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Jayco 165 Mod Advice Needed

Just picked up my 165 Last year, ran into a few things I'd like to correct this winter before next season. Just going to to shoot some ideas for improvement out there and maybe you guys can help.

1st off my camper has a flimsy rear bumper not a 4 inch square tube bumper. I'd like to replace it with a square tube bumper so I can store my sewer hose inside it. Has anyone ever done this? Also is there no way to leave the Elbow on or how do you guys store it in your bumper? I also would like to be able to have this tube bumper so I can put a Reese style hitch on the back for a bike rack or carrier. Will bikes on the rear work? I know tongue mounted would be best but I have limited weight upfront would like to add some at the rear.

2nd my camper came with no propane tanks so I added a dual tank setup. I have a single battery but would like to add another any idea where i could do this? Could I put the batteries behind the propane tank? Trying to keep the weight down on the tongue?

3rd also has anyone used a wall mount or cabinet mount for a tv. I currently store mine in the bed between trips but would like To have it mounted. I set it up to the right of the sink in the picture.

4th Has anyone ever installed gas struts or something on the bottom bed to access the under bed storage more easily?


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With regards to the 4" bumper storing your hose, look more for the PVC kind that you put elsewhere. I have read that the bumper gets rusted fairly quick due to the moisture from the hose. I store mine there, but only until I get the PVC one. Like this:


As far as adding a hitch for bikes and such, even the 4" bumper would not be strong enough. You will need something like this:


Otherwise, that "bumper" would fall off from the weight. I am considering my options, but I am leaning towards the trailer hitch.

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I do not have all the answers ,but as far as tounge weight,a set of Ridetite bags would make a big diffrence,easy to install . i did the extra battery on a prev TT we had , i moved the tanks as far foward as i could,( yours came with no Propane Tank ?) And X2 on the PVC hose holder willnot rust easy to clean .
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MrScary if you will search Lexington or Louisville KY Craigslist there is one of those hitches new a guy has for sale that was never used.

My camper has a sewer storage door in the rear near the right taillight but it's too small to fit a hose with any style of coupler. Does anyone know if they make a built in door like this I could modify mine. It looks inside just like what you posted it is sealed and goes under the bed.
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Your camping trailer, is small, lightweight and has one axle. Your model has 945 pounds of cargo carrying capacity.
FW tank is 16 gallons.

Pounds Cargo Capacity Left
Cargo carrying Capacity (from Jayco Website) = 945 lbs.
FW tank = 16 gallons x 8.3 lbs/gal = 133 lbs
2 20 lb propane tanks filled = about 75 lbs.
Group 24 battery = 45 lbs x 2 = 90 lbs.
Etrailer hitch (as in Mr.Scary's post) 100 lbs.
Thule 2 bike hitch mount rack 50 lbs

Unknown weights
Rear bumper ???
Assembly for holding propane tanks ???
Assembly for holding additional battery ???
Food, clothing, cookware, camping supplies ???

Be sure to carefully check all the things you are planning to add so that you don't overload it.

I suggest you load it up with food, clothing, all camping supplies, propane, and water as if you were going camping for a weekend or week and get it weighed at the scales. Do this before you make any more proposed modifications. You may not have very much to work with and still stay under your gross vehicle weight.

Then decide which additional modifications (if any or perhaps all) you can make and still stay below your gross vehicle weight limit.
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Weight is a big issue so be careful you do not overload her. I am talking from experience (bad).
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Definitely watch your weights.

If you add a receiver hitch, have a welding shop weld it to the frame. This is what I have.

You could have the same shop weld a new square bumper on, just have the end caps so they can pick the correct tube size. As for storing an elbow, I use a 1 gallon rectangular ice cream bucket, kept in the cargo hold.

TV, call Jayco with your vin number and ask for the wall construction drawing go.

Extra battery, I carry one in the back of my truck, and place it next to the tongue when needed, I made a jumper cable to connect it to the tt. Otherwise you could swap the propane tanks and the battery box, this will allow for two batteries, the welding shop could do this too.

good luck.
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On the particulars you identified -
1. first, stored hose in container in forward storage area; then changed hose mfg and now able to store hose and head in "storage tube"
2. stayed with sgl propane tank (wgt issue)
3. considered TV mount but concern about pulling out cabinets; now store between pillows forward and right of sink counter
4. still considering gas struts ......
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I have an 08 model. If you leave the bumper original you can take a 4" square PVC fence post and bolt it to the bumper for your sewer hose. A couple of stainless steel ubolts is all it takes. The bayonet fittings will fit in a square tube but not a round one. (Twist them) Factory tube is useless if you have permanent fitting in the hose. If you elect to do anything more, a 4" square bumper will have to be welded into place. A qualified welder will know how to do this but it has to be welded to the frame securely. Unless you do it yourself this can be expensive. I elected to put the hitch mount on the front of my truck with a platform. Cheaper and no weight worries. Your Current setup will not hold any weight. In fact the owners manual clearly states a 100lb limit and your spare tire is included in that. Spring assisted shocks on the bed would be a god idea. I haven't put them on and if you do let me know how you brace them. Ain't much there to mount to. I have a single tank but a rack capable of holding two. They are located behind the battery. These units have a heavy tongue weight for their size. I tried putting the tank in the tub, to balance weight and even removed the battery just to see. I only gained about 10lbs. To me it wasn't worth the hassle of rearranging. FYI my tongue weight is 410lbs. As for the TV, I mounted a fancy swivel bracket on the cabinet above the sink. This entailed me to put a piece of 1x4 on each side of the cabinet wall to reinforce it. The swivel is mounted to these boards. Its on the foward side above the antennae jacks. The swivel allows me to fold it and stow it out of the way for travel (secured with bungy cords) or unfold it and position it so it will be seen from the entire camper.
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Found this page so I think I'm going to try to mod my door to accept my rhino hose:

Thanks all for the input. I think I'll forget modifying the rear bumper. I didn't realize these trailers had such a little margin on weight. Bicycles may end up in the truck bed or on a tongue style hitch if I can ge the weight down. I may even consider going back to a single propane tank to save enough weight for an additional battery. We never camp for more than 2 nights so I guess the extra propane is not really needed. I think we'd get more use out of an extra battery. Maybe I can look into optima style batteries to save weight or move them inside. Are 2 6 volts better than deep cycles? I will not have solar to charge.

My TV only weighs 8 lbs i may find some type of mount to mount it on the overhead cabinet to the right of the sink.

Still would like to find a way to mod the bed to lift easily.

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