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colonoscopy - my Lessons Learned...


Colon cancer runs deep in my family tree. Thus, I get colonoscopy exams - even when my body was under age 42. Had my 1st exam 4 years ago and to my surprise, they found some early signs (which they removed). Now, I must perform another in-depth exam soon. If it has to be done, then it I get it done. Thus, I "swallow" my man pride and get it done.

Lesson learned for others... Especially if a "D" person...

Five years ago, I was diagnosed as Pre-Diabetic. At that time, I didn't think much of it. Was given the medication for "clean out" and was told to drink lots of apple / prune juice. Not thinking, I following their instructions. Part way into the clean-out phase, I suddenly got a massive migraine. The pain was so bad, it would have knocked over an elephant. No kidding. The next morning, I got to the hospital (my head feeling every bump in the road - from the pain), got gowned up and I was next. During the pre-check list, the nurse asked how I was feeling. Told her about my migraine and now, she see's I'm a Pre-D in my chart. Oh shoot - we both missed that!!! She checks my BG number and its now "off the scale". She said, - "we cannot take you now - your BG number is too high. You have to come back another day". Here I am. In a gown, cleaned out, got a migraine that would knock over an elephant and she tells me to come back another day. Talk about me "counting to 10" really slow. GGGRRRRR.... Seeing the disappointed look on my face, she looked over at the other guy. The guy booked after me - but luckily, he arrived early. They prepped him in record time and he went in first. I laid on my back in pain for another 45 minutes. During that short time period, my body's BG number started to come down. Thus, I went in next. At this specific hospital, they "put you out" during the exam process. I remember counting backwards from 10. re: 10, 9 and I thought about number 8. And that was it. Out like a broken porch light bulb. Wake up approx 2 hours later and guess what? NO MORE migraine. After getting back into focusing state, I told the nurse my migraine was now gone. She smiled and said, "yup - we took care of that too. We gave you something special". Don't know what it was but it was the best painless sleep I ever had. You know.... Most folks are emotional about a colonoscopy and its clean out / inspection embarrassments. To me, these items were minor. My first colonoscopy was about NOT listening to their exact instructions. re: If a Pre-D or T2 diabetic, do NOT take their clean out meds with apple, prune or other juices. The migraine from sugar over-load spike is NOT worth it. If a "D" person, drink clear water with the clean out medications instead. A lesson learned for my next colonoscopy - which is within the next 12 months.... Hey... If it has to be done, it has to be done...

Hope this helps others.... Especially if a "D" person....


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The green stuff I used said use clear water. They gave me 2 pint bottles. They said drink one at 6:00 and the other 30min later. Believe me that is what the end results will be too. After I drank the first pint it took about 45 min before business picked up. Before it was over I had permanent residence on the throne. I checked out ok. Like you I am up again soon.

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Here is a copy of a post I made a while back. I learned that it was to my benefit to mention to others that I was having this procedure and amazed by the willingness of others to share what worked for them during the prep part (the worst part for me; colonoscopy itself was easy)


It's finished! No polyps and my procedure took only 16 minutes total. Although "loopy", I was awake and able to watch the procedure on the tv monitor. Doc even gave me some pics of my colon (non-gross pics).

Best advice I got:
-REFRIDGERATE the stuff ya hafta drink a few hours before.... it's easier to drink and more palatable (I had no problem drinking it thank God!). I picked the orange flavoring packet.
-Use Vaseline to keep your self coated down there after each visit to the commode. Start using the vaseline prior to first bowel movement.
-After that wonderful visit to the commode, DAB, *don't* wipe, it'll just make ya feel a burn eventually.
-If you want to go to bed before 9pm, start drinking the stuff by 4-5pm.
-Hang in there, the morning drink and potty visits are less annoying than the night before.

Here is a link to that thread if you'd like to read more

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Sounds like fun. I am getting one in a few weeks.

Actually, I am getting a trailer AND a colonoscopy, in a few weeks. Not at the same time! I hope..........

I wonder if they talk about RV's on the colonoscopy forums?
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Don't put off having a colonoscopy. The prep is tough, but the drugs work great and knock you out like a light. One minute you are looking around the room chit chatting with the nurses and the next thing you know, you wake up somewhere else and the whole procedure is over with.

I had my first one in 2008 and while still about half doped out was told I had the C word. From there it was surgery followed by 6 months of chemo. My check ups since then have been good and I have had yearly scope jobs since then. I'll go for my next one later this month.

Those who have had the prep will appreciate the irony in this:

My yearly scopes are done about 80 miles away from my residence, so I go and check into a hotel near the hospital the night before "to prepare" because the mere thought of driving there on a road with no places to "go" is a scary proposition. The last time I went, guess who, out of all the guests in the hotel got the room with the wobbly commode? Yep, the guy who stayed on it half the night!

Another time while leaving the hospital and still somewhat under the influence my wife and I witnessed a hit and run in the parking garage. I bailed out of the car before it had completely stopped and mananged to intercept the driver before he could clear the toll booth. My memory of the event is still somewhat fuzzy and my wife fussed at me for bailing out. Had it not been for the drugs, I probably would have gotten really hurt jumping out!

Good luck to everyone having it done and for those who have put it off, don't wait any longer.
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Boss, great story! Congrats on being a cancer survivor! It's been three(?) years since chemo started? So far no more polyps?

Coincidently your hit-n-run in the garage was similar to us.. sorta. Don was in recovery when I returned to wait for his release (even family members can't be with the patient until their release at our local hospital!). I parked in the outside lot woofin' down my breakfast McMuffin groovin' to the tunes when I felt my car jolt. I knew it wasn't an earthquake. In my side mirror I saw this older gentleman trying to park next to me as he hit side rear of our van with the front bumper on his car. He had no clue I was in there. As he was getting out of his car he saw my door open. For and old guy (DDL showed him to be 85) he moved pretty darned fast toward the front door of the hospital. I had no idea I could still tackle someone (jk). Long story short, he wound up confessing to the cop and the insurance rep on the phone that he hit me. Just as we finished the paperwork, the nurse called my cell to say Don was ready.

You were lucky though... When it was my turn the meds didn't knock me out, but it actually was fascinating to watch the tv monitor as the scope was snaking through my insides
Denise, DH, grandkids, and two rescue pups
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Have it done! I did. There are two members of my family that had colon cancer, an aunt and a first cousin. I had it done before the recommended age of 50 also. For me the hardest part was drinking a gallon or so of that stuff, 8 ounces every 10 minutes. The actual exam was easy, they put you under here. I remember the anesthesiologist saying I`m going to give you something to relax. The next thing I remember I wake up where I was and ask DW when do I go in? She says you`re done. I said that anesthesia is wonderful stuff. She said I said that about 6 times, I only remember one. Get it done. BTW I go back also in 3 years as they removed a few small benign polyps.

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