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Pop up bed collapsed

I own a 2000 Manistee Heritage. We love it for a 1st venture into campers. On Labor Day weekend our rear bed collapsed as we were sleeping on it in the middle of the night. The support brace bent which caused the failure. The bed is rated at 1100 lbs and combined weight we are around 450 lbs.
Has anyone else had this issue. I am currently waiting to hear back from my dealer on how much parts are going to cost to get us camping again. I am also looking for ways to add support to the bed as a precaution going forward so my wife will sleep on it again.Click image for larger version

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Just to sound the voice of pessimism;

It may not be worth it to repair your pop-up.

For close to the same money, you could get yourself into a 2009 or 2010.

The suspensions (drawer glide-like assemblies) are often riveted to the fiberglass tub. Your photo only shows a bent suspension on the side near the camera. I can't tell the damage on the other side. At the very least both suspensions will have to be replaced. And that can only happen if the plywood bed is still reasonably intact and, more importantly, the tub hasn't been torn.
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Right now it"s looking like mainly the bed slides, one side of aluminum bed frame, one support, rollers and the bolts that attached the rollers to bed slides. 5 of the 6 bed slide roller bolts sheared which probably saved my pop up frame. We were able to unbolt bed slides from pop up frame. So far, it looks like the only part jayco does not have available is the support piece which caused the issue. Fortunately the velcro pulled away from the bed frame without tearing.
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Yikes! I hope no one was hurt!
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I was pretty sore for the next couple days but nothing serious.
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I am so sorry for what happened to you, but all I could do was think of an old Laurel and Hardy or 3 Stooges moment.. We had a popup and I can imagine me and the DW falling out and the weight shifting and my two boys on the other side flying around in their bunk. And God only knows what would have happened to the dog...

We actually forgot to put the suspension tubes in on the boys side one time. They almost fell out.. Fortunately no body got hurt...

Glad that you weren't hurt
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Not that you asked...
The picture of the failed support looks like it has a bow in it that may have been there previously? If the support had even a slight curve before the accident, that would explain why it failed. The supports are under compression so the forces need to remain in column.

After seeing your failure I'm going to inspect my supports to be certain they are completely straight.

Other than the extra weight, a stiffener can easily be added by clamping proper sized angle iron or aluminum angle to the OEM supports using worm drive hose clamps or possibly use stainless steel picture wire wrap to marry the parts. At minimum, clamp the angle using a clamp at each end and one approximately in the center. Actually filament packing tape would be easy and strong enough as long as it is replaced if it shows signs of wear.

The closer you get to the ends the less the additional support is needed. As is shown by your bent support, the stress gets more critical in the center.

It would be a shame to scrap out a good trailer for lack of replacement parts. I haven't seen the damage. A good metal fabricator may be able to straighten the bent rails or copy the shapes for replacement if it turns out parts are not around. The originals are likely aluminum. There is no reason except possible higher weight that the copies can't be galvanized steel.

Originally Posted by thezems View Post
... So far, it looks like the only part jayco does not have available is the support piece which caused the issue. ....
A couple of our 2001 galvanized bed supports have a bit of surface rust. Should the paint I put on them not last my plan is to fabricate new supports using 1/2" EMT electrical conduit tubing. I haven't specifically checked to compare the strength, but it looks to be similar and will be strong enough.

Another option would be to use 3/8" schedule 40 galvanized pipe. The 3/8" pipe will be overkill and heavy, but may help your wife to feel more confident.

The 3/8" pipe cannot be just flattened like the OEM to form the tab ends to fit into the receivers. The pipe end cross sections could be cut to form the tab. Once the tab size is cut it will be easy to form the tab to fit into the receivers. The single tab made from the schedule 40 pipe wall will be plenty strong. Some pipe wall curve can even be left in the tab. It doesn't need to be pounded completely flat as long as it fits into the receivers.

My method would be to copy the OEM supports leaving the end tabs a bit long. That way after they are formed, the tabs can be cut to length for a more exact fit. That should make fabrication/copying a bit easier.

Good luck. vic
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I did some inspection and comparison EMT conduit vs the OEM bed supports on my 2001 Kiwi 23b.

The 1/2 EMT conduit is very slightly smaller in diameter, but has a heavier wall thickness than the OEM tube supports. It was easy to flatten the ends in a bench vise to copy the tabs. The 1/2" EMT flattened ends fit both the receiver at the bottom and the one on the bed door (upper end) very well.

Given the heavier wall thickness I would use 1/2" EMT for replacement bed supports without a second thought. After experiencing the failure your perception and situation may differ.

3/4" EMT conduit is a good choice too. It is substantially larger in diameter than my OEM supports and also has a thicker wall. I crushed the end of a piece to make a tab. The flattened tab 3/4" EMT fit the top receiver on my 23b just fine. The bottom receiver was just a bit too small. Trimming the conduit tab on one side by 1/8", maybe 3/16" would allow the 3/4" EMT tab to fit my A frame and rear bumper receivers. The trimming could be accomplished with a hacksaw, angle grinder, or with more effort a flat file.

Having a different size tab on each end would make the supports only fit one way, but that should be workable.

Anyone with a decent sized bench vise and typical hand tools can copy the OEM supports using EMT conduit. The tabs could even be fabricated using a hammer. Electrical standards set conduit at 10 ft lengths. A 10 ft length should yield 2 each supports.

FWIW. vic
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Could have been worse... ya could have been in bear country! :-)

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