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When flushing the black tank, I like to use the shower head and point it into the toilet while holding the flush open. It helps clean it out more than the 45 degree hose thing outside (although I still use that too).

I cut a queen size memory foam mattress and it works great on the dinette. The only time we change the dinette from a bed is in the rain or occasionally a game of monopoly or UNO inside.

I also sewed some custom mattress covers out of new sheets. I also made a big huge pillow case out of two full sized flat sheets for the 2 in memory foam mattress. Pain to put on, but very comfortable.

I also hung a 12 kitchen style TV that folds up under the cabinet next to the door under the cabinet.


...she started talking about how I never listened to her or somethin, I donno, I wasn't really paying attention...

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I have a 185rb, about 2 months old. I have to admit I was a bit shocked at some of the poor quality items I have seen. The bed broke immediately, it was serving as the front trunk cover, and was simply stiffened with 2 1x1+1/2 slats screwed from the top. These ripped out easily with me and my wife on the queen bed. I replaced them with slats that were tied to the trunk frame itself. It limits the size of items you can pass into the trunk from the inside, but this was a non-issue for me. I note that the diner seats did get crossed with slats by the factory.

There was sawdust and metal shavings everywhere inside the back of cabinets and in the heater and refrigerator compartments. I vacuumed it out, but some of the metal shavings are stuck into the spray in foam there.

The bath edge screws didn't look solid, so I went to tighten them, and sure enough, many were stripped. On taking them out, I found they were about 1 inch screws, but there was nothing back behind them to screw into, no stud surrounding the bath. They simply went through the bath surround and into the thin hollow wall, and were hanging off into space. Thus of course they were stripped. I took all of them out, calked them and replaced them, because frankly I was not real confident they had the entire tub watertight.

They missed the antenna boot with the roof sealant. As a result it was coming loose. I plan to fix that up this weekend.

There was lots more stuff like that, screws that are crooked or not in completely, tie wraps not cut, wood members (for example in the trunk) that didn't meet straight (don't you guys use jigs?). Since I encountered a lot of this within the first few days after receiving the camper, I suppose I started off with a bad attitude about it. One difference perhaps between me and other owners is I look at EVERYTHING. I have already gone through all of the systems and wiring. I know what happens when each of the gray and black tanks overflow. I have looked into the black tank with a fibrescope camera, etc. You get the idea.

I think I have improved a bit now, as we have had a few outings, and I have fixed everything I felt was out of place or that I saw needed improvement. The roof looks really well sealed, which is one of my chief problems with such trailers, since my last trailer died from leaks.

I don't know about the A/C issue. The A/C outputs water that collects at the top of the window. I haven't seen any evidence of it coming inside, but I am watching it.

My mods (so far) are:

1. Quickie flush for the black tank.
2. Bought an external 30 gal tank to put in the back of the pickup so that I can dump graywater to that and go to the dumpsite without breaking down the trailer. That will help at state campsites.
3. Put a soap and shampoo wire holder in the tub. It would not hold with adhesive, so I used 1 inch hollow wall anchors and caulk. This is the shortest hollow wall anchors I can find, note the wall is about 1/8 fibreboard.
4. Macerator pump wired into 12v for home dumps.
5. I cut, stained and mounted a board above the nightstand that crossed two wall studs, then mounted a 12v HDTV. I didn't think mounting to one stud would be adequate, so the board spreads the force out over the two studs.
6. The diner table, sitting on a piece of aluminium channel, was walking back and forth on the road. I screwed lag bolts with lots of washers on the back of the table to block the movement. This still allows the removal of the table for conversion to a bed, which I don't think I will ever use.
7. Lots of adhesive hooks, in the bathroom and closet.
8. I got some screw up jacks to support the front as well as the factory installed jacks at the back. Its really an improvement, and I hope to put some jacks on permanently.
9. I got both camco blocks as well as a BAL single axle lifter. Technically it is for a smaller tire size, but it worked. The blocks are for backup and if the lifter breaks.
10. I put another battery in on the tongue. There is space for two batteries, but not for two battery holders. I had to modify the holders to take both batteries.
11. I took out the queen bed mattress and put in a high quality futon mattress. Big improvement.
12. Put some stackable drawer/boxes in the closet. The closet could take trench coats or full size dresses, and we didn't need it, and our stuff was piling up on the bottom.
13. Got lots of adhesive backed levels and put them on the trailer frame after leveling. The idea is that wherever you are performing a leveling operation, at the front, and at each side, there is a level to look at. This, along with the BAL lever, dramatically simplifies leveling the trailer.
14. Put both a pressure gauge and a tape level gauge on the LPG tank. The tape gauge (you pour hot water on it) gives you true gas level remaining. The pressure gauge has other uses, check for leaks, etc.
15. Put a cover on the spare.
16. Got a foot for the front jack as well as a factory wheel. The wheel has to be removed for travel, the foot does not, and I rarely feel the need to move the trailer around by hand.
17. Digital temp gauge for fridge.
18. Wireless weather monitor for the wall. Gives time, indoor and outdoor temps and pressure. Runs off its own batteries.

Mods I plan to do soon:

1. I have a set of vent covers coming. This is a tall cover that allows you to open the vents even in the rain. I liked the idea that you don't have to worry about shutting the vents in the rain. It does increase the height, but that was not a big concern for me.
2. I want to install cabinet locks on all cabinets. I have had them open up on the road.
3. Inverter.
4. Solar battery charger.
5. LED lighting.

My goal is to get to a reasonable dry camping arrangement. In california, none of the state parks have hookups.



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I don't have a 184 bh but I just wanted to say something about them. It was the first trailer we looked at when we decided to purchase. 4 months and many trailers later it was the trailer we wanted but the last one the dealer had. It already had an offer. The dealer wasnt getting any till late winter so I looked at many dealers far and away but ended up getting a 197. I really like our trailer, but every time I see a 184 go past, I kind of wish it was mine. I think the DW now wants to go bigger not smaller, so it looks like the only way I'm getting the 184 is if I leave her...but then I probably couldn't afford it anyway. So, I'm sticking with the trailer and the DW. Good luck with your decision!
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What are your future plans? I see you are married...kids? What tow vehicle are you looking at? How many nights are you gonna camp each year?

If it was me and I was buying a 1/2 ton truck or bigger, I would go straight to a Jay Flight. You could look at a 19RD, 22FB, or a 26BH. These have MUCH larger holding tanks, ducted A/C and heat plus a real porcelain toilet! They are also 8" higher inside so if you are around 6' tall you won't feel like you are in a cave!

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geez, Scott, do you regret buying it? sorry for all your troubles! j
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LiftedAWDAstro have some good points too. it's all depends on those variable.

when we made an offer to our dealer for 184BH, we originally have our minivan to tow it so we are restricted to the weight. when we are about to pick it up, we already switch the vehicle to a bigger one.

We looked at the next level jay flight 26BH and liked that layout/bigger tanks too. but after asking for the total price (almost 10K difference as we are not able to negotiate much compared to the original 184BH) and weighing everything (kid are on the senior high and junior high now LOL, after few more years they will be on their own, price, storage-It's being stored at a friend backyard for the moment, etc.), we will be on our own and I think it will be too big for us and have to find a new storage.

still ended up with the 184BH and happy

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too address your, OP, question...yes they are a good trailer for two or a family w/ two very young children up to 8-10 yrs old at most. my opinion.
as all entry level trailers, corners are cut, options are limited and leaves a lot of room for owner improvements/mods...that doesn't make them a bad trailer.
price doesn't necessary reflect poorly built trailers....check out the high dollar trailer forums, lots of complaints about build quality. as you can read from previous comments on this thread, your direct question was skirted by most but also you can read that the opportunities are endless to make the 184bh personal w/your own mods...if you buy, have problems, large or small; that's what the warranty is for. however, I seriously doubt this option will come into play....JMTCW
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Originally Posted by jamie beers View Post
geez, Scott, do you regret buying it? sorry for all your troubles! j
Like I say I feel better about it now that I have everything running the way I want. I like the basic layout of the 185rb for me and my wife, and the RV systems are simple and just make sense. A good example was when I overflowed the gray tank. I was wondering what would happen, but it became obvious when it did happen, which was it backed up into the tub. So there you are, a few more gallons of gray water overflow, an *obvious* indication that it occurred, and a non-catastrophic outcome.

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PS. For my 185rb, weight was not the factor, size was. My model ranger could pull 5000lbs, but 20-21 feet is the maximum length that fits in my front driveway, and I don't have backyard access more than about 4-5 feet on the sides.

Here in my home town, $50 is about minimum for RV storage/month, so I'm saving $600 or more a year by NOT storing it. There's also a lot of advantages to having it available right in front.
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Thanks again for all the replies, much appreciated.

We have 1 young child. We'll camp 30-45 nights per year, hopefully more if the tt works out. I looked at something heavier like the 19rd, but around here they're listed for $20,000, or 50% more than the 184, and that would really over stretch our budget given that we also have to buy a tow vehicle. Twenty feet is about the max we can get into our parking spot too.

It also seems like a shorter, narrower tt would be better for fuel economy, but I don't know if this is a significant issue.

But thanks again, everybody, for taking time to answer. All comments, and any future ones, are much appreciated! j

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