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It is my understanding that light bulbs, if produced and sold only within the same state are exempt from the federal rules. Take a look at this....http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011...descent-bulbs/
This is one of many aspects that I enjoy about South Carolina. We attempt to fight back when we believe the federal government is wrong.

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Originally Posted by mcfarmall View Post
The problem for me is the fact that the government is telling the sheeple that they can't have a certain type of light bulb because the government thinks they are bad. Really?? The components in an incandescent lamp are not harmful. CFL's = mercury going into the landfills. Let's save the environment by closing all the coal fired plants and then we can flood the environment with mercury from our government mandated CFL's.

If they are so wonderful then why do you have to ban the competition in order to sell them? Let the market decide which which bulb is king.

Just wait until the government decides for you what type of vehicle (if any) they'll let you have. Let's say the government thinks that big trucks and motorhomes are bad for the nation because they gobbble up society's fuel. It's all fine and dandy until it hits close to home.
This is the most sensible post in this thread. Yes, I will stockpile and yes, I will use them as long as I can find one simply because I don't want some government stooge with a bad combover telling me what I can have and use in my own home. Hazmat disposal? Are you kidding me? If I do break one, it's going in the trash, just like any other florescent bulb containing mercury. Sorry if the tree huggers and the environmental whacks don't like that, but they don't pay my bills and they don't buy the products and materials I use. This whole thing along with the EPA idiots is just simply over the top. <rant off>

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I find it funny that people are freaking out over the mercury content in CFLs not realizing that those 4' tube and U shaped florescent bulbs in millions of kitchens, shops, garages, retail locations and office areas also contain mercury. The bulbs have been around for decades and suddenly people panic over mercury? I'm with you Bob, Id just throw a broken bulb away but I know most Home Depots collect bad bulbs. I'd also guess that people are more likely to get mercury poisoning from the fish and shrimp you eat that your local grocer imports from Vietnam or China than from a broken CFL.
From a TT owner's perspective, most of us know there are more efficient bulbs than an incandescent and some have replaced those with LEDs and we didnt need the government to tell us that.
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I guess it's a bit of a tradeoff for me. I HATE it when the slovernment tells me what I can't do. At the same time, I don't want to give my money to the utility company. I made the switch to CFL years ago for 2 reasons: 1) lower energy bills 2) I live in S. Texas, so anything that produces heat in the summer has got to go.

I really don't like that the CFLs contain mercury, and so I'm very much looking forward to LEDs coming down in price somewhat so I can convince DW that they're better. But I've never had a CFL fail unless it was physically broken, and I hate to throw something out that is working just fine. So I guess I'll just have to replace them over time. I've already begun the process of trading them out in my trailer, so I know a lot about what to look for in an LED that I'll be happy with as far as color and brightness.

As for stockpiling incandescent, well that's just silly. But if it makes ya happy, go for it!

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Be careful - people are listening to your calls, hacking your iPhone and reading your e-mails....dissent will be crushed

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I'm not sure if I have even one incandescent bulb left in my house. CFL's last so much longer and use so much less electricity it's make no sense to use incandescent bulbs anymore.

Stockpiling them would be like like stockpiling CRT TVs' and monitors. You can if you want but why?
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What I like best about this thread is the word "sheeple". Even though they borrowed the concept, Pink Floyd was on to something.

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