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Well, I can contribute something to this site. First time out a few years back, put the awning out and went to bed. Forgot to put slope in awning. Naturally it stormed that night. Went to open door and go outside next morning and could not open door. Awning had stretched so full of water that it had sagged down far enough that could not just open the door. Finally managed to wiggle out door. I was a lot thinner then! Dumped water out and bar had really gotten bent. Finally put the bend side up and then hung from the bar and bounced around enough on it to get it to finally come close to level. It worked for many more years fortunately so I avoided a costly mistake.
I will admit to only one other! Hooked up water line at home testing out water system. This was hooked to an outside stand alone PVC faucet. Got through buttoning everything up and drove trailer to its parking spot, with water hose still attached. Fortunately PVC pipe gave away and not water connection on trailer. Yanked pipe right out of ground with water going everywhere. Live and learn!


Joe Hinson
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we once had our trailer all packed up, the two year old twins in the truck and all their paraphernalia packed away and started driving away from the campsite when I noticed something bouncing up and down by the passenger window. We had forgotten the dog behind. He was not impressed

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first day with the new fw i unhooked everything was good started pulling away and all of a sudden came to a stop, forgot to put the tailgate down, luckily didnt really do any damage
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Think about a catalictic heater no electric usage and lots of heat
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We went to a full hookup site. Everything was connected and we were fine. The second day my wife wanted to take a shower. I opened (or thought I opened) the gray tank drain, and she took her shower. We had taken showers the day before, and the tank level was 3/4 full. Well she took her shower but the tub started filling up with water. Tank level was full now. All I could think was there was a problem with the drain valve or connecting rod. We went home and I start looking for the problem. My Jayco has an enclosed bottom, so I have to remove a plastic cover then cut into the panel to get access to the drain valve. So here I am, lying under the trailer with a flashlight, looking through this hole and I find nothing wrong. I ask my wife to pull the gray valve, and she does. I see nothing move. All this time I was looking at the black tank drain, and there was nothing wrong with the gray drain valve. Even though they are plainly labeled, I operated the wrong valve. Of course as part of our departure routine I drained the black (gray) tank so it wasn't full when I got home.

Lesson learned, read the labels!

BTW, I just spent a very enjoyable hour reading all these posts from the beginning. Some items I caught myself almost doing but luckily caught them in time. Many are very valuable lessons that anyone can learn.

Some I learned:
Inspect sewer hoses. It didn't occur to me that they would "rot", so they will get regular inspections.
I have added a few things to my checklist.
I would chock wheels before I disconnect the TV, but am considering chocking both sides after some of the incidents listed.
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My turn: Day 1 out on our first TT (Outback 30') and needed gas so I pull into a small'ish gas station. I start pulling out making sure I swing wide to avoid clipping the driver side and as I start the turn I feel a hard bounce (I thought it was the curb) and then I see arms waving and a bunch of yelling. Turns out that I hit that concrete pole that protects the gas pumps and tore a the rear wall off the back of the trailer. Hit it hard enough that there was a 3" gap of daylight between the back and side walls. TT was less than 24hrs off the lot.
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Un hitching the TT without blocking the tires.......on a hill no less.... Whoooaaaa.
Jim & Kim from Colorado

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I had a similar experience to that of FiverForUs. I pulled through a gas station and had to make a hard right turn to miss a dumpster. The back of the 5er swung around and took out the right front fender of a small pickup truck that was sitting at one of the pumps. Even since that little disaster, I have my wife get out and check clearances for me when I get into areas that are even slightly tight.
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Pulled through an empty parking lot on my first trip on Sunday morning where you could see through the next two businesses Oops, that parking lot had a curb at the end and a one foot drop down to the next door lot below... Hundred feet in... got lucky, was driving the 8 box (14 ft. total length) pop up and simply unhooked pushed it out of way turned it around and re-hooked. NEVER have made that mistake again...
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First BHM with the new Eagle

First time out in my new Eagle TT. Had a very enjoyable week in which everything went so smoothly, I should have known I was in for a whopper. Got home Sunday afternoon and was backing into the driveway to unload. Mind you, the drive is only 30' long and so is the trailer. I've only done it twice before, but thought I had a pretty good feel for how much truck should be sticking out into the road when the trailer was a foot or so from the garage. Not so much! You know that feeling you get when the trailer won't back up any more, and you don't think you'd better give it "just a little more gas"? That's the feeling I had! So I pulled forward, looked in the side-view mirror and saw the gutter on the front of my garage kinda' smashed. Got out to asses the damage and discovered I'd backed into the gutter right where one of the mounting nails was. You guessed it! The nail head put about a quarter-sized hole in the fiberglass on the back wall of the trailer. Fortunately, it didn't penetrate the inside wall. Did a quick "Red Green" duct tape repair to the hole, until I get a chance to do a fiberglass patch. And since the gutter on my garage is a continuous 1-piece unit, I'll have to replace the entire 25' section. Oh well, I'd rather stay home to do repairs next week end than go camping again. NOT!

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