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Tow setup verification

I've read through the threads on towing here and I would like some advise if my proposed setup will work. I have a 2014 Dodge durago v6 with a listed towing capacity of 6200 lbs. We are current very interested in either the JayFeather x23b (gross vehicle weight rating of 4960 lbs) or the JayFeather x23f (gross vehicle weight rating of 5995 lbs). Based on my understanding of everything I've read, the Durango should be sufficient for either choice, but would appreciate some confirmation.
Thank you.

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Hey, if my Ranger will not pull my X23B, I'll make you a good deal on mine......but my wife is gonna shoot me..lol

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Originally Posted by zedrok View Post
snip... Based on my understanding of everything I've read, the Durango should be sufficient for either choice, but would appreciate some confirmation. Thank you.
Welcome to JOF

Since you have the Durango, I would take it to a CAT scale under loaded conditions (full fuel & passengers) and weigh it, this way your working with some factual weight information. The CAT scale visit will only take a couple minutes and about $9.

Subtract the CAT scale weight from the GVWR on your driver's door....., the remaining weight is the available payload capacity for the HTT's loaded tongue weight and any other Durango cargo not accounted for at the CAT scale. Yes, the trailer's loaded tongue weight goes against the TV's payload capacity. Figure 13% to 15% of a trailer's loaded weight for the recommended loaded tongue weight.

Beware of published tow ratings: https://www.jaycoowners.com/showthrea...uot-Tow-Rating

Also, as you are doing, focus on potential HTT "loaded" weights, be cautious of how you use dry or UVW weights.

Once you have the CAT scale info you can revisit the X23B and X23F potential loaded weights with a little more confidence. Feel free to post your results.


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Hey, thought I would let you know about experiences in towing a TT with a newer V6. My original TV was a 2011 Ford Explorer (290 HP 260 Ft/Lbs which is the same as the Durango) before we upgraded to our F-150 towing our Jayfeather 228 (4500 lbs loaded not including water). It will tow either of the x23b or x23f and will stay within the towing capacities (the weights will be similar between the Explorer and the Durango, I had about 200 pounds left on the rear axle once hooked up). But my Explorer did have to run in 4th gear at 3500 rpm to maintain 60 mph. And with a little head wind or a slight incline it was running in 3rd gear. As well I had to always be aware of refueling as I could only go 2 hrs before having to gas up again. So more than likely the Durango will tow either trailer but you should realize that it will be running high rpm to maintain the HP and torque required to tow that weight. Hope that helps. Ryan
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That Pentastar is a pretty stout little V6, but were it me- I would look more at the smaller of the two. It gives you a little breathing room with your GCWR which is a measure of your drivetrain durability.
The tow rating of 6200lbs is with the curb weight of your Durango as it left the factory. If you have 4 150lbs passengers after that, you need to subtract another 450lbs from the max tow rating (150lbs driver is already included), and this same equation needs to be done for all cargo in the tow vehicle. Basically your max tow rating is your GCWR minus the weight of your wet, loaded tow vehicle. Watch your axle ratings too

So, with that- the 4960lbs is likely more within the actual capabilities of your Durango and would be a much more relaxing and enjoyable tow without your engine or transmission trying to eat itself
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The Cat scale is a good recommendation. Also remember to add in the WDH weight, depending on the model of the WDH it may weigh in between 50 - 100 pounds too. Typically the tow capacity is calculated for both cargo and passenger weight outside the 170 pound average driver weight and a full tank of fuel. If you call Dodge customer service (not the dealer) with your vin number they can explain how they calculate the towing capacity. If you choose the 23F, most likely you will only be able to have your DW and yourself in the TV, and absolutely NOTHING else. If you are looking at the 23F, my guess is you have a few kids, and they bring stuff along, which tells me you are outside the vehicles load limits.

With that said, you would be better off with the lighter TT. The 23B is a great HTT. I always recommend going to the dealer ditch the salesperson and sit in it for 30 minutes, discuss how you plan to use it. Dig through every cabinet and drawer and try to determine where you are going to put all your stuff. We love our 23B, we are a family of 3 and a dog. Everyone has their space, and everything has a place. It is a great HTT, and now that we made a number of modifications it is an awesome unit.
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zedrok, these are both great trailers. We are looking at both as well and are in a similar situation as you. The unloaded weights of these trailers are within 200 lbs of each other so the difference is that you can put a lot more stuff in the X23F. If you plan on putting the same amount of cargo in each trailer (under 900 lbs) than the two are pretty similar for weight. Check out this thread.
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My wife has a 2013 Durango. I pulled our X20E with it. I bought a weight distribution hitch and it pulled great. The only difference in her Durango and yours is hers has the 5.7L Hemi. I scaled the X20E empty and it showed to be about 100lbs lighter than what was print on the door. Scaling it out is a must I think. If you Haven`t look at an X20E you may want to. It is about 300lbs lighter and not that much smaller.

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Hey Zed, I posted some of my weights (X23B) in response to a similar question posed by Camper1 a little earlier this morning. I'll post the rest now:
TV-f TV-r TT Gross
TV 2860 3100 0 5960
TV/TT Bars 2700 3800 3880 10380
TV/TT no Bars 2520 4040 3820 10380

Loaded TT 4420
Loaded TV 5960
Combined 10380
Tongue Wt 600

I expect your loaded TT weights would be similar but with these numbers and the weight of your TV you could get an idea of what to expect.

These were the weights from our 3 passes over the CAT scale. The cost was about $14 and I spent longer building a spreadsheet with the results and pondering their meaning than actually getting the weights.

edit: Hmmm, the spacing to line up the columns go away when I post.


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