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Do you cook inside your TT?

We offered our TT to a family member to stay in next month in our driveway when all the relatives are in town for a family reunion with the stipulation that they don't do any cooking in the trailer. The mother-in-law thought that was a crazy expectation and said what's the point of having a trailer if you don't cook inside!

All we do is boil water for the baby's porridge in the morning and do the bacon and eggs outside on the Coleman on the picnic table and a few other coworkers with trailers agree that they don't want to sleep in a tt that smells like old grease so I was wondering ; how many people do serious cooking inside their trailers?

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We cook in our TT. We aren't making Christmas Dinner I there, but certainly breakfast foods and dinner food that isn't cooked on the BBQ. We also carry a propane stove for trips with several families to accomdate larger pots and pans, but if it's just our immediate family the Jayco stove is put to work.

Just like my house doesn't smell like grease, neither does my trailer. We run the hood vent, if the weather is nice doors and windows are open. Dishes never sit in washed and all the surfaces are cleaned after meals...just like at home.

This is one of the reasons we got a TT, to not have to leave the tent on cold mornings to make breakfast outside.

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We cook most of our food outside, however this is by choice, not saying I can't cook in the trailer, we will, do and have cooked any and all types of food in the trailer, just as clubhouse states, we keep it ventilated, cleaned up and never have any long lingering smells.

For your predicament, I would offer up your trailer as you mentioned, just include all the cooking gear that you take camping, who knows, maybe they will become hooked and buy their own trailer and cookware in the future

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We use the kitchen (in our similar) 154BH for convenience only. We love to cook outdoors.....

For serious use - a TT as small as ours should have the stove (and microwave for that matter) fan(s) vented outside. We installed a roof vent fan to help move air.....but you probably don't have one.

I think after one breakfast in the camper- and that smoke detector goes off - they be inside at the table in no time....[ATTACH][/ATTACH]
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We only cook non-greasy stuff in the trailer. No bacon or burgers.
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We also do not cook greasy items in the TT, but beyond that cooking inside is fine. We do cook outside anytime the weather allows.

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We do lots of cooking inside our kitchen, but definately not bacon!! I have an electric frying pan that I take outside for cooking grease laden foods. Come to think of it other than cooking up some extra lean ground beef inside, every other meat is done outside on the BBQ... so indoor cooking seems to be mostly veggies, side dishes, etc. and all the other prep. It's so nice not to have to condend with the bugs and the weather first thing in the morning or at other times.

We tried the oven once but it burnt the bottom of what we were cooking and I realize now that I need a pizza stone or tile in there to even out the heat.

Here is my humble opinion on the whole to use or not to use thing, whether kitchen or bathroom or whatever. All rvs are essentially disposable after 20+ years; so maintain them, keep then clean and shiny as best you can but enjoy all the ammenities you paid for because there's really no point trying to preserve something that is going to eventually depreciate down to nothing, wear out and become outdated even if you never use it and leave it in its original packaging.

That being said, it's your rv and guests who are using it ought to respect the rules of the house ;-) mother in law or not, LOL. After all, it's parked in the driveway ----why not just come into the house for meals and washrooms?

Funny thing is, as I write this I have inlaws visiting and some are using our TT for sleeping. I hooked up the water works so they can use the washroom as well. I really like having the TT for this purpose as it makes an excellent guest house for visiting inlaws (or for us).
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Yes, Threebutchers, I don't have and outside venting fans (yet!) and if the range hood vented outside I think it would make a huge difference. The mother-in-law is the one freaking out about cooking and it's the aunt and uncle that's going to be using it, and they are fine with it and don't plan on doing any cooking anyway. We did offer to set up the camp stoves just outside the TT for them if they wanted but they have free access to the house anyway so I doubt they will choose to do much in the tiny trailer other than sleep.

We aren't trying to keep it pristine by any means, we have a baby and 2 dogs so it's far from that! The DW is very sensitive to smells so we have a pretty scent-free house and it seems to make odours that much stronger and it's bad enough with a baby and 2 dogs!

Thanks for the reply's it's been interesting to see what everyone does.
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Very rarely. We mostly cook outside except for heating things up in the microwave. I wish travel trailers had a removable stove option like pop-up campers have. Our new hybrid has a on oven! Really? We'll never use it.

On the other hand, the situation you are describing is not "camping". Its temporary living quarters. That said, its your unit and your rules. They should not be offended.
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We cook in the kitchen but have a vent fan and cover the food when cooking burgers or bacon. I also keep some Febreeze to eliminate the smell An outdoor grill is on my Christmas list.

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