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Odd Electrical Issues And Other Strange Happenings

2015 195RB Jay Flight SLX
Everything was fully functional when I winterized and covered last fall.
Spring has arrived, uncovered and ready to de-winterize BUT...

1) Put the battery back on, plugged into my garage but now none of the outlets work and the 2 center LED lights in the ceiling won't turn on. So no microwave, AC or fridge. Turned the breakers off and on. Checked all the fuses and nothing was blown. Battery is charging. All the other lights inside and out are working as is the sound system and water pump. In fact every other system seems to be working. I'm guessing the GFCI outlet is the issue but I'm not totally sure. It reset once but won't reset again. I'm also thinking these two issues maybe unrelated..maybe. Any ideas, suggestions or admonishments?

2) So now only one of the stove top burners will light. The other doesn't seem to be getting any gas, at least none is present at the burner.

On the plus side I've still got 18+ months of warranty!

I do have an appointment with the dealer next week for some insurance repairs due to hurricane force winds and flying objects. Who knew an entire 8 foot section of cedar fence could fly intact over 30 feet, smack my TT in the rear end and find a new home in my front yard over 50 feet away? Lol.

I would just like to go in with some knowledge and information.
Knowledge is power.

Thanks all!

I know the voices aren't real, but man, do they ever come up with some great ideas
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I can't answer your questions.

I can say this.

GFCI receptacles will not reset unless they have 120 volt input on the line side. The line side of the receptacle should be tested for 120 volts. First check the 120 volt supply to the trailer.

Physical damage to an RV can also affect wiring and electrical components.

Rodents will sometimes chew on wiring while RV's are in storage. If they damage the wiring it can cause issues.

If you turn on the propane tank gas valve too quickly it can activate the flow limiter which will limit gas supply to appliances. An easy thing to try is shutting off the tank gas valve(s), waiting 5 minutes or so with a single burner valve on (or cracking loose the tank connector to bleed pressure), and then SLOWLY opening the valve. If the gas burners then work properly it may have been your propane safety system flow limiter which affected the burner operation.


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#2. Sounds like you have a spider Web in the mixed air pipe. Pull the grates off and clean the pipes from the valve to the burner.

#1. Don't think I can help, but the microwave and ac are on a dedicated circuits, not connected to the gfci, or each other. I wonder if moisture got into the outside outlet and tripped the gfci. It will not reset if it senses danger. Also those outlets go bad regularly. The frig is connected to the gfci.
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Odd isn't even half of it!

Ok, so it seems that I have suffered through another bout of self inflicted stupid. I prefer to not go into detail as that would just compound the already high level of self loathing I'm feeling.
Lets just say that other than my ceiling lights, I've managed to work things out.
1) Electrical issues were land based and not in my TT.
2) Stove top? Dislocated burner tube and sloppy burner mounting, which I swear was invisible the first time I looked.
Like I said I don't want to talk about it.
My eyes are failing, my mind is week and while the voices might have some great ideas, I wish they would all stop talking at the same time.
I know the voices aren't real, but man, do they ever come up with some great ideas
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