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Originally Posted by norty1 View Post
Which is Warren Buffet.

Yes sir! Wasn't questioning it. Just stating. LOL

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Jasoncw. Most, if not all, the places that I have visited in Texas do not have a policy of ordering parts and owner taking the RV and we'll call you when parts in. For all of the reasons listed above the RV stays on the lot and when the part arrives it is pulled into the bay and the repairs made. If you ain't there you're bypassed for the next RV. Poor planning - I agree, but if Jayco or the dealer gets the parts they want to have the RV on site to make repairs. Maybe this is time for some enterprising young man/woman to start an RV parts warehouse for Jayco and other dealers!

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I believe that the ones with no warranty goes first. The ones with warranty r 2nd. If they operate working on warranty TT they lose. They got to make money. So we wait......
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I'm not sure the problem is primarily or only parts access or Jayco, but sounds common to the industry.

There is a lack of qualified RV service techs which is getting worse as the percentage of techs to owners is not keeping up with the new sales. You can expect the backlog timing to get worse and the costs to rise.

Costs will rise due to the scarcity of techs relative to the demand for tecs.

And as one respondent said there is no reason to let the RV set at the dealership.

AND, let there be light at the end of the tunnel for those RV owners who take up the slack doing the work themselves, including some of the warranty work. Yes, it means a serious time loss for owners to train themselves up and buy tools and then do the work. But about 80% of all repairs, including warranty work, can be done by an upskilled owner.

After all, this is not a necessity, but an entertainment vehicle...full-timers excepted...a toy for play time.

Some owners would do better to rent, be it an RV or a hotel...and let someone else have the maintenance headaches.

If one is to say, oh I paid a lot of money, I should expect better, I say, nope, sorry, not the way it always (or even commonly) works and it will get worse.
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There is plenty of blame to go around in this situation. Jayco, and nearly every manufacturing business whether it be RV, electronics or medical equipment, all employee some sort of lean manufacturing concept and "Just In Time" parts is part of it. Holding raw materials, WIP, or sub assemblies in stock is tieing up the most scarce resource - CAPITAL.

The dealers are the consumers point of contact to Jayco or other manufactures. Its is up the dealers to manage this constraint but most do a very poor job. For the types of repairs mentioned in this thread; broken ladder or defective door; the dealer should inspect and order the parts. If it's going to take considerable time to get the required parts the RV should be returned to the consumer to use and then schedule a very specific time to return the RV to the dealer for the repair.

For warranty issues, I am under the impression that for the period of time that a unit isn't available to the consumer because it is at the dealer for repairs that the Manufacture is legally required to extend the warranty the by the amount of time the unit was unusable. I am not a lawyer, could be wrong on this understanding, but I believe it to be part of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

If my RV was in the shop for extened periods waiting warranty repairs, a month or more, I would certainly be researching this act and demanding that the warranty be extended. I know this is a minor consolation since the lack of usablity it the real issue, but atleast you will get something.

In my only warranty experince with Jayco I required a new Jensen Radio/CD/DVD player. I scheduled an appointment in Oct to take the RV in Mid-December, they had it for 10 days and I got it back. This was 2013. For me that was an acceptable turn around.
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Both warranty fixes and part replacement by dealer

Sep 17: Took in our TT to the Jayco dealership for some warranty work (almost at the 1-year mark); everything was fixed EXCEPT it turns out the heat exchanger was cracked so the Warranty Manager must [1] submit to Jayco for pre-approval and then [2] order the part.
Oct 19: Schedules aligned for the warranty appointment (paperwork approved, replacement arrived, tech available, our calendar was open) so dropped-off the TT at the dealer by 8:15am and picked it up at 2:00pm (we live about an hour away). Tested that it worked as it should and drove way; no additional paperwork needed and no charges! Very pleased.
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My dealer is two hours away and so far they have taken care of three warranty claims by email. I picked up the trailer this past June and the first trip out discovered the mattress seam had pulled apart before the first use. Then while trying to remove the spare tire one of the nuts froze and the stud broke, and the last trip home the vent on the water heater cover fell off somewhere. All I had to do was send pictures by email to my salesman and they shipped me a new mattress, spare tire bracket, and a new water heater door with the vent. Simple repairs that took all of 10 minutes, I don't mind supplying the labor if they send the parts.
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Biggest reason I learned to do all my own work. It saves me money and time, even if the fix is out of my pocket. Most is self taught, the rest I've learned from forums, hanging out in service bays chatting, factory visits several times etc etc. I've had warranty covered and parts shipped to my house several times (from dealer). I save the fuel, they make the claim, I fix it. Jayco, FR, Tiffin, Mobile Scout, all of them I've owned, the dealers have done this for me. Saves them, and me a lot of hassle. Only thing I've had to go back for is a few front cap replacements on a fifth wheel and some other major work on motorhomes at 2 different factories.

The problem OP stated has always been around. I didn't see it changing, therefore I learned through trial and error.
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Regarding winterizing - it's your responsibility (at least in my case it is.) I can either do it myself or pay them to do it. Does not make sense for me to drag it home to do it so if it comes down to it I'll do it right there in their yard.

Then there's the battery - it's been sitting for weeks so I imagine the battery is quite dead.

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Originally Posted by LesBevil View Post
During my camping trips over the summer I ask every Jayco owner and Jayco dealers what they thought about the Jayco maintenance/warranty program. Most owners and surprisingly most dealers said that it takes to long to get TT and 5ers in for service. Most stated that when they had to take the TT in it was usually 3-4 weeks before they got it back. Most dealers said that getting the parts in quickly was a problem. This keeps the Jayco owner from enjoying their TT or 5er for one month of camping season, if not longer. Most dealers and owners told me that most warranty/maintenance was not safety related but it still stayed at the dealers for 3-4 weeks at best. I know when I took my TT in for a broken ladder in early March, I was not returned to me until late April (6 weeks). The ladder was not a safety issue and I could have used the TT during March and April and when the ladder was received by the dealer I could have been called and scheduled a time to bring the TT in. Most dealers do not have enough bays to handle the work, so therein lies the backlog. Yesterday I went by the dealer to ask about a sticking entry door. Dealer said I should bring it in on Tuesday and they would look at it. If it needed a new door it would be 6-8 weeks before they could get to it. Which brings up another question who is responsible for winterizing. Probably will not get cold until December here. Again not a safety issue and, in Texas, October, November and early December is prime time for camping. In my opinion Jayco needs to address this issue and come up with a better solution. My dealer says that he has way to many units on the lot for maintenance and with only 4 bays he stays backlogged. Most units could have the maintenance scheduled and only be in the shop for a week at most. Jayco is a leader in the industry and if they change the way maintenance is scheduled then the rest of the industry will follow suit. Sorry for the long rant but all of us paid good money to use our units for camping, not to see it setting at the dealers
I think long service times have as much to do with the dealer as with Jayco (and maybe more so). My previous 5er was made by the largest RV manufacturer in the US and it was no different. Before I started doing my own winterizing years ago, the dealer took about 6 weeks to get it done (no parts necessary from the manufacturer). Maybe, just maybe, we expect too much?


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