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Duct tape?


Jim & Kim from Colorado

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We take the baby video monitor with us. We put her to bed and turn it on and then enjoy some adult time around the campfire. If she wakes up or attempt to escape her bunk, we hear/see it on the monitor.

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My youngest of three just turned 2, so I'm in the same boat. Best thing we ever got for camping with toddlers was a portable play yard - Google it. It's basically a bunch of interlocking panels that you can make into a pen. Now that the baby is older he doesn't want to be trapped in, but we put it around the campfire in the evenings as an extra layer of defense. Never had a kid get burned, but it's my number one fear when it comes to camping with kids.
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You're on the upside in years, so going over everything inside the unit is key. Make sure there is an understanding of what is bad and what is good. You could proof the whole rig and then it just becomes no fun as the mechanisims to keep the kids out of stuff keep the adults out too!

There are a few major hazzards that we went for with my 3. Bunks - You can make some cheap effective retainers with some pine shelving and 90 degree shelf brackets for under $20 bucks each. Stain or paint to match. I only have them on the tops bunks. Pillow or 2 on the ground works good enough for the lower one if you feel the need.

What we have found to work also is bringing the outdoors inside for the little ones later at night. A sheet, glow stick or colored LED bulb work wonders for a kid fort. I would tuck the end of a sheet in the high bunk and make the lower one a fort. They won't want to leave and eventually drift off.

Doors - The screen door is the single most hazzard IMHO and due to my height from the ground in a 5'er I put the most effort there. A pet door grate on the lower portion from Lowes cut to size and a screen door dead bolt out of arms reach. We still use this to keep the dog inside and all my kids know how to work it now.

My screen doors also have plexi glass so I can keep the hard door open and see inside without loosing heat or AC. Keeps the curiosity down on both sides.

If you have a very active kid who needs to touch everything I would just remove the knobs from the cooktop as it is used so infrequently or invest in the caps. Also if they like to flush the toliet a lot just turn it off.

Enjoy it, every trip they will get more acclimated and pay less attention to the hazzards. Reinforce the hazzards each trip and practice good water use habits as that will be your next challenge.

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Mine are all older in there 20s now but we taught them from a very young age, Fire-Metal-Hot! so that they would not touch any metal near a fire.

A few years ago we were siting around a fire ring, son had his feet on the ring, he jumped up and started hopping, ripping his shoes off. The heat had transferred to the shoe and starting to transfer to his feet. In unison the other two yelled Fire-Metal-Hot and started laughing.
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I have an 8 MO boy. I think he might end up being his father's son (which would likely be a BAD thing!!)

Definitely looking for pointers on camping with little ones!

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Originally Posted by Bucko06 View Post
I take a different approach with my 4 year old and 20 month old. I teach them about the RV. They love to learn and love to help. My 4 year old was 2.5 when we got the RV. He loved to "help" crank down stabilizers or hold a hose. Now today both kids love to wash the RV and do other items. I am not a fan of shrouding them from danger with safety devices. But rather teach them what the dangers are and how they should behave. It takes effort and some continuous monitoring. But now my 4 year old rarely gets into trouble and helps out quite a bit. I hope the younger one is following the same path.
I think Bucko hit the nail on the head. My oldest 2 are now in their early 40's. We did not have all the safety items we have today. Mine started out in the playpen on the beach while I fished right beside them. I always kept them involved in whatever activity we were doing. There is no better device to keep kids safe than your own two eyes! I cannot express enough do not let them out of your site. Too many folks today just let kids wander unsupervised all over the place, no idea where they are or what they are doing. I have raised 4 and the wife and I had eyes on them at all times. Never let them out of our site until they were old enough. And I don't mean 3 or 4 years old! They need to be involved in your activities and learn to share experiences. They will appreciate all that when they grow old. My son now in his 40s, loves to fish, hunt, camp, anything outdoors. The daughters not quiet so much. I just can't imagine bringing up kids in today's society with all the government oversight and meddling!

Joe Hinson
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I don't know from first hand experience yet, but I'm thinking if I take the mystery out of some dangerous things, they'll lose their luster. So I'm hoping to keep my son as involved as possible in the things I do, especially the "dangerous" things. I'm hoping that by doing this, he'll know how to deal with those things safely. If I just insulate him from them and he never gets exposed, I'm afraid he'll want to do/touch them more; you know, because of the novelty and mystery.

For now, I guess we still have it easy; he's not crawling yet (though it's close), and the biggest thing we have to worry about right now is him wiggling off something and falling to the floor, or eating something off the floor when he gets there! Everything goes in his mouth, so we have to watch out!

I almost bought one of those kid-fence thingies the other day from another parent who didn't need it anymore, but couldn't nab it. I'll be on the lookout for one of those in the near future.

Do you guys put anything under it? Like an outdoor carpet or something? Or do you just set it up (hopefully in the grass or something) and let 'em go? Right now I would be afraid he would eat something harmful off the ground like a nut or a twig or something, and hurt himself...

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Our daughter is 2 1/2, she's so much more trouble than our son ever was. He's 11 1/2. (Hey look, my wife and I thought we were done....surprise) Anyway, now that it's RV season again, I started to think about my daughter running around and unlocking the door and wandering about. We don't stay in CGs very often, we are often in the wilds of Alaska. Wandering off can be deadly. But I realized that I wasn't going to worry about it. I had been up late last weekend, bear hunting, and decided to sleep in. So did the wife and my son, I awoke to the daughter "playing a card game". I had no idea how long she was awake, but she never left. I think kids know, hey if I go out there right now there isn't anyone to bail me out of trouble. At least my kids have been that way...........so far, but I'm about to hit the teens with one.
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we camped with my daughter since she was 6 months...pak n play served us well

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