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We have a 2015 FK. We've had a couple of relatively minor problems, but it sounds like we've been pretty lucky overall. Our two biggest problems were a misaligned slide (dragging on the floor, and pulled the "sweeper" seal through to the outside when it opened once), and a bad high-temp limit switch on the fridge (coach is in the shop now for that one). Our service experience with the local Jayco dealer has been really good. We have a list of items to be fixed at the end of the season this year - again, all are minor things.

I've also found that Jayco is very willing to work with you if there is something wrong that you can fix yourself. One of the LED's went out in our outside TV - I called Jayco, e-mailed a picture, and had a new TV shipped out the next day. All I had to do is put the broken TV in the box and leave it on the porch for UPS.

We love the Seneca and are very happy with our decision to purchase. I hope you can get your issues worked out soon!

Ty & Deb Montag
Columbus, OH
2015 Jayco Seneca 36FK
2014 Honda CR-V toad

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Took us two good trips back for fixes but now everything seems to be working just fine. Our biggest issue was ripples in the flooring, seemed to get worse n first good road trip. Jayco replaced the whole floor from front to back. Dealer said the floor had not been prepared properly before the flooring went down. Now to get some rebuilding fished at work and off we go again.

2014 Jayco Seneca 37TS
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I think this is not a Jayco problem, but really more an industry problem, and an owner knowledge/management problem, and I mean no insult by that.

I have been retired for almost two years and spent a large chunk of that training as an rv service technician and inspector. I have 3 months of full time hands on experience with a local rv rental company, about 3 weeks as service advisor for a premium trailer outlet, and now limit myself to contracted work as an extended warranty inspector. My focus was not working for them, as a tech or SA, but learning for myself. When I got bored I left.

Getting warranty, repair, or maintenance work out of any dealer can be a very tough and troublesome experience. The back logs are terrible, most technicians lack formal training, and often come from none rv service backgrounds/experience. If they are lucky they might have one good technician in the bunch, if he hasn't moved on to a "better" dealership. I'm again talking industry wide, not Jayco.

For example, for a technician to be able to repair a slide out, you really have to attend a slide out class that is specific for that slide, yet a lot of technicians will try to wing it if they can.

The service advisors are critical and you need to develop a good working relationship with them, but you really have to understand the process. They are backlogged, still don't pay their technicians well, and often there is just one really good technician among them and some refuse to go to classes, often having to travel to the mfg and the dealership may be not be willing to pay for the time, travel, and training.

Quality of mfg workmanship, industry wide, is horrible and the dealers really are focused on sales, not on repair and maintenance. Yet some are good, but you have to know enough to be able to talk their lingo, understand the bottlenecks, and get things in writing. And really, if you can find a way to do the work yourself, warranty or not, you are often better off.

I'm a big advocate of improving ones diy skills and attitudes. Owners should be able to do 80% of the work themselves. And there are some great diy manuals for motorhomes as well. And many of these issues have nothing to do with the mfg. An Atwood water heater is not made by Jayco.

The biggest key is learning to do your own inspections when buying used or your own detailed PDI if buying new. If buying new, develop a detailed pick list and refuse to take possession of the MH until all of it is fixed...that is where your leverage is...when you leave your leverage is gone for many dealerships. Work those slides many times right there at their lot over several days, as an example.

Never take a reply at its face, ask followup questions and be skeptical. Get ALL, ALL promises in writing be it a deal or a service request. And then send them a confirmation in writing and include penalties for non-performance, like paying your hotel bills.
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Has anyone had problems with the airbags not inflating on the suspension? This problem appeared this week as we are traveling from Alaska. Called a Freightliner dealer in British Columbia where we were camped and they were to busy for days to look at it. They suggested I check linkage from valves to rear axle but that looked good. 2015 Seneca-appreciate any ideas
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As the owner of a 2014 TS I watch the forums pretty closely and I cannot recall any discussions on rear air suspension failing to fill at all. Some owners have reported issues with them leaking down rather quickly when shut off (mine included); some have discussed a consistent "lean" which required an adjustment by Freightliner; and lastly, a tendency for our coaches to try to roll forward when coming down off the levelers that has been attributed to the peculiarities of our rear "Airliner" suspension. I use heavy rubber wheel chocks on my front tires when set up to reduce the chances of the jacks actually sliding forward as they retract.

When you do get resolution please post back and let us know what was discovered. It may greatly help another Seneca owner!
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Thanks for your reply. I will let everyone know when I get it resolved.

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