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Water Pressure Regulator

Our first trip out with full hookups and I'm a little baffled. The dealer stressed the importance of using a water pressure regulator to avoid damaging the plumbing. I also used an in-line water filter. The problem is that the water pressure out of the faucet was lower than when I use the water pump. Plus the water in the shower seemed to just trickle out.

Am I doing something wrong? Should I not be using a regulator?

Any advice is appreciated.

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Curious did you try opening the hose bib on the CG facet and see if it appeared to have low pressure before hooking up to the TT? I usually do this at every hookup just to flush the hose of any old water.
Did you do something wrong, probably not. Some water filters can really drop your water pressure. My personal opinion is to hook up your hose in the manor, to minimize any issues with the filter.

CG hose bib, back flow preventer, water filter, hose, pressure regulator, 90 deg brass elbow, trailer.

There is a train of thought out there to use the pressure regulator first to protect your hose. I have experience to many times where the water filter has so much internal restrictions it restricts the water flow.

In addition sometimes the pressure regulator go bad, when they do, it seems like they clamp down and restrict water flow, so there is a chance your pressure regulator out of the box was bad.

If you are back home with known water flow and pressure, take your hose setup and connect to the house and see if your system is restricting your water flow to much. If your water pressure at home is under 60 psi try with and without the various components to see how the TT’s plumbing will work.

As for your second question regarding your shower head and the “trickle of water”. Standard RV shower heads are known for not putting out a good spray of water. Many people change out the shower head to an Oxygenics brand RV shower head that gives you the sensation of a lot of water at a decent pressure. That is a modification I have not done yet.

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When the water pressure of pump is slowly, the high pressure gas from the cylinder enters into the regulator through the inlet valve. The gas then enters the body of regulator, which is controlled by the needle valve. The pressure inside the regulator rises, which pushes the diaphragm and the valve to which it is attached, closes the valve and prevents any more gas from entering the regulator. The outlet side is fitted with a pressure gauge, which indicates the working pressure on the blowpipe. Upon the gas being drawn ‘’off’’ from outlet side the pressure inside the regulator body falls. The diaphragm is pushed back by the spring and the valve opens, letting more gas in from the cylinder. The pressure in the body therefore depends on the pressure of springs and this can be adjusted by means of a regulator knob.
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Hmmm... This is like a science class. Lol

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Take a look at the Water Filter Store web site. Some good information there about filters and pressure regulaters.http://www.rvwaterfilterstore.com/index.htm.
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Some thoughts....

#1 - You have a bad regulator from the start.

#2 - You have one or more clogged strainers in your system. I was at one CG that I had to take the strainers out several times (over a weekend) and clean them of large particulates. Your regulator probably has a strainer and others can located in hoses and at the fresh water inlet.

#3 - You may have a faulty fresh water inlet check valve

#4 - Filters....unless you are running a 1 or 5 micron filter, you shouldn't notice any drop in pressure (the Camco Blue Bullets are 100 micron). I used a 5 micron filter for the first time this past trip. I could tell the filter was restricting flow (slightly) because after first turning on a faucet, the pressure would drop after a few seconds of the water running...(you'll always get a little of that....but it's at a new level now)

Try "process of elimination" to help troubleshoot your problem....good luck!
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If you have one of the short metal or plastic regulators it will make things worse if the CG has low presure to begin with. If you look inside you only have a 3/8 opening for the water to flow through. They' re not cheap, but I went to Home Depot and bought a 3/4" whole house regulator along with the hose adapter fittings. No longer get any reduction in flow.
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Grumpys correct. The small plastic or metal inline filters will go bad after a little use and cause all kinds of water pressure problems. We bought a Watts brass unit from Lowes and fitted it with hose connections. They can be purchased from the site listed earlier already tricked out with the fittings needed.
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I have noticed some of the campgrounds in my area already have a regulator installed at their spigot for every campsite. Kinda nice.
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Originally Posted by highlife4me View Post
I have noticed some of the campgrounds in my area already have a regulator installed at their spigot for every campsite. Kinda nice.
Are those pressure regulators or check valves to prevent water from flowing back into the faucet from the hose?

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