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Having worked in campgrounds for a number of years, I've seen a lot of stupid acts. One of the worse happened in Northern California at a very heavily wooded campground. We always escorted guests due to the trees etc and one way roads. A guest checking in knew everything. He knew where his site was and didn't need an escort. I said we really prefer to escort everyone and pulled my cart in front of his 5w. As I took off straight ahead he followed for short while then quickly turned down the wrong way on a one way road, cutting short. The reason it was an out only was due to trees...sadly he took off about 6' of his unite before stopping. Then he got mad at us for the tree. I explained that's why the road was one way , and why we always escort, so that can't happen. I've found most that say they know it all, rarely do. One of the worse cases of black tank blockaged happened at the same campground. This was very large 5w which housed a family composed of 5 kids and 2 adults. They came on the weekends but kept the unit in their site all summer. About half way through the summer they stopped me and said that their black tank would not drain. After checking the situation out and talking with them, they were using regular toilet paper and those wipes. Since they used it on the weekends only, the tank sat and the combination of paper that didn't dissolve and wipes that never dissolve totally blocked the discharge pipe on their tank. Finally had to have them pull to the dump station, and had to actually rod out the tank through the drain pipe. Obviously once the blockage was penetrated all the **** came flying out. One huge mess to take care of, but a lesson learned for them. They said no one ever told them they needed to use RV paper, especially when stationary. Those wipes caused major problems with more than one unit. Perhaps a class should be mandatory for all new RV owners...how to drive, back up, set up and take down your unit etc....hard to fix ignorance...

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I just got my 27BH a few months ago. I had used hauling type trailers of other types occasionally in the past never owned one. I bought it w/o a battery. I got a battery and went to hook it up, and thought the grounded white was - and the other separate white wire was just unmarked + and the black was negative as that is automotive, this caused me to not having anything work right for a few hours and I tore into the electrical system disconnecting everything from the converter finally dawned on me after tracing the circuits what the mistake was.

Or the time after this towing out of my gated neighborhood to the storage, and I had forgotten to latch the hitch (its different than others I've used is my excuse) and hitting the gate track it came off the ball and due to the jack having an issue just at the same time I couldn't get on the truck again for an hour during period when everyone going to work and me having to direct traffic around the trailer while all the neighbors shook their heads at how dumb I was!

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This was fellow camper's uh oh. It's 10 pm pitch dark and he is setting up his pop up. A lot of cursing going on so asked if he needed help. No! Is the answer. Half an hour later, big crash. They forgot to put the supports under the bed ends. Ripped the canvas right off his brand new pop up. Worst part is, they had borrowed it from a friend
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We were driving in northern Calif. and we pulled into rest stop to relax in the shade for a while. I quickly dozed off but was woken by a loud crashing noise next to us. I saw a huge motorhome had pulled in next to us and skewered the front right corner of the roof on a thick and large tree limb. I watched the elder gentleman get out of the driver's seat and walk to the bedroom on the coach, never going outside to see the major damage. Guess he need a nap too! We left about 20 minutes later and no one had ever come out of that coach.
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No damage done on my mistake, but it was embarrassing. Camping in October around here is a roll of the dice -- it could be nice, or it could be downright cold. This one particular year, it was the latter. We had a pop-up at the time, and very poorly planned for the weather. The serviced sites at the campground were all full, so we had to take one without services. We only had one battery, too, and two half-filled propane tanks. Well, the weather went to below freezing overnight, so the furnace came on, and ran trying to keep the interior of the trailer warm. Then the propane ran out, and the furnace blower kept running, killing the battery. I woke up at 4 a.m. wondering why it was so cold. I shivered for a few hours and at 8 a.m. I finally got up to find an empty propane tank and a dead battery. I changed out the propane tank and hooked up the jumper cables to the battery to get some life back into it. It was so cold the dog's water dish was frozen solid.

We had paid for three nights but decided that one miserable night was more than enough. We called it quits and went home.
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Stabilizer jacks and lift kit

I guess this can be counted as a pretty bonehead moment. In 2001 while preparing for a Bighorn Sheep hunt in northern Nevada, we spent weeks studying maps and a few weekends going on scouting trips. Figuring we had planned the best route to the hunting area we set out. Back then I was using a 1986 Komfort Lite 23 fifth wheel, towed by a 1981 Ford F-250 with the 300 straight 6 and borg warner 4 speed.
We had left the paved road miles ago and were traversing across open sagebrush covered desert, going through a few washes and gully's from time to the time. Until we were at a point about 2 miles shy of the area we had planned to camp and scout from. Down one side of a large gully and started up the other side. The nose of the truck was just topping out and the rear of the trailer was just clear of the bottom of the wash, when traction was lost. We came to a stop. Four wheel drive, granny low gear, that truck and trailer were not moving. We are perhaps 30 plus miles from the nearest town. Luckily, we like to be prepared for anything. Five and a half hours of using a bottle jack under the trailer and a high lift jack on the truck and lifting and building a rock platform and then lowering to reset jacks and lift again to lift the truck and trailer higher, we built both units up high enough to be able to continue our drive to the camp site. The next few days scouting went just fine. At the end of the 4th day we hooked up and proceeded to head out, back the way we came. Coming to that same gully, I decided, I was not going to get stuck again, so I headed in to the gully with some speed. Not thinking about all the work we had done to build up platforms in the gully for the truck and trailer we hit these with our head of speed and the back of the trailer ground out on built up rock platforms. We had enough speed, we were not stopped and made it through the gully just fine. upon stopping on the other side, and inspecting the rear underneath of the trailer, we had torn the holding tank drain off, punched a giant hole in the black water tank and tore both rear stabilizer jacks clean off.

Once back home, I went to an off road shop and got myself two standard large truck scissor jacks, had them welded back on (figuring between them and the front trailer jacks I could now completely lift the wheels off the ground), repaired the tank, replaced the drains, and then put a lift kit on the twin axles, new rims and now I had some serious ground clearance. Two weeks later we headed back to the hunting area but at the last minute, my father in his truck and trailer decided on taking the main road in much farther up the canyon to another road we had seen on the map. We drove to the campsite without ever going though anything harder than what you encounter pulling into a parking lot. Loaded with extra water and gas and supplies for a 30 day hunting trip, two trailers, two generators; and the next morning on opening day of the hunt, we had the sheep down and the hunt was over by 9:30 AM.
We are just a humble drinking couple with a hunting and camping problem.
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Tried to pull out of the driveway with the jack still down- bent the jack - had to stop at the dealer for repair before heading out.
Left a bottle of wine in the camper over the winter. The bottle exploded and it looked like someone had been killed in the trailer (red wine)
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The BONEHEAD THREAD is alive and well! Keep em coming....
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So, it was a very nice November weekend, one of those that proceeds a sharp drop in a temps and first snow of the horrible season The fiver is on the driveway enjoying a deep cleaning, wax and injection of pink winter fluid. The game is on the TV and being broadcast thru all speakers. It was a good game which resulted in several pauses to appreciate the visual elect of having a TV so the fall ritual took a while. At some point it became a race against the setting sun - had to get this thing to the storage facility.

Closed up, hooked up and making my way to the storage facility. Open the gate and within 5 feet of pulling in I hear a very strange sound followed by a glimpse of cables falling from above. Yep, the antenna was up and the phone & cable lines were now on the ground. I did learn that the elderly lady who owns the facility is a 49ers fan. Any guess who was playing the late game?
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Way back in the late 1980s, the wife, kids & I and another couple and their kids headed out for a midweek camping trip. We headed up to the Cascade Mtns, figuring it would be pretty easy to find two campsites. Could not have been more wrong.

After going through a couple of state parks and national parks, I noticed a lot of folks were just camping off this logging(?) road in tents and some RVs. As I started down the road with our nearly new Terry Taurus, the wife asked if maybe we should get out and walk the road to make sure the trailer would be okay with no obstructions. Of course, being the man, I said we would be fine. Don't think it was a minute later it became apparent that I was wrong.

The left tires of the TV went over a good sized bump and as I attempted to slow down, the trailer front frame went over the rock and I bent the bejeezus out of the left front crank down jack. Got out to survey the damage and the wife suggested on what to do to keep from further making the situation worse. Going forward was not an option as this submerged boulder would likely tear off the sewer connection and probably the rear jack. The rock was right between the frame and the jack.

Now so you know, the wife & I have made a pretty good team of getting our trailer where we want it, that is, she directs and I listen and drive or back it up.

This would be near impossible this day. Ya see, there were a ton of people camping in these woods. And, to make it worse, they have little to do while camping in the woods. In a matter of a few minutes, we must have had 20 people telling us the best way to get out of our predicament. This must have been the high point of their camping trips! To male matters worse, all of these well intended folks were all yelling over the top of one another so it what they were saying was useless. The wife finally gave up and walked about 10 yards away and sat on a stump.

Finally got the trailer out and we did find a quiet campground up the highway.

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