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Towing whitehawk 25bhs with Colorado Z71

New to the forum. Just broke in my 2015 Colorado Z71 Red Rock 2WD. I have no complaints. I purchased the truck intending on purchasing a travel trailer for my family..(wife and 2 kids).

I have seen a bunch of towing threads but non can give me a staright answer. This is my first truck and first time learning about towing.

I am looking a purchasing a JAYCO 25BHS that has

An unloaded Vehicle weight of 4,925
Dry hitch weight of 590
GVWR of 6,500 :

I know the truck has a 7,000 lb tow rating and the Trailers GVWR is 6,500 which i probably will never get it t that weight. I plan on using a brake distribution system and brake controller.

I plan on using it 90% of the time in florida, mostly the florida keys.

I guess my main concern is can I tow it? but can i tow it safely with wife and kids in the truck?

Looking forward to everyones advice ![/SIZE]

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Welcome to the forum! To start with you'll need to post the payload details for your specific truck. Look on the drivers door jam for the yellow & white tire loading sticker with the sentence "The combined weight of occupants and cargo should never exceed <nnn>KG or <nnn>LB". Also, there should be another sticker, possibly on the door itself, with the GVWR and axle ratings for the truck - post those as well. Does the truck have a factory tow package installed?

How much payload your truck can carry will be the limiting factor and you'll almost certainly run out of payload before you reach the advertised "max tow capacity". In addition to the trailer's tongue weight, usually estimated as 13-15% of the loaded trailer weight, payload also needs to account for all the fuel, passengers and any cargo you put in the truck.

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The weight specs for the trailer are the factory "projected" specs and will not be the same as when the trailer is delivered. I have the '15 25BHS. My tongue is 604 pounds with two full bottles and two twelve volt deep cycle batteries and unloaded. You will hear a lot of talk on these forums about CAT scales. Be advised, CAT scales are not available everywhere (like here in Alaska). However, there are scales to be found in other places (like many municipal dumps), so do an internet search for your area.

Other things to consider besides whether the TT falls into range for what the manufacturer posts as your vehicles tow and payload specifications are, wheel base (Length and Width), gear ratio, payload in vehicle including passengers.

Search the forums for stories and advice on this subject. Just because all the technical specs say you can do a thing does not mean you should do a thing. Since this is your first time having a truck and getting into towing a TT, proceed with caution. You are doing the right thing by seeking this information before hand.
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Can you do it? Yes, but you would be at or over the limits with any reasonable amount of camping stuff. Lots of camper for a medium sized TV. Short hauls s/b fine. Keep the speed down.
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I tow a Jayco X17C with my 4.0L 2012 Nissan Frontier. Tongue weight is about 475# (verified with the bathroom scale weigh method). GVWR of the TT is about 3,500#....it's a single axle. Haven't taken the TT to the CAT scales yet. I've had no problems towing in Kentucky/Tennessee but I can REALLY tell that I'm trying to pull an 8 foot wide/9 foot tall box behind me! My truck has about 1380# of payload and I feel like I am really close by the time I add hitch weight (including the WD hitch itself), wife, daughter, firewood, beer (& soda) cooler, satellite dish, etc.

I've had other trucks and TTs before each pretty well matched up. From F250 with a V10 pulling a 30 ft with a slide to a 4.6L F150 and a 24 ft entry level TT. So I think my expectations are realistic.

I agree with the comment above about towing short distances...wouldn't take that combo into the mountains or take 8 hour trips.
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I pull a 2013 Jayflight 25BHS with a F150 w/ the 5.4L. I feel like im close to the limit of the truck. I know the 2015s are quite a bit lighter, but I feel like this is a recipe for the tail wagging the dog.

If you do end up pulling the trigger on it, get a top of the line sway control and weight distribution setup. On the flipside, there are a lot of other trailers that will give you a similar floor-play with less weight.
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As stated by another member your Colorado will pull it but safely is another story. Before purchasing it and finding out you are at or over the limit do your homework. The weight is your main focus as there are several ways to load your belongings in the trailer. One of the guys on this posted about going to scales a day getting your weights before hand. If it were me I would not tow this trailer with your vehicle. Remember, if your going dry camping you'll have to fill your water tank as well which at 7.7lbs per gallon adds weight and depending on the tank location could be in front of the axles adding tongue weight, behind reduces it.
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Doing your homework and knowing your weights is only half the battle IMO. Just because a rig is within spec, that doesn't mean you'll want to tow it. This statement comes from personal experience. My previous rig was within spec in every way; VERY close to the limits, but within spec on paper. So yes, my truck towed my trailer. Yes it was technically "safe". No, it was not fun for me, and I was constantly worried about weights. Perhaps my expectations were higher for my truck working at its maximums, but either way I was not happy doing it.

So once you have your weights, and you know the ACTUAL capacities of your tow vehicle, you then have to decide if you are comfortable towing at your truck's maximum rated capacities. For me it was fine for the short-term, but then my son was born and DW said she wanted to start traveling longer distances. So I upgraded the truck. Now I'm so far under my specifications, I won't ever have to worry about it again.

Now, I'm not saying that everyone towing a popup needs a 1T truck, but I would say you should consider the "80% Rule". Find your most limiting factor (usually payload), and don't exceed 80% of that capacity.

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Do yourself a huge favor and plug in the numbers on the linked spreadsheet. It will tell you if you can pull what you want to pull, and how far into the tow vehicle's capability you are.

Be honest w/ the numbers. You can get most of them from the door panel of your truck and the yellow sticker on the camper. Tongue weight can be figured out w/ a Sherline Tongue Weight scale. Or figure ~15% of the loaded trailer's weight on the tongue (assuming you load it correctly). People are people, figure out what you weigh. And anything you throw in the bed of the truck counts against the truck.

Tow Capacity Worksheet
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The dry weight is a fictional number. NVGun40 has it right when he said that the delivered weight will be over that number. And by at least 250#. The dry weight does not include options such as awning, AC, etc. Even the mandatory "customer convenience" package is not counted in that dry weight. With 2 kids, when you are ready to camp, your trailer will be at least 1000# over the listed dry weight. And keep in mind that the kids are growing (more weight every year) and they will require more toys. It would not surprise me in the slightest if you hit the GVWR of that trailer.

That's a nice little truck, but I have another concern about the size of that trailer compared to the length of the truck. That trailer is much better off pulled by a full size 1500 series PU.

To Bob's point, I have twice towed 2 different setups very close to my limits. It's doable, it's safe, but there is a huge difference when you have a healthy margin between the limits of the truck and the trailer.

Do yourself a favor. Buy a smaller trailer speced out more for just you and your wife. Put the kids in a tent. They'll love it, and you'll have a much better towing experience.

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