious after a 5 minute walk through.....
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Well isn't this discussion a downer. Yeah our current TT had issues and I corrected them myself. I did bypass the dealer about them and contacted Jayco directly because I was so pissed off for spending money on a product that should have had no issues. I didn't even involve the dealer because we were camping at the time I corrected them. For my "inconvenience" Jayco sent me a check for $100.00. We are considering an Eagle HT next year. I told my dealer to expect a long walkthru. It won't leave the lot until any issue I find is corrected. Fortunately the dealer is only 30 minutes away.

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I am on my third most recent 2015 Seneca few little things but no real problems
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We love our 31.5 RLTS. But I was disappointed in spending $40,000+ that there were dings on the woodwork, kitchen drains not tight. Kitchen Sink drains not put in straight, cargo door latches not adjusted correctly.
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Just out of curiosity, has anyone ever had a serious enough issueor numerous minor issues while still under warranty that they've demanded a new trailer or had to file an action under the lemon law? And, if you've had to cancel trips and lost money on deposits due to your RV being unroadworthy at the time due to maintenance/service issues, will Jayco reimburse those costs?

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I don't beleive this is limited to the last 2 or 3 years. We've purchased 3 Jaycos new, 10 years apart from one another. A '93 1208 PUP, a Kiwi 17a hybrid in '03, and our current X20E in 2013. Every one of them had missing/loose screws, misaligned doors or cabinet doors, etc. Once these little things were fixed the units are pretty solid.

On our X20E the plastic molding around the bathroom door wasn't completely glued down and prevented the door from fully closing. The outside door wouldn't open easily and the screen door wouldn't stay closed. There plastic cover in the channel on the top back of the trailer was too short and the end 2 screws were exposed. I just fixed all this stuff myself, but you'd think there'd be a bit more pride in the finish work.
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over the years we have had the minor issues like everyone else and have fixed most of those problems ourselves. on our current trailer however we cannot draw our water tanks down to anywhere near empty. when the water pump starts sucking air we still have well over 10 gallons of water left in the tanks.(I know because I have drained and measured what comes out of the tanks) and to make matters worse, if we are slightly off level we have over a 3rd of a tank of freshwater and the pump will run dry. tried with the dealer twice and say they cannot fix it period. wouldn't be so bad except we dry camp exclusively and could really use the stated capacity of the water. I am not impressed one bit!!

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