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set up / tear down instructions

My folks recently took delivery of a 287BHBE, and they are heading out on their first trip in about 4 hours. This is my folk's first TT, and since I've been RVing for years I thought I'd put together a checklist for the newbies. The list is below, I'd like critique for anything I might have missed or need to expand. I'll be going along this first trip with them, but I want to mainly observe.

Break down

1. All cupboards closed and stuff taken off counters
2. close ceiling vent in bathroom
3. close awning
1. loosen handles
2. close awning by press button inside until awning is all the way closed
4. close all windows
5. make sure antenna is down
1. line up arrows
2. crank 'down'. Visually confirm antenna is down from outside
3. turn off antenna booster
4. make sure TV is locked in position
6. make sure thermostat for heater & A/C is off
7. make sure ladder for bunk beds is folded in and secure
8. make sure nothing is in the way of slide out room
9. slide in room
10. make sure oven is set to 'off'
11. turn off water heater (both LP and Electric)
12. turn off water pump
13. disconnect water line
14. disconnect sewer hose
1. drain black water first
2. then drain gray water
15. disconnect shore power cord and stow
16. make sure fridge properly switched over to gas (gas light should be on steady, not flashing)
17. crank up all 4 stabilizing jacks
18. check lug nuts every other trip or so
19. hitch up to truck
1. insert hitch into receiver (make sure pin is secure)
2. insert spring bars into hitch and make sure pins are secure, bars should be placed in a very wide “V” shape
3. back up truck under hitch
4. lower hitch onto ball until it just barely touches.
5. Move spring bars onto “L” brackets on trailer tongue
6. secure spring bars with silver “L” clips
7. continue lowering hitch onto ball
8. bring jack up all the way, don't forget to remove the pin to slide the jack all the way to the top
9. connect safety chains in a 'V'
10. connect break-away cable
11. connect electrical connection
12. check lights
13. make sure green light shows on brake controller in truck
14. remove wheel chocks
20. walk around trailer one last time
1. jacks
2. antenna
3. door steps should be up
4. all outside doors closed and locked

Trailer set up

1. back into site – MAKE SURE TO USE SPOTTER
2. Once trailer is in position, check for level right/left. If needed add blocks under low side tires
3. Make sure there is enough room for slide out to open completely
4. put wheel chocks in place
5. Un-hitch
1. start lowering jack
2. pull hitch release all the way back while jacking up
3. remove “L” clips from spring bars
4. Continue raising until spring bars loosen. When able, swing spring bars off of “L” bracket.
5. Continue raising hitch until clear of ball
6. remove safety chains
7. remove break-away cable
8. remove electrical connection
9. move vehicle forward
10. remove hitch from truck
6. raise/lower tongue jack until trailer is level front/back
7. lower stabilizer jacks and fine-level trailer
8. open slide out room
9. connect shore power
10. connect water hose (make sure regulator is on hose)
11. connect sewer line – open gray water valve
12. turn on both LP and Electric water heater
13. DO NOT TURN ON water pump if you are hooked to city water
14. extend awning, if desired. Tighten black knobs
15. raise antenna
1. turn on booster
2. turn on TV
3. press menu
4. arrow to 'channels'
5. arrow down to 'auto program'
6. press OK
16. make sure fridge is on auto and gas light is off

Other stuff
1. if you don't have hookups
1. fill up water tank
2. turn on water pump
3. ONLY turn on LP water heater, not electric
4. TV, Microwave and A/C will not work if not plugged in
Stuff to check
1. make sure chemicals in toilet
2. Propane selection valve – make sure turn off propane before storing

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Looks good.
The only thing I do differently is that I always install and remove spring bars while hitch locked into TV



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Thanks, Doug. Actually you are correct - I normally lower the hitch, latch it, then raise it back up until I can easily swing the spring bars over the "L" brackets.
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Originally Posted by aakorn View Post
Thanks, Doug. Actually you are correct - I normally lower the hitch, latch it, then raise it back up until I can easily swing the spring bars over the "L" brackets.

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2016 Toyota Tundra SR5, 5.7 V8
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Wow, nice list (and re-fresher).
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Great list, I have a few added notes and one rant at the end

Check out

Not sure what the part is called on the TT, I would call it the ball lock, but make sure to install a safety pin/bolt in the ball lock.

When you do your walk around, check UNDER the TT, and double check the hitch.

Remove things hanging on walls, that is not secure, such as clocks.

Slide out, brush off roof before closing.

Check tire pressures


Regarding the water heater, only turn on the heats after you confirm there is water in the tank (or you will be replacing a heater element)

In General

The only other thing I see that concerns me is in regards to the WDH. It is best to remove all tension from the bars before disconnecting the bars from the TT. How I read it, you are trying to minimize (un)coupling steps. This is an extremely dangerous procedure. The bars can be under extreme tension and can have incredible potential energy. Personally I have never seen or heard of anyone being hurt, but I have see bars swing out and/or drop while under tension when someone pulls the clip/pins, while not being careful, narrowly missing the person’s leg and/or foot. The bars can be under extreme tension and have incredible potential energy. On our Equalizer brand bars, they can easily swing outwards, due to the L bracket design. The Reese bars with the chains, the bars will tend to drop towards the ground and not outwards if they release accidentally. I have seen this happen multiple times. I have seen many crazy people with WDH, who do not know what they are doing. If I was teaching one of my family members how to utilize a WHD hitch, I would absolutely make sure they did it right and safely, and it only takes an extra minute maybe two to do it properly. Done with my rant..
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Good list, but my best practice is to establish a routine and stick to it. Do things in the same sequence everytime. If you split the tasks between you and the wife, don't interrupt each other during the process. Take your time, don't rush, this is not the time to try and make up time for your upcoming trip. Finally do a walk about. Look high and look low. It may help to switch roles and you check her stuff and she checks your stuff. Kind of like proof reading your own typing. Don't give it the "I know its OK" look over. I've gotten in a hurry and left the tv ant up and then when a neighbor waved me down, I dropped the ant. but had to open the slide to get to it. Yup!! started to head out again with the slide half open. Get in a hurry [late getting off, raining cats and dogs, team is arguing, or whatever] and you increase your risk of forgetting something by about 100%. Forget a few things and a lamp breaks but forget some really critical stuff and you can really mess up the RV.

Don't be the one heading out of the CG with your elec. pigtail or sewer line dragging behind, with your steps out, and the dog tied to the picnic table back at the site. Back in the day, I even tried to scrunch our youngest daughter between the end bed slides in our popup. TAKE YOUR TIME!!
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I would add to the list-
Walk clear around the trailer and tow vehicle visually checking everything one last time before departing.
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If you do not have full hook up be sure to fill your fresh water tank before you set up in your spot. ;-)

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