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Obtaining Prints from Jayco

After joining the forum and reading many of the post about obtaining prints from Jayco I decided to Request prints for my 2004 Jay Feather 25E which was purchased as a handy man special Leak around the A/C and some soft spots on the floor and a few minor issues.

The following is a copy of e-mails between Jayco and myself. Although Jayco has provided the prints that were requested I get the impression that Jayco is changing their policy on providing prints. I have left out names to protect those involved and ser/vin numbers as they are not needed here

On 4/27/15
I sent the following request to Jayco.
I recently purchased a used 2004 Jay Feather 25E camper. VIN # XXXXXXX
Serial # XXXXXXX

The original Atwood Hot Water heater needed to be replaced. It was the manual pilot type.
I have replaced it with an Atwood DSI Water Heater and while I was installing the new heater I noticed that there were 4 wires hanging loose above the old heater. I assume that those wires were for a DSI heater as that was an option for that model and year.

What I would like to know is if those wires were for the Switch for the DSI heater where would the switch been located if the unit had a DSI heater installed when originally built.
Also there is some water damage to the roof area around the A/C unit. Any information that you can provide as to prints would be very helpful.
Thank you in advance for your help in this matter.

On 4/29/15
I received the following from Jayco
Good morning,

Attached to this email are schematics the hot water heater and the roof. Per the schematic these three wires are for the option for the Galley water tank and are ran directly to the monitor panel. Being that the Galley tank was not installed on this unit, the monitor panel may not have a switch specifically for the electrical ignitor. An additional switch may need to be purchased or a monitor panel with an additional switch plate. As for the roof, if the damage is not too extensive, you may be able to remove the AC, properly dry the water damaged area, reinstall the AC unit, and seal the area to resolve this issue. If the damage is more extensive. Ceiling panels may need to be replaced. In case the repair is more extensive a schematic is attached. If you happen to have any further questions, please feel free to ask.

My reply on 5/01/15 was,
Thank you for all the information that was sent. The electrical schematics were very helpful and I was able to get the new DSI hot water heater wired up and operational. The next project will be to check the roof and to determine the extent of repairs that may be needed.
Again Thank You for your prompt reply and the information that was sent.

Then on 6/24/15 the following request was sent to Jayco
Since you were able to help me in the past for information on my Jayco Jay Feather 25E, would it be possible to receive prints on the floor construction and all wiring and plumbing components associated with the floor.
Thank you for your assistance in this matter.
The vin# etc. is attached to this e-mail
On 6/26/15 the following reply was received from Jayco
Good afternoon,
Unfortunately, we are only allowed to supply schematics as they are needed. When it comes to large amount of schematics, like what you are inquiring about, we ask our customers to contact a Jayco dealer to assist with the repairs. I wish I could be more of assistance, but in this case, I have to ask you to contact your dealer for assistance.


My quick reply on 6/26/15 was as follows
Thank you for your prompt reply to my request, However I must say that I was very disappointed in your reply as you were so helpful in my last request for prints.
There is a need on my part for the floor prints. And the electrical and plumbing were only needed so I could see what I might run into when I make repairs to the floor.
As you stated “we are only allowed to supply schematics as they are needed”.
Had I not had a need for any prints I wouldn’t have made the request.
Those floor prints were/are needed but I understand Jayco’s position on this subject.
Again, thank you for your help and response.

Today 6/29/15 thefollowing was received from Jayco
Good morning,

I will send the prints this time, but please know that these prints do not show the exact locations of objects, wires, pluming lines, and much more. These prints are only for the use of design and general knowledge. If any prints are needed past these, a Jayco dealer will need to be contacted to assist in the repair.

My last response today 6/29/15 to Jayco was as follows
Warranty/Technical Specialist
Thank you for the recent prints that you sent. I do appreciate all that you have done to help me.
I do understand that you can be of no further help as far as prints and I am disappointed that Jayco has taken this position. It was thru the Jayco Owners Forum that I found out that Jayco would provide prints to help their owners. It appears that there is a change in Jayco’s policy.

I am attaching 3 photos of my bunk ends on my 2004 25 E. The first pic is of the front bunk end. Kindly see the notation I made on the print. The second pic is of the left side rear bunk end. Again see the notations I added to the pic. The third pic shows a snap that is missing from the bunk end. And since there is no indication that it was ever installed Not only did your QC dept miss it but the previous owners never did anything to install a snap although the other part to the snap is clearly installed in the Canvas.
If you can please pass on the pics to the QC department.

I am the 3rd owner of this RV and also this is the 4th Jayco product I have owned.

I had replied to you on Friday around 4PM and received your reply today Monday at 10:24 AM today. That is a quick response for the amount of information you sent me. I only wonder how long it would have taken for that much information to have been sent when I worked in Field Service back it the late 1970’s when each print had to be copied by hand and printed, folded and packaged by hand and mailed by the postal system to a customer. And now all that can be done in minutes thanks to cut and paste or copy and attach and pdf files, and to the computer and internet.

Again I thank you for all the help you have been in helping me to eventually repair my RV by providing with the information requested.

All the best to you and Hope you have a Safe and Happy 4th of July holiday.

Although my request was for a large amount of prints it shouldn't be all that difficult to go into the file for my RV based on the vin number and copy and attach to an reply e-mail any pdf file that pertained to my year and model.
After all my reply was on a Friday 6/26 and the reply I received was on Monday 6/29

2004 Jay Feather 25E
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I think they got ticked off when you told them to talk to their QC department about a missing snap on an 11 year old camper .
Seriously though, you gotta remember, Jayco is in the business of building and selling RVs and campers. It's my impression that they help us owners out with plans, etc. when they can. As I read your post I got the impression that you continued asking for more and more information and if I were in CS, I would wonder when the requests would end. Just an outsider's opinion.


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Thanks for your opinion I have no idea if my sending pics of a missing snap ****** them off as that was in the last e-mail I sent . But seriously I only made a second request for prints after I was told "If you happen to have any further questions, please feel free to ask".

The purpose of this was to let others know that there may be a change in the way Jayco handles request for prints. I may be wrong.
2004 Jay Feather 25E
2001 Ford Expedition 4X4 EB 5.4 3.55 rear
2004 Ford Expedition 4X4 EB 5.4 3.73 rear
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At some point last year while we were evaluating motorhomes, I recall someone telling me that Winnebago assemblers have specific routes for their wires, piping, etc, so they follow the plans. However, when installing the mechanical lines in a Jayco the specific routes are left up to the individual assemblers, so there is no standard layout for the lines. Now structural members should be different. I'd like to think the assemblers were required to follow the plans which were (hopefully) designed by a structural engineer.

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