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I will just say i dont think any diesel is bad ... when you think about it people who own them use them for stuff regular trucks dont always get used for . I looked at dodge and chevy before i bought my old ford and there was something good and bad with all of them according to people but so many have been chipped or modded any more you dont know why these high dollar things come to pass. i have probably spent 2000.00 plus on mine since i owned it replacing turbo boots ,the fuel bowl, other hoses ,exhaust shocks ,tires ,clutch,and u joints and last but not least batteries and the glow plug relay .. luckily i havent had to replace injectors yet but if i do then i do . I would love to own a newer duramax becuase they are much quieter and more power, like the new dodge trucks and even the new fords with their new diesel but i can t see spending money for new when mine does the job . the money i have spent is no where near equal to a payment times the years i have owned my truck so i will keep her up and keep on rolling

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In my case, I have a 6.0 Ford notorious to cost a lot of money. It's really lived up to the rep for me. While the base of the engine is solid, there are several key components which are quite costly. I've had to replace the oil cooler 2x, did the work my self and cost was about $150 each time. Then had to replace the high pressure oil pump at a cost of $1000 for the pump itself, $2K in labor to put it in (had the dealer do it).

While not a direct comparison, my Jeep required new pistons, water pump, coil pack, and replaced the rod bearings at the same time with a cost of $400, again did the labor myself. Yes, Diesel's are expensive to repair.

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For me, regular maintenance is more expensive. And I anticipate large repair bills someday. However, I am aware it's wear and tear and the engine should last much longer in the end. Most importantly though is its towing ability. Once you have towed with one, it's no comparison. I personally don't care what it costs, it's the truck I prefer to tow with and the only one my wife will tow with because it drives much easier. With my gasser I always had to monitor engine RPM and anticipated up and down slopes. No more. Set the cruise and drive.
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Yes diesels are more expensive to maintain. Why? Because they are more truck. A Boeing 747 is more expensive to maintain than a Cessna. Why? Because it is more airplane.

If your happy being under-powered, over-weighted, barely legal, and enjoy white knuckling down the interstate, then by all means tow with anything that will drag your trailer or fifth wheel out of your driveway.

Gas engines are fine, just ask anyone who plugs up the interstate in a 30 foot Bounder with a V10, doing 40 mph. Life couldn't be better. Meanwhile the 50 foot coach with the 650 hp Cat is passing the guy driving the Camaro.

Buy what you want. Drive what you want. Enjoy life...its too short as it is....
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Originally Posted by Camping Couple View Post
Must be a Ramsey fan.....I am.
I thought the same thing... We are Ramsey fans too :-) . Our newest car is an 06 with 180000 miles on it, and the TV (03 Tahoe) has 220000 miles on it, both paid for with cash a few years ago. Plan on driving them both to 300000 miles before replacing them. It helps that I am a ASE certified tech, but I feel with good maintenance routine, I should be able to reach those goals with out too many major problems. NOW, if I can just keep the bodys from rusting out...
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Yes I am a Ramsey fan. All vehicles are a cost, some more than others. The main thing is the location of the title. If its at your house you picked the right truck.
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I would have to go in the buy what you like category. Maybe the guy inl the motor home don't know how to drive it. I had a 2000 F-350 SRW bought used in 02, just trade on Aug.26, after much searching. I found a 2008 F350 DRW. Bought a new Camper last year. I was only a little under 300lbs under my rear axle rating with the 2000. I couldn't live with that. I was quite3 a bit over GVWR. Now I am in good shape, can buy a t-shirt w/o worrying about being overweight.
Found with the 2000 if you let thet engine rev to 4,000 in second gear it climbed mountains pretty good. Now in the Rockies that might require patience But it would get you there.
I like my gasser, been maintaining them for years know very little about maintaining a Diesel maintenance. Plus I have a mechanic I trust who works on Gas only. Put over 200,000 miles on a minivan see no reason why this won't go at least that far. There is a guy who put a million miles on a1997 Ford Van.http://millionmilevan.com/
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Originally Posted by clubhouse View Post
You are not missing anything, I just wanted to share my experience with my first trip to the shop with my Diesel. I have no idea if the BCM in my truck is specific to a diesel or if it is just like the BCM in every other truck gas or diesel.

My point was to simply share the cost associated with my first issue with a diesel truck. Everytime the discussion comes up gas vs diesel many folks are so quick to point out how much more a diesel truck is to repair when compared to a gasser. I didn't find this particular repair to be so expensive that is should sway someone away from one engine type of another. I can only share what my experience is.

Well said , and by the way I prefer dogs over cats
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Originally Posted by RUSSELL5000 View Post
dog versus cat
Dog... all the way. Only an idiot would prefer a cat
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Thumbs down

Sometimes the diesels will run you a lot of money on repairs. I was unfortunate to buy a Ford with the 6.0 diesel. I had 130K on it when I sold it. I did regular maintenance but still ended up with two head gasket replacements, EGR delete kit, and cooling fan. I also added a 4" exhaust. Total was close to 9K. My son has the same truck today and he had to replace the engine when the head gaskets blew. Around 11K for that. But you got to pay to play.

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