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Trailer blowing my truck fuses.


Quick intro: I bought a new Jayco Jay Flight Swift 267BHS this last fall. It's actually a 'new' 2012 that was on sale to make room for the 2014's at camping world. Have only had it out twice now and like it so far.

Question: first trip out got pulled over by Warrenton, OR, at night, 5 mi from our campground at Ft. Stevens. Pulled over because the trailer running lights were not working. He was nice and let me get to the campground with my hazard flashers on. Winter bit and the trailer has been in covered storage. Never got around to taking it to camping world til now, but they are booked up pretty far out. I'm a bit of a do it yourself'er so a friend of mine and I decided to start trouble shooting. Plugged my truck into his trailer, his running lights didn't come on. So I looked at my 2007 F-150 closer and the trailer running light fuse 20amp was blown. Replaced it and hooked it back up to HiS trailer and his trailer running lights worked. I was stoked! Thought that was that.

Then I went to get my trailer out if storage and plugged it into my truck, turned on headlights and......my trailer running lights didn't light up. I checked the fuse that my friend and I replaced and it was blown again. For grins I put another new fuse in, turned truck on and hit the lights......no trailer running lights. Fuse checked and it was blown yet again (3rd time now). So back to the question: are there any known/more common areas on these trailers where there are electrical shorts that may cause this to happen? Am I missing anything/overlooking anything that is much simpler?
Thanks for any advice you can give and I look forward to the use of this forum in the future.

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Just a thought, you may want to check the back side of the fuse panel in the trailer. You may have a loose connection there that is touching something and blowing the truck fuse. It must be shorting out before going through the trailer fuse panel.

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I would check inside the electrical junction box on the front of the trailer inside the tongue a frame. Just take the cover off and check for loose wires. I would suggest you disconnect your battery and unplug from shore power while you check. If there is a loose wire you don't want to start making sparks!
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Test your TT 7-Pin Connector with a fused 15A Link....if you blow the test link in the process....you've isolated the problem to the TT.

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If the fuse didn't blow when hooked to his buddys trailer and did 3 times when hooked to his,then he has already isolated the problem to his trailer.
As posted above,I would start with a look in then trailer junction box usually these are just back from the hitch under the frame,some are on the A frame its self.
There is an obvious direct short,meaning a hot wire is touching the frame or a ground wire somewhere.
This could be so many things,a screw run through a wire,a wire striped where it can touch the frame or aluminum skin,a bad clearance light or tail light,or since this is a new trailer it may have been wired wrong in one spot.
Again,start in the juntion box for the obvious ,disconnect the tail light wire from the harness plug the harness into the truck if it dosn't blow a fuse then you know your good to the juction box. then go back to the tail light wire and use an ohm meter touch it to the wire and to the frame,if you get a reading or beep depending on the tester that will tell you you have a short some where in the trailer, then start looking at fixtures.I always solve this stuff by a process of elimination.
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Originally Posted by Chowder View Post
Replaced it and hooked it back up to HiS trailer and his trailer running lights worked.
Missed that sentence...
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Try a bigger fuse... NO, THATS A REALLY BAD IDEA!! Even though the camper is a couple years old, you didn't buy it until last fall and there should be some kind of warranty. All that being said, I think if the selling dealer is too booked up, you should look for another authorized Jayco repair shop. You could be chasing this into the walls of the camper. My experiance with electrical problems is, they always take days to find, but only 5 minutes to fix. Let somebody else do it. In the meantime, I would just try to avoid driving in a situation that would require me to have running lights, that way you can still use the camper until it can get in to the shop

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