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31UL Engine Question

First off hello to the forum, new RVer here and picking up a new 31UL this week

I think I'm happy, sure seems like all these RVs have issues, not sure why my cars and boats didn't have them when new.

I see the 2016 31UL Triton V10 listed as 320hp and 362hp, which is correct?


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I have read alot about this. If the 10th numeric in the vin is a G it is 2016 6 speed transmission 320 hp.Another way to tell if you have a 4 on gear selector. Torque I think is about the same. IVR2 forum has a good bit of info on it.

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Yep, it's a G.

I'll start doing more research, Thx!

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good question, we are picking up our 31 UL on May 3rd so no vin yet but great info to have
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Welcome SteveL. There is hardly a RV (house on vehicle that experience constant earthquakes), that does not have its host of issues. You are getting a brand new RV which comes with 2 year warranty. So most things would be covered. I think this forum is GREAT as it prepares you and also provides you solution.

I bought a one year old 31UL and have been very happy with it. Yes, there are a few things here and there, but overall, it is great. And I do not even get warranty!

Welcome to the group!
Adventure is worthwhile!
2015 Precept 31 UL.
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320hp - 460 lb.ft torque
2013 Jayco Eagle 328 RLTS
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Me, Momma and Charles (RIP buddy)
And introducing Sofie!! ;)
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Thanks for the replies! I still see it posted everywhere 362hp and some 320, wonder if Jayco knows.

I'm getting a lot of people telling me the 31UL has some really poor driving habits, any way to know if this was addressed on the 2016? Being completely new to this I'm concerned about picking up my unit, I only have about 15 to 20 minutes behind the wheel which only half of that was interstate. I really like the unit just getting concernd about the handling thing.

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StevL.... Just a few things to remember regarding handling of these units.

They are not race rockets and are just big boxes going down the road, so treat them as such. Take your time and adjust your driving habits, they will never drive like a car or even a large pickup.

I can only speak for myself when saying that I don't think they drive that bad. Yes they could use a track bar install to help with the sway when other trucks pass, but you'll still get some just because of the volume of air being pushed around.

Good luck with your new rig and see for yourself what or what not you'll need to make your driving of these any better.


Steve & Sharon
2015 Precept 31UL
Tow - 2010 Honda CR-V
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Picked up our Precept yesterday, dealer again told me 362hp, asked him to double check, came back and said 362...

Okay where to start, I'll try to keep this brief.

Please keep in mind we are complete newbies to the RV world, never had any kind of RV, never spent the night in one.

We took a 45 minute test drive on some secondary roads and I-10 in Florida. We made left hand turns, right hand turns, backed up a few times in a parking lot, etc. It was a very good test drive IMHO.

After the test drive we decided to pull the trigger and take her home. We love the interior, "I" would have liked having exterior paint but being our first RV ever I also enjoyed saving a few dollars.

The 6.5 hour drive home from Florida:
Our route was Hwy90 for about 20 miles to I-10, I-10 for about 40 miles to I-95, I-95 for about 200 miles, I-26 for another 60 miles. We stopped a few times to eat and let the dog take a walk... our doggie loves it more than us!

We had about a 20 to maybe 25 mph cross wind coming up I-95, you could really feel it hit you as you crossed those open areas crossing the marsh & rivers. This didn't bother me as I simply steered where I wanted to go. It was a little surprising at first but became no big deal. Now in 35 and up winds I may elect driving much slower or staying put for a while.

Here is my take, please remember I'm completely new and have no RV driving experience. I would assume those expensive diesel pusher tandem axle rigs would be a very different ride, but again I've never been in one.

First impression, there are squeaks and rattles through out the RV, these actually change with rode conditions, the worst was coming through South Carolina (my home state). We need to fix pot holes! I had the same thoughts when I test drove another 31UL and two class C coaches (one not Jayco).

On the road; I feel as a first timer that speed up to 60mph it drove as I expected, one hand on the wheel and very relaxed (18 wheel passing or crossing those open marsh areas I used two hands).

Around 65mph I had to pay a little more attention, when no traffic still casual one handed driving, in traffic and around big rigs I went to two handed driving and I felt the front start "hunting" a little more. Keep in mind we still had cross winds of about 20 - 25mph, flags along the interstate were pretty much straight out and tree tops swaying.

At speeds above 65 (say 70mph) it required my attention, two hand on the wheeel, a lot of front end hunting, passing big rigs got my attention. After 30 miles of this I found the perfect sweet spot for allowing for big rigs passing (when their front reaches my tail they push me away, as their tail reaches my front they pull me towards them. When you figure this out you know the steering movements before it happens.)

Okay I did, I had to try 75mph
I would not recommend driving this speed, at least not in those cross winds.
I put on about 5 miles at this speed, it had my undivided attention and passing big rigs was not pleasant. You had to be on your toes at all times! The front end was wondering a lot IMO.

I think my sweet spot is 65mph, I had to pay attention but it wasn't unpleasant. Most of the time it was one handed driving with attention given to passing big rigs and wide open areas.

I think that once the steering stabilizer is added I'll be one very happy camper. "I think" this will make it a pretty easy drive at 65mph.

My only thought is why doesn't Jayco include this on the smaller Precepts.?

New Buyers:
I would do at least a 30 minutes test drive on different road conditions and "make up your own mind up". Be informed about the driving habit of "all RVs".

Now my question: If you have a steering stabilizer on your rig please share which one and why you choose that one. I get one free shot at this one

Now taking the wife shopping so she can decorate our new second home

Till the next adventure.... loving this so far and still haven't slept in it.

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We have the same model. I installed a Safe-T-Plus stabilizer due to reviews and price. Not a difficult install. To adjust you need a flat road with no wind. It is not an extreme change but a noticeable improvement. The front end alignment, weighing all four corners and tire pressure is worth the time and money. We would buy the same coach again. Happy motoring, Tim

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