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Are Jayco Swift SLX trailers good trailers?

Hi, my wife and I are considering buying our first ever travel trailer. We like the Swift SLX 184 BH a lot because of its layout, light weight, full features, and comparatively low price.

However, I am nervous about buying any trailer because I hear so many horror stories about leaks, and trailers that are just pieces of junk. I've heard that trailers will not leak, and will last, if you do regular maintenance, check seals, etc.. Would you Jayco owners say the SLX trailers are a good buy? How would it compare to other inexpensive light trailers?

We actually have to buy a tow vehicle as well, so a heavier trailer may be an option if they are far superior to the light weight ones.

Any advice would be really appreciated!

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We have the Swift SLX 154BH and we are very happy with it. (2) minor warranty issues.....dealer has taken good care of us.

Good luck with your shopping.

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Its all about proper care/maintenace and general up keep on it since the initial purchase (new) from the dealer. Keep up on the seals, sealants etc and you should be OK in the long haul no matter what brand you decide to purchase. I prefer Jayco due to the better overall construction and higher re-sale over the others I've seen.
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I have been pretty happy with my Swift SLX 184.

Make sure that you get one that has the larger AC. Some had a 5000 btu and some have a 8000 btu AC. Make sure that they run the AC and that it does not leak inside (big item that a lot of folks have needed to get fixed) . Other than that... Id buy it again.

I could use some better electrical outlet placement near the dinette. It should also have been made with a cable hookup but they left that out because it is a lower end camper. The tanks are small but manageable. Storage is good, but it could use a cabinet in the bathroom.

...she started talking about how I never listened to her or somethin, I donno, I wasn't really paying attention...

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bought our 184BH this spring, no issues so far
2013 Jayco Jay Flight Swift SLX 184BH
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We got a 2013 184BH (our first travel trailer) this year and couldn't be happier. I have an Xterra so my towing options were limited (5000 pound max). There are 3 in our family so this size works great.

Lots of people have talked about various issues but we have only had a small issue with a speaker, that I fixed in a few min. We have the smaller AC unit, and it seems to work fine for us.

Depending on the type of camping your are planning on (full hookup/boondock) you may want to look twice at tank capacity. My biggest issue is the size of the Black and Gray tanks on the 184BH. I wish they were about double the size so we could go a few more days without dumping.

I would also look into having the dealer flip the leaf springs to get additional clearance. The 184BH is quite low to the ground and we have scraped a few times.

Would I buy a 184BH again? In a heart beat!
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Thanks very much everybody for your responses. It's a lot for us to think about, especially since we have to buy the tow vehicle too!
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got our 184BH last April and have done 5 camping this year (just winterized the baby and put it in storage ), we originally bought the 184BH to be pulled by our old minivan but the "BOSS" is not comfortable on the old minivan as it's old and might break down somewhere and be a hassle LOL ended up replacing it with a truck.

as other have been saying, wish the tanks are a bit bigger but still managable (we usually try to have full hookup when we camp). wished they have move the AC outlet in the dinnette to a location that it will be useful when the table are in the the bed position LOL (hard to get into it).

dont have the leak on the AC (but my friend had it in his 184BH, dealership fixed it). wished we had the 8000BTU (only 5K on ours) but in our area, we don't use AC much, only once in a while.

not sure about the newer model of 184BH, but on ours, the TV outlet with 12V port is located just below the radio with no 110V AC nearby. If we decided to mount a TV on that location, we will need to either wire a 110 V from the inverter underneath the sofa or from the bed on the other side of the wall.

I also recommend to get the back flush thing (like this http://www.campingworld.com/shopping...5-degree/14496). we have that wand that we used in the first few camping, I saw from a friend that had one and how he used it. It's so easy to clean the tank LOL, dont have to bring the hose with the wand inside the RV to the toilet. using the flush king, I can see the stuff coming out until it's all clean. (can't believe how many times you need to flush the tank before it become clear LOL).

as always, Enjoy your RV

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2013 Jayco Swift 184BH
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We have owned our 2012 184BH since June 2012. We put about 2000 miles on it last year and about 3500 miles so far this year. I have had problems with keeping the refrigerator cold on days when it gets into the 90's but have pretty much solved that problem by installing a fan behind the refrigerator. The A/C on mine is the smaller 5000 size but it does keep the inside cool with a fan circulating air towards the back. The new models have the bigger A/C so that should not be an issue. There are 4 in our family (2 adults, 2 smaller kids) and we have actually had plenty of room and have made alot of fun memories in the year we have owned it. I have found that it is much easier for us to keep the front dinette made into a bed and then eat outside under the awning as much as possible. That also reminds me, one of the best purchases we made was a 3 inch memory foam breathable mattress topper for the front bed. This makes sleeping very comfortable. I have not had any issues with a the A/C leaking as other have had. The only thing that I have found lacking is the poorly installed fridge, but, that is solved with the $30 fan installed. I have not had any problem with the size of the tanks, but, I really watch the kids to make sure that they are not flushing too much water and too often as that seems to be fun for kids to do. I think the biggest thing holding me back from buying a travel trailer was the worry about putting so much money into something that is going to leak. I am over that now. I do look it over to make sure that the caulk all looks good still and will keep an eye on it, but, the times that we have enjoyed using the camper are well worth the money so far. Good luck with your decision.
Jayco Swift SLX 184BH
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Thanks again for the feedback everyone. It's helping me feel more comfortable about possibly buying the 184. Thanks.

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