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Changing lanes in a long rig ...

Turning to those with the experience .....

SO, we took the 29 MV out for the weekend. Returned home via I-10, and I quickly realized that changing lanes from left to right with a vehicle in the right lane behind the coach is somewhat iffy.

Now, to add to the mix, we are considering a toad vehicle behind the 29MV. That will add yet another 12 feet or so to the already long vehicle. But, it's my understanding that one can't always see the toad from the driver's seat of the coach.

SO ..... what's the trick to safe lane changes under those conditions....???

I know the Jayco Greyhawk 29MV has a camera in the upper rear of the coach. Can that camera be used as a rear view camera while the coach is proceeding forward...???


Wilson Boudreaux
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While I can't answer your inquiry about whether your specific rearview camera can be viewed while driving, your question about using the rear camera is indeed another tool that I use to gauge my passing room. My MH and Explorer toad combination is about 60' long and I do use the rear camera to help me judge when I can move over when traffic is heavy. But it is just one more tool, my mirrors are just as as important.

I have a Clarion stereo/nav and I can easily select the camera and leave it there. I sure hope Jayco continues to offer the ability to view the camera while traveling. In addition to passing it is very helpful to check the toad status. Unless I am turning fairly sharply the camera is the only way to see the toad at all.

Hopefully someone with your type of unit can chime in and tell you your unit's specifics.

Rob R.
Akron, OH
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Watch you blind spots (convex mirrors) moving either direction. I used to drive a 75ft commercial rig and a rule of thumb when passing; never move over until you can see both headlights of the passed vehicle in your rt mirror, signal and move over slowly.
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There's no doubt that changing lanes with a toad can be a bit more challenging to do safely. With the MH being 32', towbar 3'+, and CRV 17', I'm over 50'. In my experience, the only thing that can really tell distance is the large right mirror. The small mirror and camera will tell you if there's somebody there but it's hard to ascertain distance with either of those tools. You can see your toad in the rear camera but not really the adjoining lane. Maybe the rear camera adjustment can be tweaked to see further back, but on my MV I can only see the rear of the toad and not beyond. Also like Robbyr said, you can't see your toad unless in a turn or in the rear camera.

You just have to give yourself lots of room using the large mirror. If it's rainy, crappy, weather or after dark, the challenge increases. My preference in those cases would be to stay in the right lane as much as possible.

Using the menus of the nav/stereo unit, there's a selection for cameras. You can select one of the cameras and keep it displayed at all times.

As far as driving the MH without a toad, it may take a bit, but you'll get used to it and be able to make safe lane changes. Always use the small convex mirror to ensure nobody is in your blind spot and then use the larger mirror to ascertain distance. Personally I don't use the camera display to change lanes because I don't like to take my eyes off of the mirror or the road.
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On mine the rear view (not side view) camera shows where the vehicle in the lane I want to move to is in relation to the toad. You still need to use your side mirrors to make sure no one is directly along side. When you turn on your turn signal the side camera will come on to verify the lane is clear along side of you rig.

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We have a 31' class C and use a tow dolly to pull a Mini Cooper. I don't have much of an issue with changing lanes toward the drivers side. The mirrors, regular and convex, give a good view behind you for anything approaching.

I try not to pass anything unless I have to. When I do pass I just make sure that I have more than enough space before I go back into the right lane. We just returned from a 3000 mile trip.

The only problem I had with changing lanes was where we had four lanes in each direction and a car to the far right and I in the third lane both tried to move into the second lane. So aside from not passing I don't change lanes any more than I need to.

My rear camera let's me see the car that I'm towing and it's position in the lane.
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This is not my quote but I like it and think of it often while towing.

"My turn signal is stating my intention not asking for permission to change lanes".

Use your signal and change lanes slowly. People will move or slow down if they need to. Most people understand that you don't have the best visibility and will give you a good berth.
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Also, Expect absolutely no courtesy!
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I have had a couple of motorhomes and now have a 39 ft tt and a crewcab longbed which puts me at 61 foot .. I don't like changing lanes in traffic unless I have to but eventually you get used to the length and when it is possible to begin to move back in to the other lane. Safety is key and it can get unnerving in heavy traffic but like the others said your turn signal will typically solicit a blink of lights on your right to let you know your safe to get over unless your in Chicago and then you take your life in your hands no matter what you do lol
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Good Morning Boudreaux, We have a 2015 29ME. I don't know if the equipment is still the same but if it is, with some tinkering you can definetly set the rearview camera to stay on while you are driving. I have done that with mine and it makes a huge difference in changing lanes. I also changed the tilt on the camera so it views the rear of the toad instead of the front bumper and my plan this summer is to figure out how to disable the side cameras as they are more then useless and only interfere with the operation of the rear camera.

My theory is that lane changes should always be a planned event and the longer your vehicle... The longer the planning. So I use both my side mirror and the camera to have a good long look at what others are doing around me before I commit to my lane change.


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