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12v to 120v inverter Pure Sine Wave USE IN TT

I recently asked a lot of questions about Portable Generators to use with our TT and received some great responses, so, Now I thought I'd ask about Inverters. Not those big 1 and 2,000 watt inverters, but the smaller ones up to say, 400 watts. I am thinking about the hours in a TT or Rv that is in a park with limited generator or no generator hours. On our most recent trip to the Smokey's we used our 17" laptop connected to a small auto converter to charge the batteries of the Laptop and watch a movie. Rather than hook up to our house batteries I have a group 24 deep cell battery that I put in the TT under the table and connect things like Phone and Tablet chargers and this time the Laptop.

So, my next thought was to get one of those Pure Sine Wave inverters I could connect up to the battery and run our TV and movie player off of. I don't think the consumption would be more that 100 or 150 watts so, I was thinking perhaps a 300-400 watt device. In my calculations the TV really uses very little power (55 watts max on start up, but probably more like 30 or 36 watts running. ) I'd say maybe watch a couple of movies or shows in after hours using the hook up. Once I get my generator all squared away I will be able to charge the battery when needed.

I have seen several 300 watt inverters for about $100 to $125 and the 400 - 600 watt in the 175 to 200 range. I am focusing on the Pure Sine Wave inverters which are a little more cost but better for the electronics.

I'd love to hear from folks that have and use an inverter for a similar use, I am not looking for a high powered unit to run anything like appliances or the like, very simple devices like the TV and media player for the evening...

If you have a brand your using, size and what your using it for along with your set up would be great to hear from you..

Thanks in advance..
PS, Yes, I am still looking at portable generators as well.

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I have been using a Xantrex 600watt Prowatt inverter for about 2 years. Originally it was for similar uses as yours in my work/camper van. I can power it from either my starter battery or my 127Ah house battery via a Bluesea selector switch. I haven't used it much for TV usage but I use it powered off my starter battery while driving more than off the house battery while stationary. While driving I charge the house with 4 stage charger, run the fridge on 120v while the battery is recharging, run a household fan or occasionally recharge a lap top. Morningstar makes a 300watt inverter that some users on another forum recommend. The inverter its self uses less power because of no cooling fan. https://www.amazon.com/Morningstar-S...+wave+inverter

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I was going to ask the same thing. I want to power my LED TV and DVD player. I'm trying to figure out what the smallest inverter to get and still have the ability to power both units. I've been looking at modified sine wave inverters for around $30 but I'm not sure if they will work.

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PFFlyer, thanks for the link and the info, I"m going to download the specs and see if I can find some reviews on the units..

CoachTcardoso, If your giong to be running electronics to the unit I would suggest sticking with a Pure Sinewave Unit, not a modified sinewave... In everything I've read the Pure SineWave is the way to go for things like TV's Computers, and other 120v electronic devices... they are more expensive, but we worth the money.
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I use a 300 watt Bistek modified sine wave inverter to play our TV and DVD with no issues. Slight fan noise is only con.
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GScott...I am looking at the Bistek 300w Modified Sine Wave inverter at Amazon. Thanks for your input. BISTEK also has a pure sine wave for about $36.

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Are you folks talking about the "Bestek" ? I see the one on Amazon, and, just happen to see a review on Youtube My only aversion is that the fan runs all the time and if I am watch TV I"m not sure if that would both me. It might! For $36.00 it's probably the lowest Pure Sine Wave units I've seen, most of them are up around $100 .. I just wonder if that fan will drive me crazy. Also, the cables are soldered in, and Im not sure how much power can be provided by a cigarette adapter, from what I have read they are limited to about 150 watts. I think my TV max's out at about 55 watts and then runs at about 35 so the power should not be a problem.. but again, how much noise does that fan make.. is it louder than a laptop fan?

Thanks for posting the information, I had seen the Bestek modified sine products, but I want a pure sine unit. So, bringing this to my attention is appreciated.
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This runs my TV no problem, has good reviews, and is fanless so it's dead quiet. Radio and DVD are already running on 12v so there was no need for anything bigger. Plugged into the 12v socket right behind my Entertainment area.
Go Power! GP-175 175-Watt Modified Sine Wave Inverter https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001539B7O..._N8s8xb3SR3Q2F
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Here is some information to read before you make your decision on PURE or MODIFIED sine wave inverters...


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I can’t really answer your question yet. I had a cheap inverter. Not sure how many watts, and would bet it was not a sinewave inverter, but it was small. But it has worked for our needs for many years. The fan blew up a year ago. I just got this week a Xantrex 1000watt Prowatt inverter. I’m sure it is bigger than what I need. But I am hoping this will be the last inverter I will buy. It does have a fan. But it will turn on and off based on the internal temperature, as a GFI outlet. I will need to provide some hefty power leads. Also it does pull power just sitting idle.

I plan to use it in the Camper from time to time. But I really have it for backup power to ensure we have power to run the furnace at home, when we lose power in the dead of winter.

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