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Agree that I have a toilet for a reason, to use it. Now on the cleaning one trick that I find works and I do 2 x's a season is after I dump and drain it I will throw a 5 gallon bucket of hot water directly down the toilet with the valve closed, let it sit for about 5 minutes then drain and follow up with another bucket of cold water directly down the toilet. Hot water does wonders in breaking stuff up along with the thrust of the water.

You should have a minimum of 5 gallons in the tank to start a trip which would be about 2 inches or less deep on a 35 gallon tank base.


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Originally Posted by mspontiac View Post
I don't think it sounds crazy. To us, it's just nasty to drive around with a tank full of feces in our camper.
How is it different than driving around with a car full of people with feces in their gut? And they even vent once in a while. My tank vents on the roof..hahahaha

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Originally Posted by mspontiac View Post
I don't think it sounds crazy. To us, it's just nasty to drive around with a tank full of feces in our camper.

why are you driving around with it in your tank

issues with rv septic systems are simply because of bad maintenance.
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If I have less than 1/2 tank I leave it in and drive to the nearest dump station or my my home, where I have a dump outlet. The sloshing around while towing really helps clean up any sticking solids paper etc. If I dump before leaving a camp site I always put at least 5 gallons water back in to slosh around and clean up tank good.
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Well I guess I'll add my 2 *@#&* worth! First off: I use my toilet for both intended purposes; I keep it far cleaner than even the best campgrounds, and that's why I bought a trailer with a toilet in the first place! Second: flush often! After three or four "wads" of paper go in, it's time to flush. I hold the lever down 1/2 way so it runs enough water into the bowl to cover the paper, then I put the pedal to the metal, and down it goes. I've found doing that - combined with the normal amount of liquid waste - keeps the solids (including paper) in suspension long enough to start breaking down. Third; (as previously mentioned) if you're using a sewer hook-up, leave the valves closed until your tanks are about 3/4 full. Leaving them open allows the liquid waste to drain off too quickly to carry the solid wastes with it. Fourth: use a good black tank chemical. If you're worried about the environment, use one with enzymes rather than one with formaldehyde. Fifth; ice can be an effective scrubbing agent if it is used after the liquid is drained off. Yes, Mildred, ice floats! So drain the tank, add the ice, drive around, add some water and dump. Sixth (and most important): drain and clean your tank whenever you leave a campground. If you're at a seasonal site, do it every time you dump the tank. Having a tank rinser makes it easy, but using the hand-held shower, using a hose and wand, or dumping in a bucket of water all work well if you don't allow the situation to get out of hand to begin with. Cleaning the tank until the water runs clear will also enable your tank sensor to give more accurate readings.

One last thing when dumping: it doesn't necessarily mean your tank is empty just because nothing more is coming out of your drain hose. Sometimes a plug will develop even if you use the "right" paper. I've found that opening and closing the gate valve several times quickly will often break up a plug and start the flow again. Putting your shoulder into the side of the trailer and rocking it will sometimes help, as well.

The important thing is you have to do some regular maintenance. You have to regularly check and maintain your tire pressures. You have to keep your wheel bearings packed. You have to inspect and re-caulk your roof seams. The toilet is no different! Use it! Clean it regularly! Maintain it properly, and it will give you years and years of odor-free service.
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This subject really stinks.
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I agree with Brownie on this issue.

All systems on your RV take care and proper maintenance. And doing the maintenance will mostly (but not always) prevent problems.
Not using the toilet for #2 just doesn't make sense to me, but then I'm not the one who might have to walk in the cold to the campground toilet building.

Tires need air, bearings need grease, propane needs filling, water lines need sanitizing. So do you leave your RV in the home driveway and never fill your propane or use your water because you might need to inflate tires, grease bearings, fill propane and sanitize water lines?

Well the Black Water system needs proper use, draining and maintenance too. And it is not really complicated at all. The BW tank's pupose is to safely and effectively hold liquids AND solids until such time as you can dispose of them.
This is no different from the trash can or compost pail in your kitchen. You store the waste there until you can properly dispose of it.
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I'm amazed at how many people don't use their toilets for solids. We use ours regularly without a problem. The key I've found, as others have stated here, is lots of water.

After dumping, I run buckets of water through the toilet until the effluent is clear. I close the gate, start the grey water dump, and immediately drop about 8 gallons into the toilet. It stays there until the next time I dump. Unless I'm putting the trailer away for the season, I only dump when I'm above half. I generally add water prior to opening the gate to ensure a good initial rush of effluent.

An additional trick (I think I read it here somewhere) is a spray bottle next to the toilet filled with water and about half a cup of liquid laundry detergent. When set to 'stream' not 'spray' it does an awesome job of ridding the bowl of Mr. Hanky's racing stripes. The detergent also serves well in the tank by helping to remove 'product' from the walls and such. In fact, since using this method, my black water level indicator actually works on occasion!


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