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On one of my trip to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge at Medicine Park OK I had reservations for an electric site close to the Quanah Parker Lake. When I got there the Electric sites were already taken so I had to setup my POPUP at the edge of a large TENT SECTION.

It was full of young people and they had just arrived and apparently in the same camping party...

They were having all kinds of problems getting all set up and their air mattress working etc... I actually loaned them a good working air mattress haha...

They partied good all night long. I was by myself so it didn't really bother me unless it got out of hand. The next morning my air matress was neatly folded up on my picnic table and they had all left. Was just a Friday night thing haha... I cleaned up a little bit for them around their camp site because I didn't want to draw in the Raccoons which are big around their...

Alittle bit later the campground guys shows up to clean up as well. So we got to chat abit... I had told them I was suppose to get an electric site but they were all gone before I got there.

The guy says hey I can fix you up there.. He came back with a long extension cord and plugged it into a remote pump house building and closed and locked the door. So I plugged into the their extension cord and had all the 20AMP power I needed for my POPUP Trailers.... I covered up the extension cord with leaves just to keep others from asking questions. I also went back to the check-in and paid for an electric site. They was aware already what the clean-up crew had done.

So here I am camping in a TENT area which had a picnic table but had tent sites all around it. I had my outside lights and Fan and other power up units all working from my battery bank like i usually do. Had a few TENT guys come up asking how I was able to have all theses things on haha... I just told them I was running off my battery banks which I was but it was nice to be able to re-charge the banks from the 20AMP extension cord service instead of running my generator.

This is where this Photo was taken at CAMP DORIS...

My camping story with noisy campers...
Roy Ken

Roy and Carolyn
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It has to be really bad for me to not appreciate a tune, so often I just ignore it.
After CG quiet hours I will be nice first. If they are not being sensitive to others, I won't be concerned to walk up nicely and be polite. Most people are good at their core. For those that are not, the local PD is always happy to meet them before things escalate.

I had neighbors to an apartment I rented having a party that developed into a fight one time. The local LEOs found drugs when they arrived and remembered that I had called it in later when I had a traffic issue.

"Getting back at them" sounds like a cool fantasy, but LITS - why make enemies if you don't have to?

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Let me also add, There is NO cell phone service at that park. Historically the park has always been quiet. It has a lake, however NO water sports are allowed except for fishing. The park is actually know as a great place for star watchers. We go there several times each year. This night, I did get out at 1:30am and traveled until I found cell service and called the Sheriff's office. At about 2:30 the party ended except for the "Magnavox" vehicle. Boom Boom Boom went on all night.
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Not having any rv camping experience I have been worrying about the noise problem. Not only in a campground ,but truck stops and such when you might want a few hours sleep. I was going to ask if anyone had a good type of ear plug they might recommend. I've heard(pun intended) there are custom molded types but I've never tried them. Any earplugs I've ever used were to annoying for any length of time.
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Rick, too much noise after hours is actually a pretty rare thing. Most campers are pretty respectful of others. At least that's the case in all the place's we've been. Truck stops are just going to be noisy, period. Look for alternatives, like waysides, Wal-Marts, etc.
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Originally Posted by certified106 View Post
There really isn't much you can do in that situation other than ask them to quiet down or ignore it. Last camping trip our friends got to listen to A group of people in a tent for a few hours have a real good time if you catch my drift, lol. With all the noises coming from there, and not quiet ones, you kind of scratch your head and wonder how stupid a person has to be to not realize a tent isn't sound proof?
Originally Posted by Camping Couple View Post
I would have got the iPhone out and recorded the sounds from that tent. The recording would have ended up on the Bob & Tom show.
For a few hours?? Only thing I would have done is pat them on the back and ask for some pointers the next morning.
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Originally Posted by Jagiven View Post
Last weekend we experienced something similar, just not quite as late. After sitting around the campfire for about 1.5 hours listening to boom boom boom, with the beat of old classic rock. I got tired of it around 8:30, got up walked on over and had a nice chat with the RV owner. His DW got up and turned off the radio in their Pickup. I was surprised, it was actually country music. In their side of the truck it was nice quiet music, my side it was not. An hour or so later he came by apologized, and we talked for a few hours. The rest of the weekend was just fine.

I think you two should run for Congress!! I'd vote for ya!!
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I would have put a blue tooth speaker under something and played reveille and a few other good tunes rather loud at about 7 or 8 am after spreading crushed popcorn around that site. Then sit back with a cup of coffee and enjoyed the show.
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How about a remotely controlled AIR HORN (like at the hockey games) hidden away from your TT and pointed at the noise makers tent/TT. After they stop making noise at 1AM, wait about an hour ( they should be passed out) and let it rip for a second... wait another hour and let it rip again, then again.... you can always catch up on the lack of sleep later that day, when you stop laughing.
Just my thoughts,
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If you camp long enough, chances are you are going to run into the noisey/obnoxious neighbor who cares little about campground etiquette and quiet hours. Does not happen often, but it does happen. Like others I can close the windows and turn on the AC or AC fan and block most if not all of it out. But I feel for the tenters, popups and hybrids especially with kids when there is the sound of profane and vulgar language involved. Our state parks prohibit alcohol and have regular ranger patrols. I personally have had more of a problem in the private owned parks, where much more partying is tolerated.

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