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Originally Posted by howie View Post
You have every right to vent and complain to the dealer.
I have a few other minor issues also, things that I could fix, but the dealer made it sound like anything I fix or attempt to fix voids the warranty if it the problem persists.
I too question the quality and craftsmanship of these new campers. Many times I have questioned my decision to sell our old 1972 that I restored in the 4 months I have owned the 19H.
Of course we all have a right to vent and complain to the dealer but is that going to change anything? I would prefer to just avoid the dealer and fix it myself instead of being frustrated with someone.(my dealer is 1200km away from me ) They will likely just treat you worse if you start by complaining.
quality IMO isn't only with Jayco though. It is definitely industry wide. We as consumers are not going to change that. I do not get upset about things that I can not change

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One other thing you might consider is turning the water off when you are leaving the camper for extended periods of time. I know that many on here have mentioned that they do that just in case there is an issue while you're away, you won't return to a flooded camper interior.

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I have now purchased 2 Jayco hybrids new, and a pop-up, all over a 20 year period. My only complaint is exactly what you are experiencing. Most of it is small stuff, but annoying. On the whole though Jayco makes a solid product, its just that they have issues with fit and finish adjustments.

The only thing you can't blame Jayco for is the smell from the furnace. That's normal, and the furnace manual tells you to do a "first run" with all the windows open to flash off the manufacturing dust, etc. However, the dealer was supposed to tell you that as well. For how you're being treated, and the lack of proper walk through, I'd be contacting the owner personally.
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When we bought our first TT I had a very similar reaction to you. I was made aware that the furnace would smell horrible the first time you fired it up -- an I just couldn't understand if this is the case why the dealer doesn't do it on every RV the receive.

Then I too encounterd a lot of constrction debris. I was dismayed that this was somehow acceptable.

At one point reading these forums someone made the comment that all new RVs are deliverd as "some assembly required". It made me laugh at that moment -- and then I wondered why we all accept it. And we do accept it as you can see from the previous comments -- what you experieced is normal/typical things with a new TT.

I don't know what the solution is, I know both dealers and MFG are trying to cut as much cost out as possible in order to offer price points we will buy at while still making enough margin to keep the doors open and every thing we complain about they see as additional cost.

I guess I have come full circle, and am willing to deal with these minor problems that are discovered in a shake down trip or driveway camping vs having to pay another XXX $ for the unit to be perfect.

Hopefully these first 9 days have provide enough time to discover the issues and nothing more serious is in you future
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Man, I read this stuff and am amazed. I musta had a really great dealer, or something good happened at the factory that day. Other than the factory not sealing around the bathroom tub faucet, I have not had one issue....knock on wood! The dealer is the last person to look it over before the customer. A good dealer should, and hopefully does go over the unit well. There is however no excuse for poor workmanship from the factory. I build a premium car brand, and yes sometimes things do get out, but that is far and few between.
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Originally Posted by krackeer View Post
Man, I read this stuff and am amazed. I musta had a really great dealer, or something good happened at the factory that day. .
That's how I feel only it's been that way with all unit's we've had. Of course we buy from the same dealership and I know the do a proper PDI and make sure everything is working.
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Originally Posted by krackeer View Post
Man, I read this stuff and am amazed. I musta had a really great dealer, or something good happened at the factory that day.
I'd like to echo that sentiment. We have had VERY few problems with our trailer. In fact, I can only think of two. Our towing plug got pinched somewhere along the way home the day of purchase (brought it back and dealer fixed it), and one of the pigtails off my propane regulator sprung a leak (again, replaced without hesitation or question, I did the "labor", they supplied the parts). Beyond these two little things, it's just the normal stuff, like I put a TINY tear in the roof membrane over my slide. The duct tape is still on there, but I'll fix it when it gets cooler outside. Other than that, I've spent most of my work on the trailer tinkering and making little improvements here and there, so far have not had to really "repair" anything.

After reading some of the posts on this forum and others, I count myself pretty lucky. One for choosing the right brand, and another for having a well built trailer.

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The water leak from a "ruptured" plastic plug has me confused (and concerned). I don't understand why that would be happening. The first thing I thought was that there was no teflon tape around the threads of the plastic plug. However, the ruptured part doesn't sound right. You may want to give Jayco CS a call if your dealer ends up being a real horses "patoot".

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As others have said, your dealer really let you down. The furnace "Burn-in" and the drains should have been completed done before delivery. Who
E you shouldn't have to do it, going thru the mechanicals on your own is frustration avoided.
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As many have mentioned, none of these issues are really major... just very annoying. The only one that really concerns me is the initial leak from the kitchen sink because the water got under my flooring. As for the leaky plug, the water was actually spewing from a circular crack on the end of the plug. I will get a new brass plug to replace it and all should be fine again.

Glad to hear I'm not the only one to have problems like this and that I am not just being a crybaby about it. Thanks for the support and the tips as well! I took the advice of turning off the water before leaving the trailer unattended. One question though, should I be turning the water heater off as well when the water is shut off?

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leak, p-trap, poor workmanship, water heater

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