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Originally Posted by Topflight View Post
Okay, I confess. I drained my tanks, and then put the cap back on.
Put about 4 gallons of water and treatment in the black tank.

Then realized that I hadn't closed the black tank valve. :lightning:

It's closed now, but I still have to remove the cap and try not to have an "RV" moment.

That is what plastic buckets are for.

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I remember my first Blue Boy attempt. I tried to put 30 gal of grey water in a 15 gal Blue Boy. That was when I realized that grey water stinks worse than black water.

2011 Eagle 330RLTS with just about every option.
Dodge SRW 1 ton Cummins powered.

I was born with nothing and I still have most of it left.
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Stopped at store in a park. Dropped right landing leg so we could attach the dog's leash to it. When we left the store, we remembered to get the dog.... but did not remember to raise the landing leg. Fortunately, the parking lot was paved and smooth, and another camper hollered at us so we were able to raise the leg without damage.

The new procedure from that day forward was to take one last look under the trailer to make sure our trailer could roll without destroying anything.
There's lots of advice and information in forums... sometimes it is correct. For example, all of my posts are made by a political appointee who got the job as a reward for contributions to my diesel bill.

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I have only been doing this for a little while, so not many stories...yet. I forgot to remove the Bal-X chocks from one side of the trailer before trying to move it. Couldn't figure out why it didn't budge. Then it just popped free. Fortunately I was just moving it 20 feet farther down the driveway to pack it for a trip. Surprisingly no damage to the chock or tire...
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Got a few to share...

-Took our new unit out for maiden voyage and hooked up campground water in the rain. Kept hearing water running...couldn't figure out from where...after 5 minutes of searching inside and outside (in the pouring rain) I notice water coming from the outside kitchen hatch. Open the hatch to have a wall of water fill my already wet shoes. Seems during the PDI we put the plug in the drain and left the faucet on.

-Left the shore power cord plugged into the house outlet before leaving on a trip once. Heard it pull free...no serious damage but tore the strain relief on cord.

-TV antenna on more than one occasion...'nuff said

-Forgot a 12 pack of soda in a cupboard while winterizing (was behind some stuff)...found it in the spring..."sticky" is the appropriate word I think.

-On our previous hybrid, the bunk latches were the key style...pinched the fabric in the locking mechanism and tore a hole in the vinyl. Couldn't figure out why it was so hard to turn the key...duh!

-Forgot to rotate bypass valves for hot water heater during winterizing...filled the tank with pink stuff. I caught on when it took 2 gallons and shows no signs of slowing...done this now 3 separate times... but never 2 years in a row...I'm genius.

-On hybrid, ran out of propane while camping once and had to put up bunk to get tanks off then put bunk back down...didn't realize I'd need to put the tanks back on once I got them filled at the campground office...that's right...bunk up and down a second time.

Made 6 quarts of homemade ice cream...put in freezer for next day's celebration (4 of July). Had to lay container down to fit in freezer. Went to see fireworks show a couple hours away and power at campground goes out...propane tanks off...not sure how long the freezer tried to stay cold, but it wasn't long enough. A sticky sweet mess in the freezer was waiting for us (took several hours to clean that one up). Good thing the camp store had dixie cups to settle the restless natives who were really looking forward to ice cream.

-steps out on highway - 'nuff said

-came back from camp store one night in the dark. Entered site and wondered who left all the stuff out under the awning and turned the lights off...entered camper and wondered who had remodeled and redecorated while I was gone...took me all of 3 seconds to realize I was in the wrong camper. Sleeping man on couch was a sound sleeper. By the way, I loved all the mods they had done.

That's it for now...but I'm sure there will be more.
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Was pulling my fiver out of our seasonal site and while I was hooking up the wife handed me a sandwich. Not one to turn down any kind of food item, I stopped what I was doing and ate the sandwich. I was in the middle of hooking up, and just had slid the hitch onto the pin. So finished the sandwich and proceeded to head out of the campground. Had to go up a very steep hill which I did no problem, at the top of the hill, where is was flat again a sharp right turn, so halfway into the turn, the trailer comes off the hitch, yup right off slid onto the truck deck and landed there.

Seems I did not put the safety pin in.

Don't know why the trailer did not come off while I was going up hill, that would have made a big mess.

When it came off the wife was in the truck, big thump and she asks what was that, I could see out my mirrors that the trailer came off, oh thats just the trailer falling off the truck. So guys, you know what I hear everytime I pin up and then for the first 100 miles or so into a trip.
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Hooked up the 5/W to go home. Pulled out and turn right and had to go up a slight grade to get to the dump station. When I started off it was slightly down hill and everything was going fine. When I started my turn I heard a diff noise. Well the axles will creak and groan sometimes when you turn so didn't think much of it. Looked in mirrors and nothing looked wrong. as I continued my turn I stayed in the same degree of angle and the noise stopped. When I went to straighten out it made another noise somilar to a groan. I knew that wasn't a normal sound in any way form nor fashion so I stopped and went back to look. I found that I had evidently high hooked the 5/W pin in the hitch and it slid out when I began to straighten out and go up hill. It slid back and bent the tail gate but I was lucky it came out in the CG as it would have been bad if I had of been going down the road.

The last thing I do now before raising the tailgate is check the pin in the hitch. I never replaced the tailgate so when I raise it I am reminded to check it by the bend in it.
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Keep em coming. Misery loves company.
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Okay, newbie mistake, even after reading this post last week! Hook up and pull out, get five miles down the road and SUV pulls up beside us yelling...yep, antennae was still up! Get to CG, pull into site, and go to get levelers out of Suburban...oops, still at home, along with bricks for under stabilizer jacks! DW makes quick run to Lowes, and now we're living the "High Life" and loving every minute of it!!!
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My camping buddy is frugal... he HAD this old tired worn out sewer hose.. attached it in the bay of his motorhome.. pulled the valve and the ears on the hose all broke.... nasty stuff everywhere as 100 gallons of it came rushing out. It took the both of us over 2 hours to clean the dump area and his dump bay .. that is after I hosed him off so he could go inside to shower it off of him as he was right at the end of the hose pulling the valve.....

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