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Hello Jayco Owners

My name is David Gary and I'm with Ramco Engineering's customer service department. We are always interested in feedback from the users of our products and try to make ourselves accessible in every possible way, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns, or just to say hi!

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Jayco products...

Well hello, and thanks for soliciting comments!

Overall, we love our unit... had some issues that were resolved by the folks at the Jayco Factory Service Center. They are really a GREAT group of people, and did amazing things for us.

The things that leave us shaking our heads are issues that appeared to be caused by, perhaps, designers who have never camped in a motorhome...

Such as:

Placing the antenna amplifier behind the TV, so that you have to climb up on the bunk, rotate the TV out, crawl behind it with a flashlight, and push the button. Really?

No light over the bathroom mirror so that your face is always in darkness when shaving (or Dear Wife putting on makeup).

Designing in a clear panel over the indicator lights (water pump, water heater, etc.), than placing the lighted switches so low that they can't be seen thru the clear panel.

Placing the generator controls where you can't use them from the cockpit. When we need to run the roof AC while driving, we have to pull over, and go back and start the genset.

Stuff like that, that a "camper" would have thought of...

And the biggest one, because it's a safety issue...

No spare tire, and not even a place to mount one.
As most campers know, a tire generally blows at night, in the rain, and in an unsafe are.
The motor club comes right out, but the can't get a replacement tire 'till the stores open the next day... or if it's Saturday night, you're stuck on the side of the road 'till Monday morning. At which time you will pay two or three times what the tire is worth, and it won't be as good as the brand that you have now.

Please, provide a place to carry the mounted spare... In the 23XM, about the only place that I can think of would be under the unit, but I wouldn't know how to go about doing it... Factory Retrofit would be great!!



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Im assuming that your company makes the mirrors for the motorhomes if im correct i will tell you this. Im very dissapointed in the side view camera and would like it very much if you could tell me how to disable them. The picture is poor and it takes too long for the turn signal to activate the camera. By the time the picture appears on the screen ive already changed lanes or turned. Also My greyhawk is just over a year old and has been stored indoors over the winter. This spring i noticed moisture inside the camera lenses. Normally i would bring this right back to the dealer while im still under warranty but i dont think i will even bother to have them replaced since they never worked well since new. Also the radio is terrible i would rather have have the factory ford radio then this one with all of the bells and whistles that is so impossiable to use that i can only change the radio station if im at a long traffic light. Other then that i had a few minor issues which jayco was very helpful about. i definatly would buy from jayco again and recomend to a friend.
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Mirror delay

Morning Again Greyhawk,

I don't have access to my rig right now (In the shop this week). But I seem to remember when I was playing with the Jennsen settings there was a setting to determine the delay for the cameras... Not sure if that is a delay from the time of activating the turn signal or deactivation???

I do have to agree with you on the quality of the radio... The Jennsen equipment is garbage in my opinion. But with the number of things they are trying to make it do I suspect the number of manufacturers is very limited. Radio signal is horrible, although that may be more from the position of the antenna underneath the cabover then any fault of the reciever. And I really don't understand why you put in a unit capable of utilizing satellite radio but then don't equip the MH with the satellite antenna???

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Good morning Greyhawk. First, let me say that I'm sorry to hear about the issues you're having with your cameras. I'm not familiar with the Jensen products used by Jayco, but part of the picture quality issue could be from the adapters used by Jayco to make our cameras compatible with the monitor units they use. Feel free to contact me at 800-321-4819 or dgary@ramco-eng.com if you would like to discuss things further.
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I just bought a 2016 Greyhawk last week. The side cameras worked fine when it was dry. I drove a long distance in the rain on an interstate and when the camera lens got wet, I couldn't see anything. They worked well when dry.

2016 Greyhawk 29MV

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Thank you for that info....I will definitely pass it along!
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Hello David, I have a 29MV, the side camera's are virtually useless due to the delay in turning on after the turn signal is activated. Also, when turning, I prefer to look where I am going, not looking down at a video screen in the dashboard. My unit has the Clarion infotainment system that is very difficult to operate, and as Griswald One said, you cannot change radio stations unless you are at a looooong red light.

Probably not a Ramco issue, but not having a spare tire is not a good thing, at the very least, Jayco should offer a spare tire carrier as an option.

Thanks for making yourself available to us. (I hope we do not 'rag' on you too much)
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David please allow me to add my two cents here. My wife and I are the owners of a 2015 Jayco Seneca 37RB and we absolutely love our unit. However I would like to meet the engineer who designed where the outdoor shower is located. Does the engineer realize that you have to stand straddling the sewar hose while you rinse off? Even more interesting is the fact that the Cable TV hook up is located right above the cold/hot dials for the outdoor shower. This of course means that the cable wire lies on the ground right where the excess water is running as you are rinsing off. Did the engineer not realize that a human, standing in a puddle of water with a cable TV wire running thru it is probably not a very good idea?

I agree with others that all of the engineers who design these units should first be required to take one out to a campsite and hook up for a week. I think they would have a very different take on the designs after they do so
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Ramco thanks for the reply can you just clarify are you here for all jayco concerns or just the mirrors. Back to the mirror issue for now lol one problem i have run into while driving is when i have to cross at an intersection or merge on to a road where the intrsecting roads are not 90 degrees to eachother. At a certian point i loose complete visability of the road on my left since it is being blocked by the motorhomes body. This being due to the van cab being narrower then the motorhome. When i approach roads like this i will move the drivers mirror as far out as it goes to get some visibility some times i will even have to open the window and push the mirror arm foward to get the right angle. I hope i explained this well enough for you to understand. This is not a jayco issue it is a class c issue. My question is can you possiably mount the side cameras on the body of the motorhome to correct this blind spot issue. Im sure im not the only one who has run into this issue. And thanks again for comming out to a public forum to hear some of our concerns.

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1350 series, 1750 series, class a, class c, mirror

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