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PKEagle, I actually want to apologize for my post above as it contained a rather snippy comment. You are new to this Forum and I didn't even welcome you to it. I don't really dwell on negativity, but I wasn't sure you would get a response from anyone who towed with that combination, or admit it. No one knows your truck better than you. With that said, this Forum is a wealth of ideas, information and advise, and we have to go by the numbers. If Toyota made a 3/4 ton truck, I'd probably have one. Good luck in your endeavors and keep posting.

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PKEagle, if you are still reading your thread I was killing time today and wandered into a Tundra forum. You might get something from reading input from the guys that are towing various trailers with their Tundras. The address of one thread is: http://www.tundratalk.net/forums/tun...el-owners.html

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I think you will able to tow that fifth-wheel but you will be very close to capacity. As far as braking, you shouldn't have a problem as long as the trailer brakes work correctly, the Tundra has very substantial brakes as well as frame. My biggest concern would be the power in your engine as well as gas mileage. I don't believe the Tundra is very efficient with gas and when you hook up a fifth-wheel, it will probably go down quite a bit. We are pulling a somewhat lighter fifth-wheel, 2012 Jayco Eagle SuperLite HT 26.5 RLS, with a dry weight of around 7,300 pounds and GVW, I believe, of 9,950. Our mileage on our Duramax is up to around 19 on highways with 65 mph limits but drops to a little less than 12 when pulling our fifth-wheel and boat.
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I don't have the Tundra and fifth wheel combo. Wanted to. Also had a 24' tow trialer and a Tacoma, and REALLY wanted to upgrade to the Tundra for the planned fifth wheel purchase. After much worry, research and forum replies I went with a truck that I knew would not have the slightest bit of issue with my Eagle 29.5, an F350 6.7l diesel.
I still look at the Toyotas and wish they made a truck one size larger.
I do see folks pulling 5ers with Tundras and still wonder how that would have been. I suspect that the weight was one thing, but the diesel really makes this combo comfortable.
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Wow! I am thrilled by the different responses that came through. Thanks for all the feedback. A couple of items I haven’t clarified yet;

1) I am an extremely ‘light’ trailer loader. By this I mean, I NEVER carry more than what I don’t necessarily need. I don’t do dry camping, so carrying fresh water doesn’t happen. That said, I am 100% sure that at any given time, with all my camping gear & equipment, I wouldn’t load up more than 800lbs extra. This would add another ~200lbs on the Tundra’s payload (25% of 800).
2) The 5th Wheel Trailer comes with a Reese Revolution Pin Box. That means, I will be using a Reese Towpower 30047 16k Fifth Wheel Hitch which weighs 120lbs.
3) Just in case you are not aware, total payload on our trucks per the manufacturer has already factored an average weight of 150lbs on each passenger. This has been discussed before and beaten to death.

This puts me on a rough total payload weight of approximately 2,000lbs.
My Tundra comes with the TRD package which has the beefier Bilstein shocks. Will swap the tires to high capacity Load Range E tires plus bag/ enhance the rear suspension.

I am not a full time R’vier and I would take the Camper 4-5 times a year within 200 Miles radius.

Let’s be honest, how many times have you loaded the bed of your truck making the rear sag so much with a lot of crap without calculating the actual payload? I would imagine 80% of us have been victims. I would imagine that the payload on some trucks hit the marginal 2,500lbs.

Anyway, I am not trying to justify anything but I have hauled stuff that weighed over 2,500lbs before and other than the rear sag, my Tundra handled it just fine.

Take for example, All Trucks that Jayco has listed as being ˝ ton 5th Wheel towable. Do you think they would have this list created and posted on their site without weighing liability/ ramification at risk just in case of anything?

Also, link below shows the actual available ˝ ton towable 5th Wheels. Note the Camper at the very bottom of the list (29.5BHDS)

At 7900lbs dry weight, 1,400lbs hitch weight and 2,000lbs Carrying Capacity this unit could easily be pulled by any stock ˝ ton truck. Even if you end up maxing out the total carrying capacity there will be an added payload weight of 500lbs (25% x 2000). This weight right here would actually end up being more than my anticipated set up.

Keep in mind, these are not my numbers. Rather, a 5th Wheel manufacturer’s numbers. I saw just about the exact same info on other Camper Manufactures who have ˝ ton towable 5th wheels. Nothing different at all.

Bottom-line, payload capacity on our trucks is somewhat underrated/ conservative. I could say, with a proper tires/ springs/ shocks set up, a 20-25% weight increase should be fine.
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well, it appears you have certainly done your homework. All I can relate to is my recent experience. I have a 2013 Ram Larramie Crew Cab with Hemi. I was on my way to the Jayco dealer to look at/buy a 28dsbh trailer. It had a GVW of 7500 lbs I think. Tongue weight would have been around 1200-1300lbs (15%). I loaded the wife and 2 boys up (6 and 2 years old) and went to a CAT scale and got weighed...I was shocked to say the least. With just us and a full tank of fuel, I was at 6380lbs (I am 250, wife is 120, kids are 50 and 30lbs or so).

This is far, far heavier than any spec listed on the RAm website. Granted, the Laramie is loaded with almost every option, and Rams are notorious for having the lowest payload capacity of any of the 1/2 ton trucks (in the nicer trim levels), but it leaves very little real world payload for a trailer of any size. I was so disgusted we went home and I am now trading it in on a 3500 Cummins and getting a fifth wheel. I thought I could get a 2500, but if you do the same exercise, a 2k pin weight, on a loaded 3/4 ton diesel, MOST will be over their payload capacity (when factoring in the family in the truck) and or axle weights. If that is true of most 3/4 ton's with 2k and higher pin weights, there is no way I would look to pull a fifth with 2k pin weight with a 1/2 ton truck. The frames, suspension (yours might be an exception with the shocks), brakes and tires are not up to it. As well, your Tundra has the power to pull it, but as bad as they are on gas with no trailer, I wonder what you would be looking at pulling that fifth....5-6mpg???

I am not trying to rain on your parade, but I almost made this same mistake (toomuch trailer for my truck)...and I had just bought the truck a few months ago!!! Good luck whichever way you go.
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Just an observation here.....it seems the title of your thread is misleading. The title names the Eagle Touring line of 5ers, and yet now you refer to, and link to, the Eagle HT product line. There is a world of difference between these two product lines.
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Actually these two units are very comparable in terms of weights. My reference to HT 29.5 was to show that it is indeed classified under a 1/2 ton towable 5th wheel but has relatively identical unloaded vehicle, dry hitch and cargo carrying capacity weights as the Touring 28.5. They both have a GVWR of 9,950 total.

See link below

Originally Posted by David472 View Post
Just an observation here.....it seems the title of your thread is misleading. The title names the Eagle Touring line of 5ers, and yet now you refer to, and link to, the Eagle HT product line. There is a world of difference between these two product lines.
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PK, at least you got everyone talking, good for you. And best of luck with whatever combo you choose.

And about loading your truck until it sags, guilty as H**L here:wink:
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I have no advice on Tundras or 5ers to offer, but I can welcome you to the forum, PKEagle!

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