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Did drive to a local campground once and forgot to plug in the trailer. Then there was the time I was back flushing the black tank with the valve closed and got distracted and well that's enough about that (don't tell my wife).

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Went to open the swintech bedroom slide and it opened half way and crooked. Closed it and re-opened it again with the same outcome. Tried this one more time and the same thing happened again. "Dang Swintech!" Then I went inside the bedroom to find it hanging up on the closet door that I didn't close all the way.


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Gotta add a fresh one. Extended weekend Sept 24-28, 2015. Stopped for fuel after about 170 miles. One of the WDH torsion bars popped free during tight maneuvers.

I forgot to put the little clips into the clamps!

Reset the bar. No issues until maneuvering into the campsite.

While camped, I got t Wally*World and bought some pieces that had to be reshaped (broke a hammer).

Drove home without any problems on the improvised clips.

Once home. Decided to refine my improvised parts. They now work quite well along with the one factory clip that got caught on the battery support. It had stayed there for the full 450+ mile round trip.

So, now I have 3 clips!
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We took a trip from Kelowna to Maple Ridge with our Northern Lite Camper. I had been loading things into the basement and had removed the step to gain access. I placed the step on the rear bumper of the camper to the right of the access door. Finished loading basement and got distracted. Forgot to put the step back in place and hit the road. We always stop in Merritt on the way as a potty stop and use the restrooms there. The lineup for the ladies room was long, so DW used camper. When she hopped back into truck she asked me where the step was. I told her I must have left it in the driveway at home. No big deal, just a big first step out of camper. We continued with trip and arrived near Maple Ridge and stopped for fuel but station was busy so we continued on (fuel was nor critical). Ask I pulled out into traffic I punched it hard to merge without slowing traffic and heard a piece of metal bounce off the road. I pulled over immediately and jumped out to see the step from the camper laying on the side of the road. It had stayed on the bumper for 370 km. I guess the Silverado rides quite smoothly at 120kph.
I guess the moral of this story is be sure to perform a final walk around inspection before departure.
Happy Camping
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After a long day of driving and finally getting to CG, I wondered (briefly) why the tongue would not raise off the ball, then noticed the sway bars still in place...
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me likes da Bonehead thread, makes me feel smart
My mission and aspiration is to irritate JOF SITE TEAM MEMBERS
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Started using my trailer to store stuff that I was to lazy to put up.I got up this morning a cleared it out.Its easy to throw things in it vs putting them away.
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Alright, I guess now that I've read all 34 pages of other peoples foibles, it's time to share some of my own.

Most recent one was while winterizing this year. Now I have done this for several years without incident. Perhaps it's because we were pretty sure we were trading up this year, and rather than stowing away, I was pulling all the gear out, and cleaning top to bottom. By the time I started on the plumbing, it was getting a bit late, and the light was getting low.

Popped the low point drains, ran all the water from the lines, (no HWT bypass - we have one but leave it bypassed because we never use it), ran the outdoor shower dry, cut the fresh tank cutoff, and opened the antifreeze siphon. Switch the pump on and start sucking up the antifreeze. The sink taps are nearby and easy to run through, but with them off, the pump keeps running. Hmmm, must have left the shower open. Pump off, run outside, righty tighty, lefty loosey, nope they're fine. Try again. Pump keeps running. Hmm, check shower again. Try different combos of "off" for the taps (we don't really use it, maybe I've forgotten?) , running in and out each time. Getting very low on AF. Call DW outside to spot. Pump on. "Shower's fine, but it's pissing out from underneath". Close low point drains, 6 inches away from AF bottle. Pump stops running with about a half inch of AF left in jug. Slaps forehead and awards self with a stupidity beer. Should probably have started drinking earlier...

5 minutes later. Flip the sink over to travel position. Oh, fuuuhhhhddggee! Forgot to bypass the water filter before running AF. Unhook it making a holy mess as it is full of AF and put in the bypass hose. Oh well, the filter was a couple of seasons old and really needs replacing anyway.

Now for the most embarrassing bonehead. And I can only admit to this because there are a few here that are IMO a couple of points higher on the Richter scale of boneheadedness (thanks to all of you who make me feel better!)

We often tow(ed) our pup to MIL's waterfront place when the whole family gets together to provide for extra sleeping space. We'd pop it up in the driveway and camp out. The space is a bit tight, and (un)hitching needs to be quick, because I have to partially block the road to the rest of the cottages on the point.

Last year on an August visit, we had a very restless night as it was a long weekend and there was a LOT of partying going on along the point, including a live band a few doors down playing outdoors until 2 or 3 am. Sleep was sparing. I am guessing it was tiredness that led to a tough time "breaking camp", we're usually a well practiced machine packing up, but this time it was one little issue after another. Finally, everything is packed, the lid is latched and we are ready to hitch.

I back the truck up and drop the tongue onto the ball. Chains on, power on, emergency brake cable on. All looks good, and no one waiting. Hop in the drivers seat to get things moving. Trailer feels like it weighs about 10,000 lbs. Front wheels spinning in the gravel. Huh, must have left a chock in. Nope. Try again. No movement. Pull the e-brake cable, can hear the brakes set, and release when I put the pin back in. Try again. Stuck. What the heck? Seized bearing? What the he** is wrong??? And by now, 3 cars waiting to pass.

Okay, I'll unhitch quick and let them through while I figure it out. Jack the tongue back up, disco the chains and power. Hop in the truck to pull away. Truck just squats down and won't move, front wheels spinning. Nickle finally drops. Kick off the parking brake and pull away.

Hitch back up in a couple of minutes and we're moving. DW asks me what was wrong. Had to tell her, with a very red face. As a matter of fact, my face is turning red again as I write this. Oh the shame! Unlike others here, it was NOT a quiet drive. The laughter of my full cast of characters haunts me to this day...
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I drove 10 miles with the antenna up Friday night. Felt really stupid when a guy pulled up beside me honking his horn and making a circular upward motion with his hand. I immediately knew what he meant and pulled over and lowered it. It's a wonder I didn't rip it off.
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Originally Posted by FishAr View Post
I drove 10 miles with the antenna up Friday night. Felt really stupid when a guy pulled up beside me honking his horn and making a circular upward motion with his hand. I immediately knew what he meant and pulled over and lowered it. It's a wonder I didn't rip it off.
I did that the day after I installed my new King antenna. I was on the Interstate for about 20 minutes until we got to one of our favorite fuel/food stops. I always do a walk around every time we stop, no matter how long we've been going. I saw the antenna up and facepalmed right there in the lot. Luckily it was fine, just opened up the rig and cranked it down. I had put it up the night before to catch a football game while I was working on the trailer, and completely forgot about it before we got on the road. I'm just glad the King antenna is so small and aerodynamic, otherwise it might have been a different ending!


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