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Question Is the term 1/2 ton towable is a stretch?

I read though a lot of the post but did not see this question.

We pull our 30 foot DSRE with a Tahoe 5.3 tow package 3.43 in tow mode. It will barely pull it on flat ground. If you set the cruise at 65 MPH or above it will not hold it. It slows enough that it has to shift down to regain the set speed then shifts back up. The process never stops. If we drive 60 MPH on flat ground it pulls OK but at 60 MPH on the interstate will get you ran over. This started the day we pulled it home. Is the term 1/2 ton towable is a stretch. WE knew before we bought the TT a new TV was in the future because we go to the West Coast or Rockies ever year. We get around 8 MPG at 60 MPH if we increase up to 65 MPH it drops to 6.5 MPG So now we are looking for a 3/4.

So what I am wondering is am the only with this problem?
Does the Ford Eco Boos do this
What about the Ram Hemi does it do this?
Does the newer Chevys have this problem?

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Towing a 30' with a Tahoe might be a stretch. I don't think a Tahoe has the same towing capacity as a 1/2 ton pickup. That being said. I have a Tundra 5.7l with 4.30 rears and never use cruise control while towing. I try to keep constant foot pressure on the throttle petal meaning that I slow down going uphill. I tow a 39' 11,000 lbs TT and get about 9 - 10 mpg. Using cruise control ruins my mpg. I run about 60 mph on the interstate. You will get used to getting run over at 60. P.s. You are not the only one... Keep a look out for the idiots who think we are idiots.

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I was watching a video on the Internet. Flt (fast lane truck) put it on. I was watching it for towing they compared all kinds of trucks. The said their is not a standard for towing capacity. I think the guy used the term magic towing dust. So another words do alot of research before buying your next tow vehicle. Also remember someone might say the truck tows a x trailer great but the next guy who has the same setup might say it doesn't tow it well. I think alot has to do with your comfortability maybe guy a doesn't mind taking it slow and barely makes it up to freeway spends by the end of the ramp. To me I'm a little more conservative I would like a tv to be over kill heck I'm looking at a diesel for towing my 5000ib trailer 6 times a year. More truck less stress. If I do get a bigger truck ill have to get better trailer tires so I can go at least 70 to75 miles an hour. I know I wouldn't want to go any faster than though.
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All trailer tires are only speed rated to 65 mph. I tow at 60 mph because it is comfortable and safe. My Tundra will tow as fast as you want to go, but common sense says less is more.
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See this thread on my towing with a dodge cummins.
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1/2 ton towable is a huge stretch. All that means is that it has a lower dry tongue weight, because the limitations of a 1/2 ton are usually payload.

That being said, an SUV generally has less payload and less towing capability than a 1/2 ton.

Your GM 5.3 is on the lower HP side of things, and the small 3.43 gears aren't ideal for towing, they are geared more towards higher fuel economy. Your best bet is to lock out your highest gear, which is overdrive, and keep your RPM's up.
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My tow vehicle (see signature line) pulls with authority. Your gear ratio is too low. 3.43:1 is for maximizing fuel economy not towing. I'd go with a 3.73:1 for best all around performance...good for towing but doesn't kill your fuel economy like 4.10 gears will.
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I tow a 28 BHBE with my '12 GMC Sierra 1500 2WD, and this is the MOST I would ever tow with this truck. In fact, I think it's a bit much for the truck. So I see where you're coming from with your Tahoe, and I think that trailer is a bit much for it. The gears are not right, the payload isn't enough, and the 5.3 is a little anemic IMO. I'm looking into getting a RAM 2500 CC with the 6.4L Hemi for my towing needs, but that's about 3 years out, so I make due for now.

I can't stand that all these dealers and manufacturers throw around that "1/2 Ton Towable" garbage. Most 1/2 Tons won't be equipped to tow the weights they're talking about.

Anyway, as spoon059 mentioned above, let it rev. I put mine in T/H (which locks out 6th gear) and manually shift the transmission to 4. At 68 mph, the engine revs at about 2900-3000 rpm and doesn't shift at all. I will let the speed drop on significant grades, and I'll pick up speed if I'm coming up on a grade with a little more pressure on the pedal. Mileage is actually pretty decent even though the engine is spinning that fast, but it's RIGHT in the power band, and it likes that spot. I don't really like going that fast, but that's where the truck likes to be, and it doesn't get better unless I drop down to about 55, which is possible on most roads, but I don't like doing it on the Interstate.

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I have 4.10s in my Avalanche and with them its rated for 12,000 lbs and with 3.73s only 10,000 lbs. So I rather have the capacity than MPGs that really wont mean much in savings.
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Originally Posted by 33 RLDS View Post
I have 4.10s in my Avalanche and with them its rated for 12,000 lbs and with 3.73s only 10,000 lbs. So I rather have the capacity than MPGs that really wont mean much in savings.

I would much rather have the sluggish and better MPG. IF people behind me don't like it...oh well plus the thousands of dollars instantly lost in trading will buy a lot of gas

I tow 1500 miles a year and drive empty 10000.

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