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Originally Posted by gaserv View Post
On my 2012 REQS, it is mandatory to level first or you will experience problems. Also, when I retract the kitchen and bedroom slide, I hold the switch an extra second after the slide stops. I do the same on extending as well and never stop on retract or extend. Since I started this practice, I have not had a problem. I also keep the track clean with my pressure wash and lubricate with a dry Teflon spray lubricant.
I do exactly the same thing, and guess what? That is what the instructions say to do and exactly what my dealer told me as well.

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Looks like our camping season is over. The Schintex slide gave out and had to take it to the dealer. Got a call today confirming the motor and gears have to be replaced however there is a long lead time on getting parts from Lippert. So it could be November before it gets repaired. Not the way I wanted to end the season. Had 2 more trips planned.

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Interesting, I have my Seneca in the shop now for an apparent bad motor on the schwintek slide system. We will see what time frame is needed for repair.
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Originally Posted by Str8shooter View Post
With our 2011 Pinnacle it is also the large kitchen slide. Our problem as been retracting the slide - starts to come in then after 10 to 12 inches it binds up. On a couple occasions, I had to use the controller in the basement to "jog" each end of the slide a few inches, one side in then the other. Once about half way back in it would fully retract. I have found success preventing this problem by making certain the trailer is as level as possible with all jacks down.
I had this problem with the kitchen slide on my 36REQS and I found that the roller on the lower track was broken. Had to take it in and they replace all 4 tracks. It took a full day but the tracks had to be ordered from Jayco and that took 6 weeks.
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I noticed the refer/stove slide on my Octane T32C had started to hang/hiccup a little. It was primarily when bringing it in, but starting to do it a little on the way out as well.

So, I watched it from the outside while DW moved it out and back in to see if I could see what was going on. It turns out that the screws on the under side of the left lower corner track were snagging on the bracket for the support roller under the slide (not to be confused the rollers that ride on the track) because 1) the screws were driven in at varying angles instead of straight; 2) some of screws were starting to back out; and 3) that roller was installed a little further toward the side of the slide (maybe 1/2") than the one on the other side of the slide. So, the screws were hitting the roller bracket. The easiest solution was to realign the worst of the crooked screws so that they sit flat, and snug up the others. Now the slide runs smoothly again.

Of course, I was able to see all of this because the bottom wiper was installed incorrectly and is about 1/2" away from the bottom of the slide. I'm taking it in soon to get that and a couple of other items fixed, so it may not be obvious to everyone else.

Your issue may be different, but it's worth checking out.
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I do the same as gaserv with my 2015 KTPS. The problem I had is one of the set scews came loose and a motor spun, causing a broken wire. I looked up how to remove the motor on U-tube and resoldered the wire. Tightened up the other 3 set screws and have not had any other problems since. Set screws are outside of the trailer near the top of the slideouts. I think it is time for me to check those set screws again.
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Originally Posted by rryman View Post
………...JAYCO says NO. Level first and then slides out……….
Has Jayco told the dealers this?? I don't know how many lots I've been to with units sitting everywhere, and on the TT's, no stabilizers down, and 5'ers, only the landing gear down, and a lot of them are not even level, yet all the slides are out……just sayin'

Yup. Mine was this way when I went to see it. Kind of harshly mentioned it to the sales folks, they are the ones that do this. I'm not sure it sunk in.
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Having the kitchen/entertainment slide worked on for the fifth time on our 2013 36KPTS bought new 06-101-2014 . Had an interesting conversation with Larry, service tech with Jayco. He asked how I set up our unit. I said I would disconnect from the truck, pull out from under the unit, hit the auto button to level up the unit and then connected shore power. After the unit leveled itself we would go in and extend all the slide outs. He instructed me that from this point going forward after pulling out from the unit with the truck, the next thing to do is to extend all of the slide outs. When the slides are installed at the factory only the front stabilizers are on the ground and the unit sets on the tires. Apparently a jobber in California hit upon this solution and according to Larry solves the problem with the big slide binding up. He said that the tolerances are so close on the Schwintek that when the unit levels itself the body flexes and binds the tracks on the slide mechanism. I know this is counter to everything we have ever heard about when and how to extend slides but after this next fix I am going to give it a shot.
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I would auto level first then extend slides, the kitchen would always struggle to extend... When I use the front jacks only, the kitchen goes in and out with no effort.. the two front slides work great either way... actually the kitchen only has a hard time when the center jacks are down... I also use CRC power lube with PTFE, I did notice an improvement after the first application... Slides out after unhooking is now my SOP...
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That's the most useful information I've heard on this topic in a long long time. Makes sense. I would however recommend that they install these with the body leveled, as per LCIs recommendation to level before extension. Curious next season to see how this plays out when I take it out of storage.

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