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I agree with wwsmith111; its a good summary and recommandation.

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Originally Posted by wwsmith111 View Post
Don't buy a marine deep cycle battery. A RV needs a regular deep cycle battery as it doesn't need to start a motor and will give a better deep cycle say to 40 or 50% discharge than a marine deep cycle battery.
This conversation could go on for days, as it all boils down to personal preference. When you look at the actual drain on the battery, it will be about 10amps for about 20 seconds after the trailer breaks away from the TV and engages the electric braking system. There are a few other loads that the 24 size battery will accomodate easily, tongue jack, slide out, but I usually plug into the shore power before I use them, unless I am dry camping.

If there was a dry-camping requirement (but there is not one) then a TRUE deep cycle battery will be recommended.

This is why just about all TT's that are sold come with marine/RV type 24 batteries. They are reliable, inexpensive and have thicker plates than a regular automotive battery and have a good reserve voltage.
All that needs to be done is to keep up a good battery maintenance program, but that holds true for any type of lead acid battery, car, boat, RV, Solar...

Just my thoughs,
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I disagree that all you need is a cheaper smaller battery. Most of us "dry camp" on the way to our destinations or just boondocking. Many things run off the batteries including the water pump, lights, furnace, etc. Many of us install an inverter which gives us 110V power which runs off the battery and allows us to watch TV use the microwave, etc. I have upgraded to twin group 27 batteries just so I can have all the conveniences without being hooked. My A/C will even run off my inverter for about one to two hours which in convenient if you stop for a short break such as lunch. My fridge will run off the inverter if needed in case one runs out of propane. I turn my inverter on while traveling so the fridge uses 110v power rather than draining my propane. Of course the tow vehicle is charging the batteries underway. Just some food for thought.
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I just bought a new TT and had this conversation with the techs. I told them that most of my camping would be boondocking and they convinced me that two group 24 batteries paralleled together are better than two group 27 batteries which couldn't be paralleled together. I'm gathering from what I have read that I have been misinformed. Am I correct in saying that?
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Originally Posted by starchazr View Post
I have an interstate 24SM?? Deep Cycle Marine Battery that I need to replace. I know absolutely ZIP about batteries.... Jayco Manual says I need either a 12-volt Group 24 or 27 ....... looking at websites for pricing of deep cycle, I get into 24DC 24MS What the heck does that mean... I'm so lost on this stuff, what about Wallie-Worlds Everstart batteries? Moderately priced?

Guidence please!
1st thing you need to decide, if you are going to be hooked up then one 12volt
Battery sealed preferably ( no topping up fluids) . If you are going to boondocks
In sunny areas (Arizona) then you could use 2-6volt and a solar panel 90-100 watts and you will be independent . This will power your lights ( LEDs hopefully)
Radio, water pump. And a fan ..
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You have to look at Amp Hour for the batteries. I don't remember how group 27 compare to group 27. I chose to go with 4 AGM batteries for 600 Ah at 12V. I will add 600 Watt of solar next year with an inverter. I only boondock and have run two 6V Deep Cycle down when in the trailer a lot and if your running the furnace much.
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There is no reason that two group 27 batteries can't be paralleled together vs say two group 24s. The group 27 batteries just have a larger capacity. I have never bought an RV with Marine deep cycle batteries installed. They have all come with regular deep cycle batteries. I just bought a new 2014 Jayco Eagle and it had a regular deep cycle Exide installed by the dealer. The bottom line is that you need a battery, why not by the correct one as the cost is going to be in the same ball park? I just bought a bass boat. It had a Marine deep cycle battery to runs the electronics and start the motor, and a second regular deep cycle battery to run the bait wells. Buy the right battery for the job. If all else fails read the Jayco owners manual which clearly states that a regular deep cycle battery should be used. From page 6-3 of my Jayco Eagle owner's manual:
"The 12-volt DC electrical system is designed for usage with a Group 27, deep cycle battery."
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As I understand it (probably miss informed).

Deep cycle batteries that give a Cold Cranking Amps are marine type deep cycle, that is they are also used to start engines. Golf cart style batteries are true deep cycle batteries made for more cycles and are less damaged by the occasional deep discharge.

My FW came with 2 group 24 Sterling Deep Cycle Batteries. They are Marine even though they don't say marine on them.

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