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2013 Seneca 37FS Bunk Slide Leak

Jayco Friends,

We have owned our 37FS for almost a year now. Last fall, we got in the coach to get something out of it and there was a lake on our wood floor (which obviously started to delaminate). The warranty replaced the floor and the dealer said they fixed the leak on the seals on the bunk slide. Slide was in when the leak caused all the damage.

HOWEVER, with a steady rain today, the leak is back! Floor is pooled again!

The coach is sitting with the low end at the driver's side. This time the slide was extended! Leak from the same slide. Coming off the front driver's side of slide.

I am thinking of taking it back to the factory for repair this time (not the dealer) as we live in Indiana (I think they are made in northern Indiana).

This slide has the side mount aluminum cog slide extenders (can't remember the manufacturer.)

Anyone else experience this? Are there such experts as slide leak geniuses?

We have just a couple weeks until our warranty is up (Whew).


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While your waiting for responses I would be calling your RV dealership so your on his schedule for a warranty service claim (before warranty slips by), then get into a discussion about the possibility of having the factory take a look at it.



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Thanks Bob, already created a video and sent it to the dealer and Jayco. Appreciate it.
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Wow, sounds like we have the same problem:

I have a Jayco Seneca 37FS which is only 1 year old and therefore still under the 2 year Jayco factory warranty. We have a leak of rain water somewhere on the roof, likely through a penetration point. The rig spent 4 months on two separate visits to the dealer for repair of this issue. They changed and tightened the front AC seal and recaulked the satellite wires as their two solutions. They claim to have tested it in the rain and of course saw no leaks. As part of the leak resolution the wood floor had to be replaced. I just got it back 2 months ago.

Today I went to check on it and start prepping for this season. Of course I found more evidence of new water and some mold spots that all are in the same area of origin.

Here is my question. Do I 1)bring it back to the dealer again given that I have no faith in what they will do, 2) try to get Jayco to do something, 3) sort it out myself since I am handy and actually care to solve the problem.

Are these kind of leaks common?
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Yes, exact same problem. Roger at the factory told me yesterday that they thought they had identified the issue as the SAT coax cables as the penetration point. Are you saying that they fixed that, and then you still had a water issue?

We had our floor replaced already too.

I am dropping mine at a private repair shop this weekend in Elkhart, Indiana where they do Jayco warranty work. This guy knows his stuff had knows all the folks at the factory.

I will private message you to discuss over the phone.

Also, here is my note I sent to dealers and repair shop, with video Link included:
I am writing to clarify that this leak is present both when the slide is open or closed. We have had it closed at our storage facility (outside) and we continue to get rain into the RV.

I am including the video I recorded as we returned from spring break.


Whatever the source or cause of this leak, the dealer has tried to fix it once and has had to replace the floor already once because of water damage. Now we have water damage again, and the carpet under the slide has been soaking in standing water too. I am concerned about floor delamination.

I don’t think this is major structural damage, but this issue requires someone very skilled in finding "hard to find" leaks, something I don't believe the dealer is skilled at. From our observations, to recreate this issue requires a steady rain for an extended period of time (hours) leading me to believe water is somehow traveling "in and through" the slide, not just getting around the seals. I say this because in the cases where we have been present while it is leaking, the rain has been slow and steady with little wind. Couple that with the fact that it is happening both with the slide open and closed, and we have a unique situation.
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Just checked mine again today after a long rain last night and the carpet and towel I put there was all soaked.

Still leaking - but mine has not been fixed.

GuidoDoc, when you said "evidence of water new water and some mold spots", did you mean you found that AFTER they said they fixed it? And, was it actually wet, or do you think there was water there and then it dried up?

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For those readers out there, it appears both GuidoDoc and I have the exact same leak issues. Our units were made very close to each other in date. So far, all signs are good that Jayco will be working on our units to get to the bottom of the issues.
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I put a deposit on a 2014 seneca ts and that I'm supposed to pick up next week. Is there any area in particular that I should look for when doing my walk through to make sure this problem is not present.

Sorry to hear about your issues - that's hard to swallow considering the price tag on these items.
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Neither of us have any proof of what the issue is. We suspect a weak link in the manufacturing process because our units were made pretty close to each other. We also suspect (we are not experts) that it might be around the weather-proofing of the windows. If this is the case, the water is coming in around the windows on the slide, and then running inside the walls, under some other "wrapping" under the slide, and then out into the coach. It takes time for this water to travel all this way, so unless you want to stand there with a hose for an hour or so, there is no way to test for it. - and, we are guessing at this point.

Mine is in a shop up in northern Indiana near Jayco and they started on it last week. I don't know anything yet.

Good luck, they drive great and are a fun unit, just complex when you have this much gear and technology - and this is only the 2nd year on this platform for Jayco.
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I have a deposit on a 2014 37FS. I can tell it's an early build for the 2014 model year because it doesn't have the pull out counter extension or the counter inserts over the stove.

What are build dates on your two 37FS's?

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