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Story of how you came about becoming a Jayco owner

just something to chat about.

It's a never ending cycle for us. I started out as a minimalist backpacker. Back-country camping for a week or a week and a half-- BY MY SELF!
good times-- lots of thinking.

Then I met my wife and she "civilized" me-- we bought our first Jayco pop-up. It was a good unit and I could tow it easily with my CJ. We camp in Kings Canyon and along the Kern River in the national forest. One day a park ranger came up to us and showed us some pictures of bears breaking in a pop-up followed by some stories about missing dogs after the bear brake-ins. The final straw for us was when our pop up was denied entry due to bears.
(Coupled with the fact that my wife wanted a bathroom.)

We bought a 25 Fleetwood Ultra Lite Terry (brand new piece of junk). After the freshwater tank broke the tac-wielded bracket (you wonder why they went out of business?), and dealing with the mushy floor in one spot, we went back to Jayco and bought the 20BH.

We were going to buy the 19JTX (which is the 20BH without the front cabinet and window) but when the unit arrived it was the 20BH-- so the dealer and I split the difference and we bought the 20BH.

I love our current trailer-- I have no issues with it, I've tweaked it to my specs and I'm thinking we could own this thing till the wheels fall off.
BUT... I went to the dealer yesterday out of boredom and saw the 2011 X213-- I'm thinking that would be great for us now. I like the hard sided pop out bed and the bunk beds/ bike door in the front. It's a very cool feature-- but an answer to a problem that doesn't exist as I've already welded a hitch on the back that carries our bike and generator.

My only problem is that we maybe out growing this unit. We have two 70lbs boxers that we've been taking camping with us for 11 years now, and a 4 year old boy. We might be having another child soon too. If that goes through I think we'll have to move up to a larger trailer. I know what your thinking don't take the dogs-- you ever try to ask a friend if they'd to take in two 70lbs dogs and treat them like their own for 2 or 3 weeks? doesn't go over well.

So that's where we're at now--

Anyways I'm interested in your stories about how you came to be a Jayco owner.


2007 20BH Jayco JayFlight
2009 F150 5.4L SCrew Cab XLT
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Research! Rv show! More research! Ask questions of other rv'ers at campsites... more research. Become a member of whatever rv forum possible to challenge all that research/opinions! LOL! Gawd the info that is out there THEN more research to find the least expensive means to purchase the new tt and tv!!! (I had a lot of time last summer!)

But, initially it came down to three companies: one went out of business while we were looking; one had reallllly bad reviews online; and Jayco!

We started in 80/90's w/tent. Early 90's we were in seventh heaven with a tent trailer (Rockwood). Loved it to death and toured 2/3 of the lower 48 w/it (the other 1/3 with the tent!) over three summers with our middle school kids. Daddy Don and I graduated to Aljo 5th wheel when kids were in high school, but soon downsized for ease to a camper on the truck. Kids graduated, work schedules, new grandkids and we sold the camper/truck.... no campin' for several years.

Then Papa Don retired! (I still worked but had summers off). We knew we weren't any longer up to pulling out the side beds of a tent trailer... and we only had a mini-van. So we bought a fiberglass 17' Casita and traveled about 8k miles with that whle occasionally camping with our older granddaughters.

But when our daughter/son-in-law become pregnant w/baby 4 last spring, we realized that we needed a bigger hard side trailer (my grandson was two and would definitely want to camp with us soon). We knew we had to plan ahead. We would continue to travel the US *and* we would have three kids camping during summers/holidays with us in the near future. In a couple of years that would wind up being 4 grandkids! So we decided to do the tt we chose as we also liked the bigger kitchen counter space. Of course, that meant we had to buy a new tv. We opted to go with 1/2 ton thus the decision to buy the Jay Flight 29bhs.

Denise, DH, grandkids, and two rescue pups
-2016 Jay Flight 29QBS Elite
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How We Became Jayco Owners. By Hammer's Wife.

Well, it all started on one glorious camping trip with friends with our old fifth wheel. A 1995 Rustler Travelaire. Nice trailer, clean and well kept served it's purpose well. I have to add that at the time our son was and actually still is in motocross. We used that trailer to go from track to track almost every week-end with the occcasional family camping trip in between. Anyways back to my story, we were this particular camping trip at a park close by home called " lakeside" in ontario Canada. My husband ( Hammer) as everyone knows him here decided to go get a couple of lightbulbs for the old girl with a couple of friends. To a dealer in London Ontario they go. A couple of hours later he returns with a brochure and says " hunny this is our new trailer" . I was like " WHAT YOU DIDN'T" . I looked through the brochure quite intrigued with this trailer. After the camping trip was through and we went home it wasn't shortly after that we went to the dealer so Hammer could show me " OUR TRAILER". We went through the one he thought we would get. Then the second step up was ours " THE ONE WITH THE FIREPLACE" ( for like 1000.00 more added as an option.) The third one was the elite ( which was lovely to but I liked the lighter oak and this one did not seem to have as much cupboard space as the superlite. The superlite sold me. Tons of space, a fireplace it had us written all over it. Sure we have had the comments about the fireplace but we went to Florida over the Christmas Holidays last year and I will tell you it was down right chilly most nights and the days did not get that hot. ( In pants almost the whole trip). I think we will find use for that cozy fireplace one way or another and for a 40000 dollar trailer a 1000.00 more did not matter to me.. You only live once might as well be warm and cozy!!!!!!!! That is my story hope u enjoyed. So ladies if your husband says they are going to buy a couple of light bulbs for your trailer it might turn into a few lightbulbs . HAAAAA
Dave & Shelley GMC Ext cab Dually 4x4. Duramax Deisel.Allison trans.2010 Jayco Eagle superlite 31.5 RLDS 5er.
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That is an old man trick. My dad did that with my mom. He went out to a motorcycle shop get a air filter for their generator during a camping trip near Palm Springs. He came home with 2 ATC's-- my mom was...a little irate.

Thanks for your stories I enjoyed them.

2007 20BH Jayco JayFlight
2009 F150 5.4L SCrew Cab XLT
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The wife got a hankerin'.... Nuff said!

We began cruising around Ebay and Craigslist; had no clue what to look for. We went to a dealer to look at Springfield. It had water damage.... The Jayco was sitting beside it!

Sure glad God looks after fools and little children!
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When we retired we wanted to travel the country. We had enjoyed a Prowler tt that we pulled with an Oldsmobile V8 in the 1980s, but I thought I preferred a tent camping experience (I camped with the Boy Scouts when I was a kid). So we bought a fancy pop-up from a nearby Jayco dealer in 2006. Used it on the Texas coast for a couple of weeks in the summer of '06 and decided it was not the experience I was hoping for--A/C couldn't keep it cool in the heat of the Texas summer and our next door neighbors at the state parks were too loud and rowdy. Traded in the pop-up for a Jayflight 27RLS and loved it--spent a month in the national forests of Colorado during the summer of '07 and camped in lots of Texas state parks. Only problem with the '07 was that the kitchen floor had a couple of places that squeeked when we walked. Jayco agreed to pay our dealership to repair the floor but during the repair visit the dealership damaged the trailer. We negotiatied for an '09 G2 29RLS rather than keep a repaired trailer--liked the stand-alone shower better than the tub/shower in the '07. Towed the '09 to the Grand Canyon (both south and north rims), Hoover Dam/Lake Mead, Zion NP, Bryce NP, Petrified Forest and Painted Desert. Kissed a service station safety pole during the trip and also determined that the 13,500 BTU A/C was inadequate to the Arizona and Utah heat so we traded the '09 in on a 2010 G2 29 RLS. Have only used the 2010 a couple of times but really like it. The 15,000 BTU A/C is just what the doctor ordered for the summer heat in the southern and southwestern states. Only regret we have is that we bought a 6.0 liter gasoline tow vehicle rather than a deisel--we get only about 6-7 mpg when towing. Won't make that mistake again.
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Well here goes,
We started out with a couple pop ups wore them out too. Kids got old and didn't want to go.(camper less) Around the 2001 we (I) got the itch again. Well I don't do things fast so (after a heart attack) 2006 I bought a Cardinal. While the search process we looked at a used 2004 Designer WOW I loved that trailer too.The Jayco was TOO Heavy for my 3/4 ton truck. Well after we retired the Designer was stuck in my head so. We started looking on the net took 4 months to do the deal. I drove a local dealer NUTS. Well we looked all over nobody had Designers. We drove all over looking looked in 4 states. Why do the sales people want to sell you whats on the lot.(Iknow why) I thought I knew what we wanted but wanted to see the models.
Well we toured the Factory 3 times John McDonald the tour guide was great, on our third trip they pulled out the 37 ft model we wanted up to the visitors center. We were allowed to spend as much time as needed inside the unit. We stopped on the trip home to Buy (ordered our way). Campland RV matched my internet deal. We are so happy with the Jayco. We will stop at the visitor center next week to thank John. Sorry about being so long winded !!!
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Talking how we became jayco owner

here goes,wife likes camping im soso,bought 25yr old golden falcon for a song just to get the seasonal lot (keep wife happy)that was 2yrs ago,now this year went out shopping for tt couch,many dollars latter we owned a 2010 heartland northcountry 32bhds nice trailer and a big upgrade,well 4mnths into camping season many problems(ac,inverter,leaky windows)but the last straw was during heavy rain storm we collecter 3gallons of water in 4hrs from above the bed.and 2gallons in the belly pan really impressed so to the dealer we go,they felt real bad(LOL) oh ya we can fix but camping season is going to be over this year(wife was real impresed)so after 3hrs of haggeling and a fair loss on the heartland we now have a 2011 jayflight 32rls.now thats been 2 mnths now and no problems or water leaks(wife is happy again) morel of the story is dont bring wife when couch shopping(happy wife makes happy husband so thats how we became jayco owners now wife cant wait till spring so she can move into second home for another 6mnths
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Well I started out with a 1985 Plymouth Voyager with an air mattress in the back. Progressed up with tents then pop ups before making the jump to travel trailers. The first true trailer was an Innsbruck by Gulf Stream (junk). The next was a 1996 Prowler that was a solid unit but the wifey at the time wanted a slide out so we bought a 2001 Prowler that was a piece of junk. I wished many times that I had kept the 1996 but life goes on...lol. When the divorce lawyers decided to attack the assets, they needed a lesson in reality so I traded the 2001 Prowler for a Cougar by Keystone. The lawyers quickly learned that the soon to be ex wifey's share of the equity was -$1,800+. Grossly upside down on the trailer...lol Never heard anymore about she getting her share of the equity out of the trailer...lol The 2004 Cougar was a soso unit but I wanted to try a fifth wheel so traded it for a 2008 Cooper Canyon by Keystone. My 82 year old mother decided that she would start traveling with me and she could not manage the step up to the bedroom without assistance and I was afraid that she was going to fall down the step since the bathroom door was close to the step. So I started the search for a different travel trailer and found the 318RLS and she loved the floor plan. Jayco had a great reputation and so far so good. And that is my story and I am sticking to it...LOL
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I was introduced to camping over 40 years ago when I joined the Boy Scouts. I never made Eagle but I left the troop as the Scoutmaster! Today I help with another troop and still tent camp and backpack with them.

We started family camping when I bought a 1975 Winnebago Brave D-21 in 1998. It had obiviously been well used by that time, but it ran great thanks to the legendary Dodge M-300 chassis and 440 power! (Anything runs good with a 440).

In 2000 we moved up to 1991 Fleetwood Flair 26R on a Ford E-33 (yes, that is not a typo) chassis powered by a 460. We really enjoyed the Flair and pulled a little Geo Tracker with us.

We sold the Flair in 2010 and made the decision to go as small and as light as possible. That is how we came to settle on the Jayco 17Z. I had always liked the Jayco line and a reasonably local Jayco Dealer had the unit at a decent price. That is how we became Jayco owners.

We really love the our Jayco 17Z. Our first trip was 7 nights and our second trip was almost a week long. After owning two Class A motorhomes, this little Jayco is the bomb!

As for maintenance, let's just say my camper to-do list is not only alot shorter but it doesn't take near the time it used to take!


2010 Jayco 17Z
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