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Dumping: The topic that everybody loves to hate.

This was taken from RV Daily Tips Link at bottom

Dumping: The topic that everybody loves to hate. Here today, we present a composite of dumping procedures and handy tips, all in one place for the new guy or the grizzled veteran.
PLACE: Always dump in a dump station or a sewer/septic. Be sure it will accept your 30-50-80 gallons of sewage. NEVER dump black water anywhere else. Grey water MIGHT be okay to dump "off road" as long as it can be absorbed. This takes some judgment.
QUANTITY: Always have your tanks at least one-half to three-fourths full. Add water if necessary. The large volume helps to "swoosh" the sewage out of the tanks.

SHAKE IT: If at all possible, drive around a little bit before dumping. Make several turns, starts and stops. This helps stir up settled solids.
ORIENTATION: Dumping depends solely on gravity. MAKE SURE the dump port is not higher than your dump valve; if it is, you will not be able to empty your tanks or your hose ó a truly horrible situation.
GLOVES: These are a personal choice. They may or may not avoid illness, but they certainly make cleaning up easier.
CONNECTIONS: Use the best hoses and fittings you can buy. Make sure all fittings are fully engaged and snug. Leaks are really annoying. Use a clear fitting in your dump hose so you can monitor the sewage "quality."
SECURITY: If the dump receiver port is not equipped with a threaded fitting, be sure to hold the hose firmly in place while dumping. Don't count on a rock or the port lid for this job ó the surge of sewage can be quite forceful, and you sure don't want that hose flying out of the hole. Having a hose or connection break loose during a black water dump will make you wish youíd never been born.
BLACK FIRST: ALWAYS dump the black tank first. (The grey is dumped afterward to flush out residue.) Donít be timid, open the valve fully so that the flow is not impeded.
FLUSH: Flush the toilet a few times, or run your dedicated flushing operation, until the water runs clear, which you can see through your clear fitting. This step is best with two people; be sure to leave a window open so you can hear each other. (You may need to skip this step if there's a long line behind you or if the dump station does not provide the necessary water.)
CLOSE IT: CLOSE the black tank valve (double-check) and then dump the grey tank(s). The grey water is much less vile than the black water, and it helps flush the dreadful stuff out of the dump hose. CLOSE the grey tank valve (double-check) and cap the line.
FLUSH: Flush and store your dump hose, capping both ends. Again, some dump stations don't provide flushing water; you can use your own water or just store the hose as is, wet with grey water.
CLEANUP: Strip off your gloves and wash your hands, THEN fill your fresh water tank.
When parked in one place for a while:
DO NOT leave your drain valves open. You need that tank volume build-up to help generate a good flushing flow. Let your tanks fill to three-fourths before you dump them.
When sitting still, the black tank contents will tend to settle and "sludge up." If you can't or don't want to drive around to shake things up, you will have to invest time and/or appliances in tank-flushing.
If things get really "sticky," you can try the time-honored trick of pouring a couple of bags of ice down the toilet with about one-fourth tank of water and driving around for 10-20 minutes. The ice cubes tend to knock loose old deposits and accumulated crud. Let them melt before you dump.


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I subscribe to www.rvtravel.com, also. Good reading and good info from experts. The quote above comes from their daily tips that you can subscribe to from the rvtravel.com website. Not always something new to me, but refreshes some of the old ideas and things that one sometimes forgets about. Good site.


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Seann45 sez............ CONNECTIONS: Use the best hoses and fittings you can buy. Make sure all fittings are fully engaged and snug. Leaks are really annoying. Use a clear fitting in your dump hose so you can monitor the sewage "quality."

True words...good practice for the tote at the "magic hole" as well. I combined the functions of adding a "90" (for flow and seal) in "clear" (for rinse checking) for my Thetford Smart Tote....couldn't find anything off the shelf so I modified what was available.


Link to the thread below....

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Many trailers now come with this feature standard, however I was very excited to have one put in as our did not come standard. It is a "no-fuss flush". There is a female hose receptacle on the side of the trailer, just above our regular black water valve and dump port. I connect the flush water hose from the dump station to this and there is a spray nozzle that is located inside the black water tank that is spraying onto the sensor. Cleans off the sensor and re-fills the tank with extra water for a second complete flushing. This you tube video shows an install of one.


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