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Unhitched on I-75

Well here is a followup to our fiasco on I-75 this past fall. Recap: On our way back from Charleston SC to Hamilton via I-75 our Swift 184bh became unhitched through Cincinati. Emergency brakes kicked in and slowed the trailer to a stop. We were travelling under 55mph so it stop quickly. To get the trailer to safety, I was forced to pull the trailer about 2 miles to a safe place. I kept it under 15-20 mph knowing the trailer brakes were applied and were heating up. When we did stop, the brakes were smoking, exactly what I expected to happen. I realized after looking at the situation in a safe location that I could snip the lines from the emergency brakes and it would release the brakes. We then continued back to our home with no brakes. Knowing this, I kept the speed way down.

So, I made an appointment to have the trailer looked over at our stealership and they came back to me with this report. According to them, the leaf springs (suspension) are damaged,the wheel rims need to be replaced along with the brake hubs and drums and wheel bearings. lol. This stealership in Smithville Ontario called Sicards are a bunch of bandits to put it lightly. This trailer is babied when pulled the 3 weeks of the year we use it, albiet long runs to the Carolinas and back, but the roads are good and smooth. I'm not taking it to Alaska and back on logging roads, so how on gods green earth is the suspension damaged? or the Rims for that matter. Yes I understand the brakes and (maybe) the bearings, but that's it. I have replaced the landing gear and emergency brake switch.

And in addition to all that malarky, they mentioned to me that Jayco recommends all wheel bearings be replace once each year or every 10,000 miles. Really? someone please explain why the bearings Jayco uses are so inferior to that of those used on cars and trucks which last atleast 5 or more years without issue.

I hate this dealer, I believe they are only looking for things to do to pad the bill knowing it came unhitched. And I have no other Jayco dealer anywhere close to take it for a second opinion.

Any advise would be welcomed.


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Being from Ohio I know that stretch of I-75 through Cinci is tough and hilly. What caused it to become un-hitched? No hitch pin?


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You could get that repaired at most any placed that does trailer work, Does not need to be a rv dealer. Shop around if you don't feel comfortable with them.
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How did the trailed become unhitched? Why not stop and reinsert the emergency brake pin and rehitch the trailer rather than risk a fire towing it 2 miles?

I suspect that you may have done some serious damage to the aluminum wheels from the heat. That heat could also have damaged the bearings and the axle.
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Look to see if there is another RV repair shop, it does not have to be Jayco specific. Tires I expect would have flat spots, and need to be replaced. Rims, should not have been effected, bearings should not have been affected, should be repacked every 10K miles or once a year (I have yet to repack mine), they are not quite the same as you have in your car. Suspension, I doubt it needs to be replaced, but it could have taken a beating, I would ask them to show you the damage. Brakes, I expect would only need to be adjusted. If it was truly all that damage, it sounds like an insurance claim.

I would look for a different RV repair shop in the area!
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Malarkey is putting it mildly. I would agree that it's possible the brake hubs/drums and wheel bearings - and maybe the axle spindles might need to be replaced due to high heat. And if you notice any heat damage to the rims, then they could be compromised, too.

But unless the leaf springs were dragging the ground, they are full of it!

I ran my Outback travel trailer for 8 seasons on the same bearings (Dexter axle/brake system). They had the buddy-bearing lube system, and I kept them full of grease. And I cleaned, inspected, and repacked the bearings and races twice myself. I had the brakes inspected once by an independent RV repair shop, after 6 seasons, and they were in good condition and didn't require any adjusting. Jayco uses the Dexter axles and brakes too, so they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes with the "repalce every year" recommendation.

I'd try to find a certified independent RV service center nearby and get their opinion. I'll bet they will give you a completely different story. They will want your business! And they probably get a lot of business, given the questionable advice from this dealership!

Just my opinion. (But I haven't seen your trailer, either.)

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when the trailer became unhitched, the front landing gear severed the cable that holds the pin to the emergency brake, it was somewhere on the highway, no way was I gonna go looking for a pin in that traffic. It was my mistake while connecting the trailer in tennessee, it looked and felt locked and attached, but the part of the hitch that is suppose to fit under the ball wasn't. I have looked at the rims as we travelled back to Canada, believe me I was watching the trailer and my mirrors allow me to see the rims, no wobble or anything, they are as true as the day it was purchased.. Yeah, I figured they were full of crap about the bearings. I agree though, brakes assembly fine, bearings, ok i will give them the benefit of the doubt due to the heat, but the rest? fagetaboutit!
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I agree, well said. "I figured they were full of crap about the bearings. I agree though, brakes assembly fine, bearings, ok i will give them the benefit of the doubt due to the heat, but the rest? fagetaboutit!"
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the rims are the steel white average everyday rims. The brakes did not "lockup" the wheels, just slowed the trailer down. where this occurred was not "rough" pavement, it was more undulating, little hills kinda thing. The rough part of Cincinatti was everything previous to the trailer becoming uncoupled. I had no choice but to pull the trailer the 2 miles, everything around was interstate or off-ramps. For all the crap I have had to deal with this trailer, sometimes I wish it would have gone up in flames right there on I-75 lol. I would have got out the weiners and the beer from the back of the truck and had roasted me a couple of redhots right there on the side of the road, then after my beer was finished, I would call the fire dept. No point in wasting a good open fire.
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yeah this "stealership" seems to only "take care" to those who spend the big bucks on fifth wheels and coaches. This is a inexpensive trailer by comparison, and they treat me like my wife and I are scum of the earth. They were luck to get my business to begin with, but I'll npt make that mistake again. Ill buy from "anybody else" but these jokers. Hey fellow Canadians, remember Sicards in Smithville Ontario - approach with caution.

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