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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished!

I've been hosting at Michigan State Parks for 2 months, now. I'm Currently at Clear Lake State Park near Atlanta, MI. The sites here have electricity, but no water or sewer. The Host Site has full hook-ups.

Yesterday, a couple pulled into the spot diagonally behind me with a rather large trailer (SOB). As I was cleaning my grill for dinner, the lady came up to me and explained that this was there first time without full hook-ups, and they forgot to fill with fresh water before they set up their rig. She asked if they could use my water line to fill their tanks. Being a nice guy (and trying to be a good Host), I agreed and walked her over to my water hook-up. I explained that the green hose coming off my "Y"-connection was my black tank flush line, so it was turned off. She could remove my hose, connect their water hose, and fill their holding tank. After a couple of minutes, I checked to see if everything was going OK. She had connected another "Y" to my "Y" and was proceeding to hook up to their "city water" connection. I politely told her that she could fill her FW holding tank, but (since she hadn't paid for full hook-ups) I couldn't allow her to use my connection for "city water". As they proceeded to fill their FW holding tank, I left to make my evening Campground Walk. When I returned about 1/2 hour later, their (30-something) son came over to thank me for letting them fill up with water.

As we were chatting, I heard the sound of splashing water, looked underneath my trailer, and saw water gushing from the bottom of my Eagle in the neighborhood of the Black Tank. Rushing over to the water connection, I discovered that they had turned on the black tank flush side of my "Y". I turned it off, and went inside the trailer to find the toilet overflowing and water all over the bathroom floor. Fortunately, I had dumped my tanks and did a thorough flushing that morning, so their wasn't any "stink" - just a lot of water. It took me about 30 minutes to mop it all up, set the fan on the floor to dry things out, then I poked a couple of holes in the underbody panel to allow the water to drain from the underbelly. (I was careful not to poke any holes in the black tank itself - just the corrugated panel.)

This morning, everything is dry and the water has stopped dripping from the holes in the underbody panel. The son apologized, and I'm sure he told his mother about the fatal hook-up, but she has still not come over to apologize. This morning, I see they also parked their truck in the space across the road, rather than in their space. Looks like their going to turn out to be the kind of people who think the world owes them something.

So, do you all think I should tell her she flooded my trailer and get their insurance info (in case I need to have the floor replaced)? Or should I just blow it off and hope no permanent damage was done?

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I would definitely say something unless your insurance will cover any damage that may occur, but then you have the deductible to pay.

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I would not hesitate at all to get their insurance information. Better to have it and not need it than the other way around. Ask yourself how others would react if the shoe was on the other foot & protect your own interests.
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Just to say up front. This has nothing to do with being a hard***.. Pure reality... Accidents happen so no fault, BUT that is what insurance is for.. I think you should at least get their insurance information and document everything as much as possible.. It would have been good to have taken pictures as well.. Also find out what the filing deadline is. Explain to them what happened, and that while you don't expect anything to come out of it, you still need to make sure your covered in 3 months if something starts to rot..

If they try to be jerks about it, then I would get law enforcement involved.. Only to have a registered complaint for damages if you ever have to file...

Like I said at the start, this isn't about being mean, rude or anything, just covering your rear end in the event you have damage that your not aware of yet..

*** Hey.. Was it a Jayco?? You can give them this site and they can post their "Bonehead Moment".... Just saying....***
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Not that you asked...

I would be very concerned that the insulation under your trailer has been soaked with water. The belly cloth keeps air from circulating to dry the areas out, so there is a real probability that you can have problems with mold or mildew. Maybe it will just all dry out and be fine?

It certainly would be good to get some sort of documentation of the incident. Without that it would come down to who did and said what.

No good deed goes unpunished does seem to kick in once in a while.

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I had a similar situation, while packing at the end of a trip I was flushing my black water tanks and over flowed as you did. We cleaned up everything and dried it out. About a month later we went out for a last trip before winterizing it and from across the trailer I could see the floor was buckled. So I investigated it and found the plywood delaminated and was soft like a loaf of bread around the toilet.

Well I sold the trailer very cheap to a contractor who was going to repair it and ended up buying a newer unit a few years old.

To answer you - I would get a police report(since you see they're true colors shining through) and insurance info, stating just in case. Because time will only tell you if any damage is there (flooring & mold). Good luck, my misfortune turn out better since I was forced to upgrade to a new unit.
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Will police write a report on this? Seems like a civil, not a criminal matter. I'd ask her to exchange insurance info.
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First of all, it was nice meeting you up at NHL. Personally, I would get their insurance info. Maybe you won't need it but maybe you will. It may have just been a simple mistake but it could cost you a lot of money. Water repairs are pricey. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

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That stinks! I would definitely get their insurance info.

I guess you've already learned the lesson the hard way, but I would have been right with them while they were getting their water. No way I'm letting someone I don't know fiddle with my connections. Of course, I would have done it under the guise that I was trying to be helpful, but my real motivation would be my complete distrust in their knowledge, abilities or propensity to follow detailed instructions. Honest mistakes happen, it's understandable, but if you had been involved in the process, the likelihood of that particular mistake happening would have been diminished if not eliminated. Talk about lucky having just cleaned the tank! WHEW! That could've been A LOT worse!

I've learned that lesson the hard way a time or two as well. Even if you ask them "do you know what you're doing?" you should still observe until they've demonstrated their proficiency. Even then, I would be hesitant to turn my back; I've just been bitten a few too many times by stuff like that.

As for them not approaching you with their apology, I would guess they're absolutely mortified; I would be. I would have helped you clean up the mess, and I would be out finding a REALLY nice gift for you as an apology, and I would gladly hand over my insurance information to you along with my contact information so I could help any way I could down the road. But then I guess I'm a bit of a rare bird these days.

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I'm an agent, and I'm not sure this is an insurance issue other than claiming against their homeowners personal liability. It wouldn't be a covered loss under trailer insurance unless they have a TRUE RV policy that has personal liability like a homeowners policy vs. just adding a trailer to an existing auto policy. Those (auto policy) just give liability while its being towed and physical damage for a collision or a comp claim (fire, theft, vandelism, etc). They weren't driving, they were on the ground. I always advise my clients to get a specialized policy vs just adding to existing auto as the coverage provided are usually not sufficient. I'd for sure get their name and address from their drivers license and get tag numbers so you can find them later. Good luck.

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