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Like has been said several times...It is not the good stories that get told on a daily basis, it is the bad stories. "Squeaky wheel gets the grease". Although there are 10 bad stories, there are thousands of good ones that are never told. I am personally very happy with my Jayco and although this is the first one I have owned, it will by no means be the last one.

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Quote...I don't want fix things that should be done before it leaves the factory. SNIP

You are heading for a big disapointment !

.....Jayco makes a good product...

Jayco makes a better product then most thats for sure , but its far from a quality product in regards of workmanship.

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I think that many big ticket products on the market (cars, boats, houses) come in a wide range of quality.
You can find really inexpensive RV's out there and they have very few features, low cost materials, lots of problems.
You can find premium priced RV's out there by manufacturers who really do build them one at a time, very carefully with lots of QC - and you'll spend premium dollars.
Or you can find a brand that is a good compromise.
I think Jayco fits that middle category of a good compromise most of the time. They mass produce these units so they make manufacturing mistakes for sure and they occasionally make design/engineering decisions we wish they wouldn't (like those brackets that are bending on many people) but even Elon Musk blows up rockets because they went just a little to light on support struts. And space is one of the most over-engineered, over QCed industries around.
Most of the time they make a solid unit. I can clean up a little saw dust out of the cabinets, and add some screws to the back of cabinets if it means I'm not paying a premium price.
But if I had a unit with a design/engineering flaw - like an underpowered slide or bending support brackets - I'd still raise hell!
I think as consumers we don't demand enough - not just in the RV industry.
But overall - Jayco is a solid product for the price IMHO.
But I'm also one of those people who's unit was almost perfect when I picked it up and is still doing fine 9 months later.
Buddy Ray - Atlanta
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I consider myself a 1%'r. Just happen to be one unlucky consumer who got a not so good one. Not pointing fingers of what happen but it would be nice to know if it was just a bad day at the factory or whatever.And I'm not an exaggerator either, when two different dealers agree with everything on your long repair list that confirms it. It's alarming for sure making a large purchase then hearing they have to peel up your roof around the whole radius to repair the problems underneath it. But it is nice to have a 2 year warranty when many don't. We are still happy with the purchase, we didn't ask for any money back just want it repaired and it's been in the shop since May. We are also having some upgrades done. Hopefully, when I finally get it back I can post some of the quality repairs that were made and upgrades. I'm staying positive and hoping for the best.
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I actually ordered mine this morning hoping for the best. I wish was like some people that are able to trade every couple of years if they weren't happy . I'm glad too be able to buy one and make it last are my hopes. Being new to RV's I was shocked about some of the problems that i am reading about. One that I have read about that seems to be on good side is they do stand behind there units and try to make it right. Thanks Shadester
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Thats sad that we..... hope for the best.... with all the money involved .

Anyway good luck , lots of fun ahead, its not all negative you know :-) as long as you have realistic objective all will be fine :-)
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You get a lot more attention online when you post complaints, some people enjoy attention. I see more Jayco's in campgrounds than just about any other brand, and 99% are happy....out of the 1%, 95% just aren't happy people.

Enjoy your new RV. Happy Camping and I hope you get one small story (that you can make a big story) to tell while sitting around the campfire ! LOL.

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