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Worst experience buying my first TT

This is so TRUE. I got totally screwed when buying my WH25BHS. Buyer beware but this was my first TT and I just bought a 07 Chevy Tahoe and the next day wife and headed to buy a trailer that we were looking at a show. Something small and lightweight for our first TT. However the salesman showed me the WH and said the Jay Feather Lites were junk but when he said the dry weight was 6115 on the WH I asked for the manager to look at my vehicle cause we fell in love with 2016 WH. He said no problem! Buy the trailer your is perfect to tow that trailer, so my mistake was believing him. We signed some prelim papers and came back a week later for the PDI. I asked for some extras to be put on the trailer and the night before the PDI I dropped off the Tahoe for the trailer brake install they showed me the trailer cause I was excited. I said where is the rear hitch and stuff...oops we forgot to put it on. They had all week to do this stuff!! Either way they got it all done in the morning just before the PDI. Before signing papers I asked are you sure my car is good and I will be safe with a family of four and a dog? Oh no problem the manager said. Well after signing the papers they had the car ready to hook up. The tech guy showed me how to use the new R-3 WD hitch and what he said freaked me out. It was hard to get this to level out and his face told me everything. I could tell he wanted to tell me I was screwed it the place from what I found out now is a shady place both in sales and service to the point it's been 3 months and I'm dealing with Jayco about all this and other things that happened during my first bring it back when you find stuff to fix. They damage my trailer severely. Anyways he hooks it up and I drive off already feeling like I'm white knuckling it and I have over an hour drive home on a pretty flat drive on I-5. Well it was the drive from hell but I have ever towed anything bigger than a ski boat and that was with f-150. So I bring it home and of course I had to sleep in it in my driveway. Sleep I didn't get cause I was up all night reading how screwed I was cause my car should never be towing a so much weight and I have it even put water or dish in the the trailer let alone my family in the car. Well in a panick I drive back to the car dealership where I just bought the Tahoe 10 days ago and the said well your screwed. Not wanting to believe anyone at all now I called the Jayco dealer manager in tears telling him everyone says I'm screwed and putting my family in danger towing the TT with the Tahoe. He said your fine and don't worry about it and I said are you telling me the truth...? Oh yes you will be fine. So I didn't know what to do, I went back home backed the car up and began to hook up to tow around town so see if I felt safe or if I was just overreacting. Just before I could get all hooked up my neighbor ran over and not to say nice trailer but to ask where are you going with it cause we have big passes up here in the NW. I said just around town. He said well be careful and if you ever think your going camping over the pass I will give you my number so you can call me when you overheat or the tranny blows up. He is a tug boat mechanic and has been around the block a few times. I believe him and he confirmed my fears. He don't pull this until you can find a truck that has the towing capacity for the TT. Well I drove back to the car dealership just after only 10 days of having the Tahoe and just buying a 30k TT. I took a 4K loss on a trade in for a 2013 F-150 Eco boost with HD and max tow package. They let me take it first before buying it and I hooked it up to the WH and pulled it around like it was nothing. So I bought the truck...a certified pre-owned. Long story it was a lemon and in the shop 4 times in one month. I thought my life was in hell over this TT. But the CR dealership unlike the Jayco dealer took the truck back and gave me all my money back. But I still needed a truck so I bought the 2016 Eco boost with HD max tow fully loaded. Something I never set out to do from the beginning which is major debt. Originally I want to buy a MH but the price scared me away but after this mess I'm into all this around 90k and tons of down payments and credit pulls. Not a happy buying experience at ALL. I told the Jayco dealer why happened they didn't care and all they said was "I can send you the paper you signed saying you agreed to something about the risk of tow vehicles" I said whatever I signed a lot of papers that day and I know at the point of sale a week earlier the manger told after looking at my car that I would be fine and safe. He didn't mention swaying all over the road and burning up my car, so I trusted that and bought the trailer. I didn't sign a form after he said that looking back I wish I did or did more research and not trusting someone with my and my families lives. In the end I got a really nice truck and I love my trailer and fortunately I can afford what happened to me but u went way out of my budget I gave my self for my first TT. I just can't believe that Jayco dealer can get away with crap like that. I went to write a review and I found endless stories that were similar to mine with the sales and service. Never will I ever go back to RV Supercenter in Kent WA. I luckily have another Jayco dealer just north of me call Blade RV and when I visited them they were so nice and upfront with me and he is helping me fix the mess I'm in with some of the fixes that the other service guy told me "worry about them another time" why does that mean I told him. Whatever. Sorry for the long rant...I love my 25BHS WH and I have had lots of fun this summer but it came with a hefty price and unneeded stress.

Tow safe - I have seen some crazy set ups going down the road. I have done more research so now I feel like a tow engineer...lol. I don't like passing a vehicle popping a wheelie down the freeway.

May all your trips be blessed with fun memories!


2016 White Hawk 25BHS - 2016 F-150 Lariat V-6 ECO-BEAST (Ruby Red) Max tow package, RAS Suspension, & Recurve R-3 WD hitch. Can't forget the dog "Olive" all black lab :)
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