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Manteca Trailer

Anyone on here have any dealings, Sales/Service.
With Manteca Trailer in Manteca CA.

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I actually just purchased my travel trailer from them 4 days ago. Its an hour drive from my house. They price matched an internet quote and both my wife and I really liked them. Beautiful and HUGE service/sales area.

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First TT purchase was with them in 2011. I would rate the experience as 90% positive. The sales rep was great, the finance guy was a bit to arrogant for me, but that was mainly a personality conflict that others might not have.

The issue we had to work through was the hitch. I negotiated an Equal-I-Zer hitch and installation in the deal. When I picked up they were ready to install a basic round bar with friction sway control. I refused, they in turn said they couldn't get an Equal-I-Zer to which I said they better order it from Amazon or credit me back the amount for me to order it.

I never did get the Equalizer, but I did get a Husky Centerline, which is very similar but quite heavy. 5 years later we still use the Centerline on our second TT and are very happy with it.

We attempted to purchase our second TT from them in 2014 and it was a much different place. IIRC the original owner sold the business their long time General Manager. It just didn't feel the same to us. Initially they were very reluctant to negotiate much. Then I showed them an RV direct quote which they agreed to match plus the difference in shipping to CA vs Iowa. Something just didn't feel right so we decided to leave for lunch and think about it. On our way out there was signs in the window saying the service department would be closed for several months and no new service orders would be created. I questioned a couple people about this. Mixed answers, one saying they had a 4-5 month backlog and wanted to clear the backlog while the other said it was a requirement of the transfer of the company from one owner to the next. We didn't like the idea that we might struggle to get service during this period so that was another red flag to us.

Either way, the second attempt never felt comfortable so we moved on. Ultimately finding exactly what we wanted private party used for $10k+ less and bought that one.

Let me add, since you are in the CA, I would stay very clear of the Fresno Jayco dealer. This is where we started, had a deal negotiated over the phone, paid a deposit on a CC, when we went in the complete the transaction they changed the price, terms, financing and nearly everything we agreed on. I walked out and had to dispute the CC charge to get the money refunded. I find them to be very underhanded and it ticked me off.
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I have dealt with Manteca several times on several purchases. I have always been happy with them and i am hard to please. I find every single RV dealer has shady moments and weird stuff, i think its just the business. As far as the service department, i have had no issues either. I had a keystone trailer that bubbled, keystone paid for the material and i covered labor to replace the front fiberglass, manteca did great. I had a jayco pop up that had some major issues, all under warranty, manteca fixed everything and was fine to deal with. My newest trailer a jayco X213, had a few things under warranty that needed fixing, each time manteca fixed them and i had no issues. Manteca is a longer driver for me about an hour, but i will continue to go there. They have a top notch service department
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My experience was similar to that of clubhouse. I negotiated a $400 price for the Equl-i-zer 4-point hitch (installed) and they bait and switched it for the Husky round-bar system. I pitched a fit. Just about came to blows with the sales manager. He said they didn't even sell the Equal-i-zer, so why would he promise one? The funny thing is, THEY were the ones that gave me the brochure for the Equal-i-zer 2 weeks earlier when we started looking. AND, it's in their massive catalog.

I do not like him at all.

They gave me money back as store credit--which only has about 75% value (at most) since they mark everything in their store up 30 - 40% over MSRP.

I would not go back there again to purchase. Keep in mind they are 15 minutes from home.
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We purchased our 26BHS through them. It is a nice facility, but there were some things I didn't like. I too had them price match an equalizer hitch. When I arrived, they did have the hitch (after I reminded them I ordered it) but they wanted me to pay the full $800+. Luckily, I had done a lot of the negotiating through email and had proof of the $400ish price I negotiated. I also negotiated two 6 volt batteries for $160 total. When I picked it up, they wanted to charge me $160 for each battery. I again had an email that confirmed my price. The batteries they installed looked old, but I had no way to prove it. Even though they were hooked up to a high end solar system and have never been run low, they died after one season of use. The batteries on my old trailer were 4 years old with the same type of solar system and were still going strong. The final straw was 4 months after we had the trailer, we received a letter from them saying they were going to repossess it because we owed them for batteries and the hitch. Luckily, I still had the receipt showing I paid for those items. I purchased them separately through their parts department and they were not on the purchase agreement. The whole thing did feel a bit shady. I have purchased a number of new vehicles and have never had problems like this.

If you do business with them or any other dealer: Get everything in writing. Not just the agreed upon trailer price, but the price of all accessories. Make sure it is very clear on quantity, price and total price. Don't let them take advantage of you. Also, make sure to check the MSRP of the unit on the Jayco website with the options it has. You should be able to negotiate at least 30% off of that price. Good luck!

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Thanks everyone for your reply's, I do appreciate it.

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