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Off-roading with your Baja edtion

We own a 2019 145rb non Baja I am looking to go the path less traveled and hard surface optional. For the near future until the new Ranger finds its way into my driveway I will be limited to regional roads and National Forest trails and roads on the east coast mid Atlantic area The plan is to use our trailer out west and explore.

1. I want to know from the Baja owners out there how they rate their trailers when off-roading aka overlanding.

2.Any problems with the trailer off road, like things breaking from the vibration of driving a few hours on unimproved surfaces. i.e. cabinets falling off frames cracking that kind of stuff

3. Any improvements you made to help off road performance and wear and tear

Thanks Don and Debbie

Safe Travels Happy Camping
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The only possible advantage on "off the beaten path" roadways, are the higher ground clearance from the "flipped" axles.

There is NO other OEM fortifications that would make these units able to withstand the lumps and bumps of a dirt/gravel road.

The cabinets use thin staples in many places. Those will pull out or loosen enough to leave gaps in the joined spaces.
Counter tops below the cabinets will have lots of saw dust on them.....from the vibration of rough driving surfaces.

If the shower has a door that is suspended by rollers in a track, they will bounce out and that door will fall.
It the shower/bedroom door is of the slider type and held shut with a snap, that snap will pull out and the door will end up against the far wall.

I am not sure of your Baja specific model, but on some, there are larger fresh water tanks, 30# vs 25# propane tanks and larger tires.

In a nutshell.....the term "Baja edition" is a marketing ploy to lead one to believe it can handle the rough roads in "Baja"......it cannot, vs. any other non Baja model.

I have replaced a bent axle twice and replaced flat springs twice.
The combo of potholes and a rough road surface took their toll.

2006 Ram Laramie 2500 4x4 crew CTD
2017 Jayco Flight SLX 245 RLSW Baja edition.
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I have a 195RB Baja, live "out west" (Montana), and camp primarily at Forest Service CGs down moderately rough dirt/gravel roads.

Baja editions have a few advantages for this. The flipped axle does give more clearance for rocks and such in the road, it has additional rock guards and enclosed underbelly to help with rocks that get kicked up, bigger fresh water tank, and front stabilizers. Nothing inside is more secure or stronger than the non-Baja, so shaking and such will be just as bad. That said, I've had few issues to no issues going down these roads. I think the only example, we always put the table down, and once after a particularly bad pot holed road, the table bounced off and was on the floor (but we're really not sure we had it seated right).

Bottom line is that we take these roads just as slow and carefully as when we had a trailer without the Baja stuff, but it's nice to have clearance that is about the same as my tow vehicle (4Runner). The other stuff that comes with it doesn't really help on the roads, but I would want every one of them (larger fresh water and front stabilizers especially).

Now if you really want to go where my 4Runner and the like can go, check out Black Series trailers!
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We have a 145RB baja edition...
The plasticore underside cover is useless...It is a hanta hotel for rodents...Too many knife cuts and gaps from poor installation at factory. Yes I tried to fill all gaps and voids, just too many random opening to keep up with. I finally removed the plasticcore after the rodents ate through the black & gray tank sensor wiring along with the brake & tail light wiring. We live where packrats, mice and squirrels are plentiful & resourceful.
The off-road tires and the spring-over axle suspension are a definite plus because of the increased clearance. The front stabilizers are a great addition!
The added ground clearance made the 2 tread entry stairs too steep for us so I installed a 3 tread set of stairs.
After a 36 mile trek over a rough dirt road, one of the passenger side windows slid down in the wall opening so that a one inch open gap was at the top front corner of the window opening. I needed to remove & later re-install the interior window frame in order to move the window back up into the wall opening. On the same trip, the floor mounted storage cabinets flexed enough that numerous staples on the paneling and frame work came loose. I installed small wooden paneling strips cut to size as gussets and with my compressor and staple guns I re-inforced the cabinet framing.
The larger size propane tank is a good addition, but it is held in place with one 1/4-20 hex bolt & nut which made the tank bob n' weave going down the road. I installed a quarter inch steel base plate for the tank along with long "J" bolts to secure the tank.
The 12 volt & 120 volt wiring is located in the same floor mount cabinet as the on-board water tank. The wire management was a mass of spaghetti with loose wiring terminals, loose wire nuts, and not even one zip-tie for the spaghetti.
We still have the 2014 TT, but fortunately for us, I have most of the skills needed to keep up with the on-going unforseen challenges. I would have needed numerous trips to the dealer if I was not my own repair-tech.
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Just to clarify when we are taking about “off roading” we really mean dirt roads. Not many opportunities to off-road legally in the US. We have the 174 Baja. For us the added ground clearance was essential. Our TV is a Tundra with a 6” lift on 35s and we had to get a rise tow bar to get it level because the Baja is so high. I’ve see the non bajas and the black & grey drains are so low I’d tear them off for sure. Not so much just driving but getting in and out of some sites. We typically drive 25 - 50 miles one way on FS or BLM roads to camp and we have had no issues. The larger tires are also a bonus but we do air down for long dirt roads. The bigger fresh water tank is important to us since water limits how long we can stay out. Maybe we got lucky but the build quality on our trailer was excellent.
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I have a 174bh that my family and I have used almost exclusively for boondocking and off- road camping. I'd wager I've taken the trailer down some roads that most people would feel uncomfortable just driving down in a 4WD vehicle.

The only issues I've had as far as poor build quality goes, was on a particularly bad road the pantry door opened and I walked into a pile of broken coffee cups, pots, pans, and various spices and snack foods on the floor by the bunks. I solved that by putting magnetic child safety door latches on both pantry doors.

My attached pictures don't really do any justice to the roads we took to get there but each had their challenges. The beach picture I dealt with foot deep soft sand and ruts. The woods picture, the road had been badly rutted out from people driving on the roads when very muddy. That road was also littered with rocks ranging from bowling ball size to twice that large. The snow picture was two feet of fresh powder with a couple of inches of solid ice underneath. The challenge was leaving in the morning at the end of the trip and dragging the trailer over the now 2' solid ice wall that my tracks had made.

The ground clearance has been invaluable for our style of camping and I honestly love this trailer and wouldn't hesitate to buy another one and use it the same way.
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We just bought the 16mrb this year with Baja package. I fully agree with what has been said. We live in Colorado and have used it exclusively for BLM roads etc. Washboard can beat you up more than 4WD sometimes. Biggest problem so far for us is that sliding door. It will fall off. I am installing some security straps to keep it from moving. That or take it off. Just my wife and I the only time it gets used is at night if you want to block any night light, etc. I also carefully check the plumbing when we get to the destination. One last item, remember off road use voids the warranty. I believe they classify that as off of paved road. I havenít tested that yet. And I donít plan on doing so.
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This is all good info. I'm wondering about all these stapled together cabinets... Screw and glue is my preference. I suppose i'll have to take it on some trips and find out how it all holds together. Secretly, i'm hoping that it rattles apart so I have justification to rebuild all the cabinets with actual wood and properly constructed, and a better color. I'm thinking a nice redish stain will brighten the place up nicely...

Regarding the under pan plastiboard stuff. I expect it is good for gravel kick up and that is about it. One strangeness that I'm trying to wrap my head around is the propane line. On my rig, it is fastened (poorly) to the underside of the pan and hangs somewhat. I can easily attach more guides to keep it out of harms way, but i'm wondering why it is external in the first place? Makes more sense to me to have it safely tucked under the protective paneling to avoid chips or snags. Am I missing something?

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