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Young and Dumb took my Fiance camping for her first time.. Picked her up at college and we were off. I had packed a tent and all the gear. Get to the campground and we were told to be careful and stay on the road as the rains have softened the ground. After burying the car in the mud we were pulled out of the mud by the campground tractor we set up our tent. Went to sleep and woke up the next morning with the tent inches from our faces. It had snowed and the tent was about to collapse. Freezing cold could not find dry wood anywhere so we started a fire with wet wood and road flares... we are still camping 23 years later but now in our new 2012 330 rlts.

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35 years ago we had a brand new camper, also first ever RV. Didn't have a lot of room at home to store it so a friend with acreage offered to let me store it at his place. Being that it was only a 1/2 mile away I thought I shouldn't need to chain it down. After going about 50 feet and with it rocking back and forth almost to the point of tipping off the truck, with shaking hands I chained it down. Never tried that again.

More recently, while setting up our 5th wheel at a campsite and finding the power cord didn't reach the plugin, I hooked back up to my truck, backed up, ran over my power cord which in turn ripped off the door to the power cord storage.

And last but not least (and probably not the last), was at a sani dump emptying the black water and the hose came off the fitting connected to the RV. My wife was going to walk away and claim she never new me.

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Well, where to start. We started camping in a tent, then a cargo trailer, then on to our 5ver we just sold.

We've gone tent camping and forgot the tent..
Sleeping in the cargo trailer we used a bungee to hold the door shut when using a heater to allow air in but prevent the door from opening. Went to sleep and about four hours later heard the loud bang of the door slamming open.
Tried to drive off with the BAL chocks still on the 5ver. Didn't move.
Tried to drive off with the front landing gear down, moves slightly but makes a grinding noise on the wood blocks.
The usual tv antenna still up.
In the 5ver we had to pull the TV down before driving and stow it on the bed. Left our camping around and drove about four hours and for some reason, I all of a sudden remembered I never pulled it down. TV hanging from the power cord and coax cable. Luckily it barely reached the bed which was supporting it.
Our 5ver had the EZ winterizer that uses the pump to suck antifreeze up into the lines. You just have to turn a valve so the pump sucks from the antifreeze and not the tank or city water. I have tried to un-winterize the trailer and not been able to get any water to pump at all. Checked everything I could check and was getting worried that some line somewhere had cracked during the winter and was sucking air. Turns out the EZ winterizer valve was still turned allowing the pump to suck air.
In the 5ver, trying to shower and only getting half the usual water pressure. Seems when the wifey switched from tank 1 to tank 2 she only turned the valve half way. Tank 2 was empty.
Too many more to think of.
Va Beach, VA
2009 Jayco Seneca HD 36MS
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WOW! The bonehead thread I started over a year ago is alive and well! Keep em coming, when I read the new posts I know that I`m in good company and not alone!
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I prefer to call it "Gaining experience".
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Lets see where do I start.....

Do I start with the time the pin came out of the end of the awning and I let the awning roller drop and hit my sister in the head (I was probably 17 for this), the time we had too many blocks under the tongue of the trailer and I jacked it up with bottle jacks so I could take some out and the trailer fell with the rest of the family inside(14 for that one), the time that I unhooked the truck and then dad got it in and took off quick and hit a tree stump and bent the tie rod (15), the time I thought I had a 2" ball and in reality it was only 1 7/8" and we were moving out of a campground because of impending flood coming and was in a hurry and didn't hook safety chains up and lost my cousin's camper (18)....

On to some more recent ones. Hooked up to the camper spring of 2010 (we bought it summer of '09) and I start to move. Keep giving the truck the gas and it wouldn't go. Thinking, man, I know the camper was heavy, but not that heavy. It must have sunk. I put the truck in 4wd-low range and gave it the gas. The camper kind of jumped and dropped back down. I was like what was that? I get out of the truck and walk back to see what I ran over. There were my wheel chocks that used to be in front of the tires was now in between the tires and flat. I had forgotten to take the chocks out. Trailer moved pretty easy then. Thought it was pretty good for my "weak" 1/2 ton Chevy pulling that 10k camper up over those chocks.

My most boneheaded move was buying our previous camper. It had been my Aunt and Unkles so I new it from the time it was new and had set it up and even towed it a few times for them. Well when Unkie passed away, my cousins talked my Aunt into selling it and buying a new smaller camper. We looked at it and saw some damage mainly age and a rotted floor around the toilet. We bought the '84 Scotty for $1500. I fixed the floor in the bathroom with new 3/4" plywood new stickly linoleum floor tiles in there, new laminate wood floor throughout the rest of the camper w/ 7/16" OSB sub floor under it, rebuilt the tires, sealed the roof, all new lights inside & out, new vents, all port (electric, water, etc) were replace, all new faucets, new microwave, new stove vent, recovered the couches, and the head cushions above the doors, repainted.....etc.... Used it 1 time. Water heater leaked. Started to go again a few weeks later, our house burnt and we didn't get to go. Fast forward through that disaster, we had another baby and the layout didn't work well. But order a new water heater for it. As I was replacing it, the floor under the bed was completely rotten and so was the wall by the heater. Decided I was done since the layout didn't work for us. Put new OSB subfloor down and finished the water heater. Pulled the trailer to the end of the yard on a Thursday evening. Phone rang Friday morning. Someone wanted, we bought the Jayco Friday afternoon July 3, 2009. Pay $1500 for it, put $2300 in it and who knows how many ours, and sold it for $2700 after using it for a total of 2 nights. Yep that one was pretty boneheaded for not looking over it better.
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My first camping experience was when I was a kid and we took a 5,000 mile trip in a 34ft Class A. Ya know, the kind with the BIG hatch in the front to get at the engine. My dad had stopped to check the oil at a gas station and closed the hatch but forgot to put the pin in to keep it closed. Needless to say if there were snow on the road the hatch would have amade a great PLOW! Drove with it open for probably 100 miles or so. Only discovered it when we got stopped for a cattle crossing and got out to watch - that was really smelly too, but that's another story.

My own goofy was hooking up the TT to my F350 and accidentally popping the emergency pin out of the electric brake control unit and towing the trailer at highway speed with the electric brakes engaged. How did I know? Stopped at a stop sign a few miles down the raod and was trying to figure out what the burning smell was...

Oh and thinking I winterized the hot water tank by running the hot water out with the faucets in the TT instead of the popping the drain plug. These are not fun to take out and replace after it BURST OPEN from the giant ICE CUBE that was in the tank over the winter....

Oh and just this past weekend thinking I can drain my awning full of water by lowering the end of the awning because that's what I should have done in the fitrst place. It comes down pretty fast and hard, not to mention the huge BATH......Thankfully no injuries other than pride....
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Once of my best ones was when I took my dad's Coachman TT out for the first time by myself with my new wife. After being in our spot the first afternoon, I could not figure out why I kept smelling the black tank inside the trailer. We looked and looked and could not find the problem. Someone from a another spot came over and looked, and noticed when someone flushed the toilet, they did not let water cover the trap door. That just let the smell come right back up in the camper. Pulled the trigger and let water cover the trap, and all was fine for the rest of the trip.
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A few years back, my husband made an appointment to have our hitch adjusted at the dealership on our hybrid trailer we had just bought. He told me he was leaving for the appointment but what I did not realise is that when he pulled out of the driveway to go and get the hitch done, . . . HE FORGOT TO LOOK IN THE TRAILER!
We had been working on some modifications the night before, and had left all sorts of items out, all over the place including a toaster oven (up on the fridge), scissors, screw drivers, and a set of plastic stacking bins, plastic wine glasses, dishes etc.
I opened the trailer when he got home . . . boy what a mess!

So we ended up with a big dent in our floor (from the toaster oven), a big dent in the toaster oven (from the floor) and of course a big dent in our egos

Lady Wendolyn Jayflight 28BHS

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