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5th Wheel options

So were thinking in the next few years of buying a truck and 5th wheel.So a few questions....1/2 ton truck or 3/4 ton? Diesel or gas? Ford or Dodge? Were not thinking of a huge 5th wheel but with at least 1 slide out. And on the truck were thinking of a quad vs a club cab? Thanks for any an all input..

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I would like to give some input but there are really too many unknowns. Possibly narrowing it down to an RV model number would help. The variables on RV weights is to great.


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We'll not sure what model number but it will be a jayco and I'm hoping for no more that 28-30ft.
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If you are buying a truck specifically for a 5th wheel, buy at least a 3/4 ton. Your issue will be payload. 1/2 tons just don't have enough payload for most 5ers. A 3/4 ton, or even 1 ton (not much more expensive) is your best bet. Just as an example, a 2014 Eagle touring 28.5BHDS has a dry pin weight of 1622 lbs. Most half ton trucks have a MAXIMUM payload of about 1600 lbs, so you wouldn't be able to bring passengers or put any more weight in the truck or camper. Then when you figure the loaded tongue weight is closer to 1800 or 2000 lbs, you are overloaded with no passengers and no gear in the truck!

A 3/4 ton will have more payload, allowing you to have more weight in the truck. It will also have a stronger frame and bigger brakes for that heavier weight.

Gas vs diesel is a personal opinion if your trailer weighs under 12 or 13K lbs. Brand is also a personal opinion. Honestly Ford, Ram or GM all make quality products in both gas and diesel engine. I personally wouldn't buy a GM product because I disagree with the gov't bailout. That doesn't mean that they don't make a very good truck though.

Find the one that is comfortable for YOU and YOUR family and YOUR budget and put a lot of miles on it! If I had the money, I would buy a Ram 2500 mega cab with the 6.4 gas engine. Massive cabin for my growing family, sufficient payload for the next decade of my camping expectations and a stout gas engine with acceptable gas mileage.
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Just my opinion follows.

I've towed two approximate 8500 pound 30 foot fifth wheels. The first one was towed with both a Chevy crew cab 3/4 ton 6.0 liter gas engine and a Chevy 3/4 ton crew cab Duramax diesel; the second fifth wheel - our Jayco - has been towed only with a Chevy crew cab Duramax.

I find the power of the Duramax and the control it gives me, both up hill and down mountain roads to make driving much easier and more enjoyable than with the 3/4 ton gas engine.

As spoon059 stated, I'm not sure that Ford or GM or Dodge makes much difference.
There's lots of advice and information in forums... sometimes it is correct. For example, all of my posts are made by a political appointee who got the job as a reward for contributions to my diesel bill.

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There ought to be lots of opinions expressed if you search this topic. My $.02 only comes from limited experience. We bought ours as a set up from some friends who were quitting. The 5er is an 07 26RLTS and so weighs 12.5K or more with whatever we load. I have never been sorry to have the load bearing capacity, the braking capacity or the stability of the F350 dually quad cab we have. Many will say the dually is not necessary, and they may be right. Load cap. is not that much greater and I will say when I drive the 350 to and from work, I get 12.7 MPG diesel, and look for a large parking space away from others. But the 1 ton would definitely give you more flexibility in choosing an RV. hth
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Spoon makes some good points. I'd bypass the 1/2 ton for sure for exactly the points he makes. We upgraded out TV anticipating a 5th which we recently bought. I stressed over the F250/350 (I'm a blue oval kind of guy) until I realized there wasn't a huge price difference. I stressed over the gas/diesel much less and went for diesel. I work from home so most of the miles on the truck are towing. I opted for single rear wheel and 2WD. On the highway I will get about 20mpg and about 13 when towing (level ground) which I think is excellent. We pulled our first TT (X23B) with our Expedition (5.4) and got in the mid 9's when towing which seems pretty much in line with what others see.
We love the 5th and the truck. The F350 is an ox and it loves to pull!
Good luck with your decisions and we'll see you on the road.

One last thing, I'd suggest if you get a short bed (I did) get a sliding hitch (I didn't - guess why I wish I had).

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We've been through half tons, a 3/4 ton gasser and now a SRW F350 Ford diesel. It's a short box, and I have the slider and I'm glad I do. Never use it but it's come close. I'll never go back to towing with gas. I'd go for a bigger truck if you think there may be any upgrading campers in the future. Take it from someone who has wasted money upgrading. You can't have too big of a truck. Put it this way, when you look through all of the floor plans, do you want to worry about weight, payload, tongue/pin weight? Or do you just want to find a floor plan that you like regardless of how large or small it is and be able to tow it with ease.

I have a 34' fifth wheel and I pull an 18' foot boat behind it. 75' long and about 12K lbs. My truck doesn't even blink. Only concern I ever have while driving is finding gas station that I can get through. Lol

Just my opinion...
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While I stongly defend the position that a 1/2 ton CAN pull a fifth - you have to be VERY careful as to what fifth, and what truck in that instance. As pointed out, it isn't towing capacity, it is load capacity that will be the issue for ANY combination. Everyone will will talk gas vs diesel, 3/4 vs 1 ton, gear ratios and all the rest. All things to consider. But the big one is to get as much rear load capacity as you can afford, and let that drive your choice for all the other options and 5ths. If you can get the biggest, baddest, diesel dually - great, almost no limits. But never assume - always look up the specs! Vague classifications for trucks mean nothing any more. There are "1/2 tons" that can easily beat "3/4 tons". But, of course, there are "3/4 tons" that far exceed any "1/2 ton" - so ya gotta get into the details of the specific model/year/equipped truck to decide. From there you then can use pin weights to back into what weights of fivers you can look at, and then look at floor plans, amenities, quality, etc. And never assume that you can trust the advertised weights! Zero in on a few that interest you, and then use forums like this to find out what others are experiencing in the real world. It will take some time, but doing so will end with a great truck/5th combination!
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I've towed multiple types of trailers and fifth wheels with Ford, Dodge, and GM, I am a ford guy but I will say they all did the job they needed to do. With that being said the Gas/ Diesel option for me is a no brainer I would say if you planning on hauling over 10,000lbs for long trips like through mountains and hills then my money would be a diesel hands down. I have a 4 door F350 long bed and it drags around my 385BHS like it not even back there. The longer the truck the better the weight will be distributed and the easier it will tow. Which ever truck you get if it a 3/4 or 1 ton I'm sure it will be fine. Good luck and enjoy.

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